Business Excellence Awards 2024

Aug22499 30 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Apr24385 Best Specialist Outsourced Services Company 2024 Recognised as the world’s largest specialist outsourced services organisation, Farohar Enterprizes is an expert in providing the exact services required to suit any individual industry’s needs. With clients in sectors such as Marine, Oil-Gas, Energy, E-Education, Medical, RCM, Legal, Insurance, Transcription, Digitisation, Enterprise Systems Content Creation and Entry, Training, and many more, the collective looks to alleviate the strain so businesses can focus on their priorities. Whether they’re looking to scale up their operations, or are hoping to receive additional expertise from a third party, Farohar Enterprizes is eager to help. Characterised by its values of reliability, honesty, transparency, efficiency, security, and adaptability, Farohar Enterprizes has distinguished itself as the best possible partner for the job. Boasting a staggering 15 major business locations across the globe, and a fleet of experts ready to act as capable teams to help clients in executing new and challenging works, Farohar Enterprizes guarantees a streamlined outsourcing process that truly brings the practise back to its roots. At its core, outsourcing exists to elevate businesses and companies of all sorts of sizes, and Farohar Enterprizes has put all of the necessary measures in place to secure this outcome time and time again. Especially in recent times, where specialist outsourcing demand has exponentially grown, there’s been a widespread outcry for outsourcing collectives that have not only grasped the basics of the profession, but have enhanced their processes to be the very best they can be. Farohar Enterprizes is exactly this – a company whose proven approach has placed it in the perfect position to prepare itself for the inevitable growth on the horizon. Regardless of how often clients may approach it with their outsourcing requests, Farohar Enterprizes is more than capable of providing the exact services they require, without once dipping in quality. This trait is what defines Farohar Enterprizes, and will undoubtedly continue to do so, no matter how the outsourcing industry may change. With over 3000 satisfied customers – and counting – and a reputation as the largest marine and offshore digitalisation and data services provider, Farohar Enterprizes is an entity whose rapport has soared in tandem with its mastery over the science of outsourcing. As such, it’s now widely recognised as a global leader in skilled outsourced services, with its promise of ‘no further verification needed’ merely amplifying its invaluable nature. Regardless of the scope of a client’s requirements, or the level of skill required to complete single or multiple tasks, Farohar Enterprizes has wholeheartedly committed itself to building a collective that can handle any request presented to it. The Business Excellence Awards 2024 programme is Acquisition International’s chance to share the brilliance of all manner of companies with our readers. However, going one step further, we strive to identify those who are going above the call of duty to deliver services that are both efficient and direly needed by a multitude of industries. No better is this seen than through Farohar Enterprizes, whose avid passion for its role in the world of outsourcing has seen it successfully astonishing customers on many an occasion. As such, we’re proud to feature Farohar Enterprizes in this programme, and we look forward to seeing its continued success in the near future. Contact: Farzin R Karma 70 Shenton Way; Unit 21-08, EON Shenton, Singapore 079118. +65 87833143; +65 91868500 Company: Farohar Enterprizes Private Limited Web Address: Proud to provide coveted outsourcing services to a myriad of multinational large and small companies alike, Farohar Enterprizes is the flagship company of the Karma Group of Companies, whose influence can be seen extending far across the globe. Specialising in serving over 25 vastly differing industries, the company grants its varied clientele access to a near 1000 person workforce, capable of eliminating any business’s outsourcing concerns. Below, we explore how Farohar Enterprizes’ exceptional services have heightened the expectations of an array of trades around the world. P FAROHAR ENTERPRIZES