Business Excellence Awards 2024

12 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Best Vape Products eTailer 2024 - USA here is no denying that the past few years have seen the vaping market explode in terms of popularity, with countless people across the globe making the switch from cigarettes to vape products, which are widely considered to be a much safer alternative due to them not containing many of the harmful elements found in tobacco smoke. This sudden influx can be attributed to a number of factors alongside just health reasons, with these products often being cheaper than buying cigarettes, coming in a variety of different forms and flavours, and becoming increasingly popular amongst the older generation. However, such exponential growth has resulted in this space having become somewhat of a hot topic for political debate in recent years, with misinformation rife surrounding these products. As Adam tells us, Big Tobacco, a term used to describe the largest companies in the tobacco industry, “continuously spread misinformation about vaping in the United States, so we have to educate clients who are sceptical of quitting smoking for a healthier alternative.” Besides just this, companies like Big D Vapor also have to ensure that they keep on top of all of the legal compliance that exists regarding the industry on both a state and national level. Operating in this sector then comes with a number of difficulties, and this is not to mention the difficulty that businesses have in trying to distinguish themselves from other like-minded enterprises in this sphere. By leveraging a team of friendly native Texans, a vast product portfolio, and the limitless power that comes with thousands of excellent reviews, Big D Vapor is overcoming such difficulties with an unmistakable sense of finesse. Boasting some of the fastest shipping times this industry has ever seen, all with strict compliance with local and federal shipping laws (age verification at the time of purchase and the need for the signature of an adult who is 21 or over upon delivery), Big D Vapor’s unwavering commitment to ethics makes it a beacon of trust in an environment where this is not always the case. Adam specifically names VP of Operations Britini Love as being instrumental in the business’ achieving of this, calling her, “critical to our infrastructure.” Passionate about stocking only the best vaping products in North America, there are thousands of products available on the company’s retail website in the areas of disposables, e-liquids, devices, and coils/ parts, each of which are entirely authentic as a result of the business’ verified status. Every item sold is also subject to a 100% issuefree order promise, with a secure checkout experience provided that is as swift as it is safe. Thus, Big D Vapor’s holistic approach to catering effectively to the diverse needs of its customers and offering of user-friendly end-to-end site navigation stand as yet more defining factors in its success. Offering free shipping across the country on purchases over more than $100, and shipping to international countries for one flat fee, Big D Vapor is further distinguished through its commitment to providing real human customer support through both its toll-free phone number and replying to emails promptly throughout the day. Wherever in the world a customer is and whatever it is that they need, the team here strive to help as quickly and effectively as possible, making this online retailer a onestop-shop solution. Underpinning this approach is an acute knowledge and understanding of the wider sector. For example, disposable vapes are incredibly popular right now, and as such, stand as one of this business’ premier offerings. Big D Vapor is proud to stock such industryleading brands as Lost Mary, Geek Bar, V-Play, RAZ, and more. In fact, Adam believes that the business has the largest variety of disposables around, and its uniquity is cemented by its offering of a full warranty on all vapes of this sort, a rarity in this trade. New products are being introduced to this site constantly, many of which are slowly pushing the boundaries of the technology available in these devices. Some even feature such quirky additions as a full LED screen, such as the Geek Bar Pulse, or a built-in gaming system, like the one that can be found in the Craftbox V-Play. What this ultimately shows is that Big D Vapor is the sort of business that looks towards the future, maximising the impact that it has on the wider industry to drive growth in the sector whilst serving the needs of its customers. “You always have our support no matter how long it’s been since your last purchase. Our company philosophy is to exceed your expectations, every time! ” Aside from just its excellent range of products, speedy shipping, and dedication to customer service and support, Big D Vapor goes above and beyond for those interested in this market in other ways too. Its online blog (found here) serves as the curation of all of the news, developments, and insights anybody who is a fan of this space could ever need to stay up to date. With articles written by its own team and the sharing of others from experts across the field, staying current in an industry that is subject to constant changes in legislation and regulation has never been more straightforward. In a market full of unknowns, Big D Vapor serves as a much welcome constant. A trusted provider of everything from disposable vapes to e-cigarettes, rechargeable vapes, and all relevant accessories, the business has undergone rapid expansion over the past number of years and is today recognised as a trailblazer in the sector. As Adam tells us, “our highlight of 2024 was order #90,000 and we are looking forward to order #100,000 in 2024.” This is a remarkable feat that is always more than worthy of celebration, regardless of the industry. On the back of this sustained success, it is our pleasure to name Big D Vapor as the Best For more than a decade, Big D Vapor has been the premier online vaping products retailer in the USA, boasting thousands of five-star reviews across many of the biggest review websites in the game. From its home base in Dallas, Texas, this all-American, family-owned business is dedicated to providing thousands of the best products at a price far below that of the market norm, a service complemented perfectly by outstanding customer service, fast shipping, and an unrivalled knowledge of the ins and outs of this arguably overburdened sector. We speak with Founder Adam Winfrey for more. T