Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 33 Best Oil & Gas Sector Staffing Agency 2024 - USA he Bergaila Companies, based in the heart of Texas, is a proud woman-owned business, with CEO Liz Gray ensuring that the business is innovative and diverse. With approximately 75% of its current employees hailing from diverse backgrounds, the undercurrent of diversity and inclusion that is present here runs deep and has continued to set the business on the course to greatness. While recruiting and providing managed field services make up its core offerings, there is an equally strong emphasis on safety and compliance, further strengthening Bergaila’s presence in this sector. At the core of Bergaila’s enterprise is a relentless commitment to service, something that not only takes the form of serving the needs of clients, but also those of the talented professionals that comprise its staff. This founding principle of partnership runs throughout the business, manifesting itself in both client and employee interactions, playing a pivotal role in the quality of the services offered to Oil & Gas Industry professionals throughout the United States. Working closely with an array of operators across the field of Oil and Gas, Bergaila’s process begins with its team of business development experts, who approach clients in a number of different ways, be it through the utilizing of current connections or the forging of new ones. If ever a client is on the fence or unaware of the innate skill possessed by this team, it is commonplace for them to showcase their skills by filling a difficult position, which acts as an incentive for a client to sign on the dotted line. Possessing deep roots in the industry that go back decades, Bergaila works incredibly hard to ensure these are nurtured and well-maintained, all while pioneering innovation, something that sets it apart in an industry defined by rapid shifts. Change is nothing new, and Bergaila has been ahead of the curve from the very beginning, apparent in the aforementioned fact that it was offering up incentives long before these came as standard. From the start, the intention was to build lasting relationships on the promise of stability, and this has only been doubled down on in the years since. While leveraging stateof-the-art recruitment technology and techniques have undoubtedly proven incredibly beneficial to Bergaila, its team have always been the secret recipe to its tenured success. A staffing company is nothing without its own staff, and the team here all embody excellence, from those in Recruitment right through to individuals working in departments such as HR, Account Management, and Payroll. With an internal staff of over 40 employees, this tight-knit team all know each other on personal levels, continually supporting one another through the daily organization operations. Even in spite of the recent influx of managed service providers in this space, many of which disrupt the personal touch Bergaila strives to give clients, the business reached its short-term goals last year, securing many new faces in its customer portfolio. The same is largely being strived for this year, with an emphasis placed on expansion to drive up the number of people who choose Bergaila as their staffing partner of choice. Having recently undergone a brand refresh and unveiled a new website that promises a more streamlined job-hunting experience, the team are suitably prepared to continue to dominate the contingent labor services of the Oil & Gas Industry. The Bergaila Companies has been on the receiving end of numerous accolades over its 37 years and counting, with these testifying to its guiding philosophy of service excellence and unwavering commitment to providing client and employee unity being well managed and driving this operation forward with ease. On the back of this, we are pleased to name Bergaila as the Best Oil & Gas Sector Staffing Agency 2024 – USA. Contact Details Contact: Meghan Bergaila Company: The Bergaila Companies Web Address: Putting the unity in opportunity, The Bergaila Companies offer its clients in the Oil & Gas Industry exemplary recruitment solutions that cater to their every need. Boasting a particular specialty in the field of oil and gas staffing, the origins of this company based in Houston, Texas date back to 1987. Soon after opening, founder Mrs. Chris Bergaila was struck with the game-changing idea of providing contract workers with a comprehensive benefits package that would result in their setting of the gold standard across this sphere. Now, more than 35 years later, this is certainly the case. T Chris Bergaila, founder, pictured in 1990. West Texas Fleet, part of the many managed services Bergaila offers.