Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 17 Excellence Award for Australian Visa Services 2024 imon Mander is an esteemed professional in the realms of migration and education consultancy, recruitment, and Chinese market solutions. His professional journey began 30 years ago when he travelled, studied, and worked in Asia. These experiences have enabled Simon to build an extensive network, particularly in Asian recruitment, which allows him to source highly skilled candidates for Australian employers and international staffing solutions. Simon Mander Consulting P/L assists individuals seeking to migrate or travel to Australia, as well as supporting employers with their recruitment needs, visa advice, and other visa-related services. The business draws from a huge database of skilled workers to supply employees for substantial projects while also meeting the needs of smaller employers. With an illustrious background in visa applications, Simon Mander and his team have become renowned for the delivery of successful migration and recruitment outcomes. Owner Simon Mander says, “I exercise all due diligence and professionalism in an initial consideration of a matter and towards the desired outcome. From there, my frankness and ethics mean that I probably turn away more prospective clients than I accept, as unfortunately Australian visa requirements are usually stringent. If there is a risk in a matter, I will explain this clearly. It is the sum of my 21 years’ experience, my ethics and professional consideration of a client’s needs that lead to success. In an industry where agents and lawyers come and go, my history and record of success speaks volumes.” With his experience and deep understanding of the Chinese market, Simon Mander can assist Australian businesses in various capacities. He has previously facilitated the creation and review of contracts, delivered strategic advice, and organised the supply of millions of dollars’ of imported and exported materials to and from the mainland. Simon Mander Consulting P/L is dedicated to fostering strong client relationships and building valuable business connections to help individual and corporate clients easily navigate the migration and recruitment industries. One challenge within these industries is the cost for employers involved in employer sponsorship, which is a disincentive for companies to sponsor overseas workers and fulfil business needs which would ultimately benefit the overall Australian economy. Currently, acquiring General Skilled Migration Visas is a lengthy process that requires collaborating with state and federal governments. As trends in Australian migration evolve to improve employer sponsored programs, Simon Mander Consulting P/L is uniquely positioned to provide a suite of cost-effective recruitment solutions and deliver positive results for the Australian economy. Simon Mander shares, “My staff play an important role in the success of the business and client outcomes. My business is a ship that cannot operate solely with a captain. It needs a team on board, and a team that works together, and this is what we have at Simon Mander Consulting P/L. I am lucky to have the staff that I have. They are an asset. With a multicultural workforce, our company culture is strong. We acknowledge and celebrate our differences and for those of us based in Australia, we respect the lands of the First Nations people (past, present and future) where we live and work.” Amidst the many projects completed in 2023, the business’s highlight was the reunion of an Afghan refugee family, a wife and five children, with their father who received permanent Australian residence after arriving as a refugee by boat. The family’s visas took six years to process but despite this, Simon is proud to have finally achieved a positive result for the family. Over the coming year, sourcing skilled workers for Australia is still a priority with several upcoming infrastructure and defence projects in Adelaide, South Australia. Simon Mander Consulting P/L is enthusiastic about contributing to these exciting projects through the recruitment and visa facilitation of skilled workers. With substantial legal expertise in the fields of migration and recruitment, Simon Mander and his team strive to optimise clients’ Australian visa chances and help businesses meet their staffing needs with international recruitment. Using Simon’s extensive network of oversea clients and drawing from a large database of skilled workers, the business provides bespoke services designed to help clients achieve their unique goals. For its skilled consulting solutions, we have bestowed on Simon Mander Consulting P/L this year’s Excellence Award for Australian Visa Services. Contact: Simon Mander Company: Simon Mander Consulting P/L Web Address: Simon Mander has worked as a Registered Migration Agent for over 21 years, utilising his expertise in immigration to Australia to assist clients with visa applications. Simon is also a Licensed Employment Agent who can facilitate employers’ recruitment requirements and visa outcomes. With years of experience and a passion for exceptional service, Simon Mander Consulting P/L offers skilled solutions to help clients achieve successful outcomes. S