Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 31 By championing The Closet Factor’s cause and celebrating it as the Best Sustainable Clothing Company 2024 – California, we hope that we can encourage more people interested in sustainable fashion to check out its fantastic range of clothing. Ultimately, this team are seeking to set a new norm for sustainable fashion on an international scale, and this is something that makes them more worthy of inclusion in this awards programme. Use the link below to visit The Closet Factor’s online store and find stylish, comfortable, long-lasting pieces that redefine a look whilst simultaneously renewing our innate commitment to nature. Contact: Jaxson Vahn Company: The Closet Factor Web Address: Best Sustainable Clothing Company 2024 - California Whilst it may only be a relatively new company, having been established a little under two years ago in August 2022, The Closet Factor uses this freshness to its advantage by disrupting the clothing industry through a drive to make stylish clothing that adheres to sustainable principles. Offering a range of both men’s and women’s clothing products in casual and formal styles alike, these items are accessible and affordable, and play a huge role in ensuring a brighter future for us all. Remarkably, on the back of this, the business has gone from just starting out to serving customers from all over the world in less than 24 months. Consumers of all ages love the clothing available on The Closet Factor’s website, as well as the positive, life-affirming message of sustainability behind these items that gives a customer the power to make a real difference in the fight for global sustainability. Serving as a much-needed counterbalance to the fast fashion trends of today that are fleeting and damage the planet through excess waste and high emissions, The Closet Factor embodies the excellence that is necessary to break the spell and centre the industry once more. Integral in the business securing its award-winning status has been the staff, a team of dedicated experts who have helped to build the brand and realise its vision. Jaxson mentions Marketing Director Allie Todd by name as being a standout example of this. Regarding what it takes to make it in this industry and succeed within the company itself, Jaxson goes on to explain, “we look for optimistic individuals that can showcase their skills in the marketing industry as well as others across the board.” Fashion is undoubtedly a multifaceted trade, and striking the balance between passion and knowledge is essential to make a dent. Furthermore, the open-door policy held by The Closet Factor has proven incredibly beneficial when it comes to crafting a textbook internal culture, as every employee feels they have the freedom to contribute to whatever the next big idea is. Giving all major milestones hit by this small Californian business that unforgeable team feel that leads to naturally satisfied staff and a high employee retention rate. One such recent milestone saw the business launch its inaugural brand ambassador programme, whereby its customers were invited to represent the brand, a positive step for getting more eyes on its tremendous product range. Starting out in the e-commerce retail space inevitably makes one a little fish in a big pond. Trying to get ahead of the competition is tough, and strong products, a terrific brand, and honest values are not always enough to encourage customers to take the plunge on something unknown to them. Jaxson puts it best, stating, “our competitors use fast fashion techniques to lure consumers into buying more products that do not last as long as ours.” To remedy this, Jaxson explains, “we are constantly on the lookout for new talent or marketing techniques that will help our sustainability focused brand stay ahead.” By now, businesses should know that sustainability is more than just a fad, it is a responsibility. The Closet Factor’s commitment to high-quality, good value, sustainable women’s and men’s clothing is thus a noble undertaking, with the business striving to help customers look and feel their best, sound in the knowledge that the apparel they wear not only looks great but benefits our planet. With all of its clothing produced ethically and suppliers and manufacturers pursued who share these values, The Closet Factor is more than doing its part. Founder Jaxson Vahn is on hand to tell us more. The Closet Factor