Business Excellence Awards 2024

Aug22499 34 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Mar24478 Best Timeshare Contract Termination Specialists 2024 – USA Leave Timeshare eave Timeshare was founded in 2018 by individuals with previous experience in the timeshare industry as a response to the shift in the market. During the recession, the company found that the timeshare sales process had taken a predatory turn and sought to put the beloved industry back to right. As a result, Leave Timeshare was born, operating with the mission to help timeshare owners that had been left being manipulated and abused by the system. Timeshares are an innovative method of arranging annual vacations in which a client will pay to rent a holiday home for a certain period each year. While a timeshare guarantees a yearly vacation destination, it may also come with a few drawbacks. Timeshares come with annual fees, whether the timeshare is used in that year or not. If the client does not want, or is unable to pay for the timeshare, it can be very challenging to sell on and unpaid timeshares qualify as a foreclosure. In turn, this can wreak havoc on credit scores and have negative consequences in years to come. Whilst these drawbacks do not come with every timeshare, it is entirely too often that individuals have been misled into purchasing a timeshare without being made aware of the full pros and cons. This is where Leave Timeshare come in, to cater to clients seeking relief from unfair timeshare practices or misrepresentation. The company will assist its clients in making an exit plan for the timeshare, though it does require documented evidence of deceit or manipulation during the timeshare sale process. Leave Timeshare operates with the utmost level of transparency, integrity and results. Jordan tells us, “Our unique selling point lies in our ability to deliver effective resolutions and advocacy while prioritising ethical business practices.” The company ensures that its clients are receiving an honest service that prioritises achieving the best result for the benefit of its client, rather than the company. Talking of the company’s excellence, Jordan reflects, “Our office’s internal culture fosters collaboration, continuous learning, and a commitment to excellence, which in turn contributes significantly to our overall success. We believe that a positive and supportive work environment empowers out team to deliver exceptional service and results to our clients.” In order to promote such continuous growth, Leave Timeshare invests in its employees by providing them with ongoing learning opportunities to enhance their skills. Jordan tells us, “In our industry, we face challenges such as evolving consumer expectations, time constraints, and increased competition. To stay ahead of these trends, we prioritize staying informed about industry developments, maintaining strong partnerships with our clients and our legal team, and continuously improving our services based on feedback and market insights.” At the core of the company is a commitment to ethical business practices and a dedication to doing what is right for its clients, employees, and the community. In addition to a client-focused service model and ongoing opportunities for employees, Leave Timeshare is incredibly proud to have partnered with One Tree Planted in 2023. Through this initiative, the company contributed to environmental conservation and gave back to the community, all the while providing excellent legal support in timeshare contract cancellation. We asked Jordan about Leave Timeshare’s achievements in 2023 and he reflected, “A highlight of 2023 was witnessing the positive impact of empowering timeshare owners with knowledge about their rights and options.” In 2023, the company achieved verification from BBB4Good, the Better Business Bureau’s recent programme that spotlights purpose-driven businesses that are positively impacting communities. 2024 looks to be a year of even more expansion for the company, with Leave Timeshare having already broken records in terms of sales and business growth. Looking to the future, Jordan proudly says, “As we continue into 2024, we remain committed to expanding our offerings and providing unparalleled support to our valued clients. We are confident that our continued dedication to our core values and strategic initiatives will further solidify Leave Timeshare’s position as a leader in the industry.” Contact: Jordan Snow Company: Leave Timeshare Web Address: Leave Timeshare is a leading advocacy group specialising in timeshare contract termination. The company is dedicated to providing a lifeline to timeshare owners who feel that they have been targeted by unfair sales practices. We speak with Office Manager Jordan Snow as the company wins its title in the Business Excellence Awards 2024. L