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2 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 About the Business Excellence Awards 2022 The highly anticipated Business Excellence Awards returns to Acquisition International for its 9th year in 2022. These free-to-enter awards on Acquisition International celebrate the heroic people in business in this Challenging economic period. We look to highlight the individuals who have battled, persevered and have coped with unprecedented change and growth during the pandemic. In these times of financial and economic upheaval, the business environment is more uncertain than ever. From global issues of an increasingly erratic climate to political instability and data security questions, enterprises are facing challenges, new and old. Acquisition International are proudly calling all companies, businesses, and enterprises from across the globe. Whether you are from a large organisation or a small independent business, we look to honour anyone who has excelled in their industry. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Contents 4 Goldman Lampe Private Bank: Most Innovative HNWI Banking Services 2022 6 Portull Training Services Ltd: Best Business Training Provider - UK 8 JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd: Accountants of the Year - Hampshire 9 Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Cafe: Best Hair & Beauty Salon - Kent 10 UK Sports Training: Best Fitness Training Provider - Essex 11 SEOi: Best Value SEO Company - London 12 Marvel Projects Ltd: Best Construction & Commercial Management Consultancy - Yorkshire 13 SICGEN - Investigacao e Desenvolvimento em Biotecnologia Lda: Leading Biotechnology Company of the Year - Portugal 14 Ultra Secure Limited: Leading Providers of Driveway Alarms No information contained on or in this website constitutes investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. Neither AI nor any of its associated entities are authorised to give financial advice of any nature nor are they regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Prior to making any investment, AI recommends that any prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of that investment. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer Rebecca Scotland, Writer Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer 2022 and Best Security Alarms Provider - UK 15 Marine Derivatives Limited: Best Stevedoring Services Company - West Africa 16 Tanned Patootie & Beauty: Beauty Salon of the Year - Wellington 17 Debbie Ingram: Best in Off-Market Property Sales - Northwest London 18 UTS Training Centre: Best Railway & Construction Training Courses Provider - UK 19 Beyond Beauty: Best Bespoke Massage & Skin Care Salon – Essex Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 20 Sandymount Construction Services Ltd: Best Specialist Groundwork Contractors - Hertfordshire 21 Repair Outlet: Best Mobile Phone Repair Experts - UK 22 3D Electrical Ltd: Best Building Energy Management & Control Systems Company - Ontario

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 3 23 Petaurum HR: Best HR Support Provider - London 24 Principle Construction & Maintenance Ltd: Best Property Maintenance Company - East of England 25 Caribbean Glass Specialists Limited: Most Innovative Aluminium & Glass System Distributor - Trinidad & Tobago 26 Questline Global: Best Leadership & Executive Coaching & Training Provider - Gloucestershire 27 TIAA: Best Business Assurance Services Provider - UK 28 Inside Out Training and Coaching Pty Ltd ATF The Trustee for Anderson Family Trust: Personal Branding Expert of the Year 2022: Jane Anderson 29 Viva Lagoon: Best Online Contemporary Home & Garden Furniture Retailer - UK 30 Multi Color Printers Ltd: Best Commercial Print & Design Company - Tanzania 31 Prestige: The Tuition Centre: Most Educational Physics & Maths Tuition Centre - Northwest England 32 Skin Med Spa: Best Medical & Aesthetic Skin Care Spa - Simcoe County 33 Inspired Washrooms: Best Washroom Refurbishment Specialists - UK 34 HOBA Tech Ltd: Digital Transformation Innovators of the Year - UK 35 JSJ MARKETING SOLUTIONS LTD: Most Innovative Entrepreneur (UK): Jasdeep Jandu 36 Shotto Logistics Ltd: Most Trusted International Logistics Company - West Africa 37 STORY22: Best Emerging Marketing Agency 2022 - UK 38 The Shredquarters: Best Personal Training & Gym Group - Southern England 39 Timeslice Limited: Best Legal Practice Management Solutions Provider - UK 40 Darlington Diecast: Best Online Diecast Model Cars Retailer - UK 41 Accelerate People Solutions: Best Fitness Training Centre - South Yorkshire 42 STORM ICT LLC: Best Integrated IT Services Company - Balkans 43 Barley Harbour Limited: Best Emerging Compliance & Financial Crime Consultancy 2022 44 The Kite Factory: Most Client-Focused Marketing Agency - Greater London 45 Be-Safe Technologies Ltd: Best Health & Safety Management Platform 2022: Compliance Genie 46 The Black Bull Inn, Moffat: Best Dog-Friendly Hotel - Southern Uplands 47 RCL Builders Ltd: Best Basement & Loft Conversion Construction Company - Hertfordshire 48 Blade Rigg Ltd: Branding Display & Experiential Set Build Specialists of the Year - UK 49 Macho Movers Inc: Best Home Removals Company - Southwestern Ontario 50 SilkRute: Best Cross Border eCommerce Marketplace - Asia 51 Incap Electronics UK Ltd: Best Full-Service Electronics Manufacturing Company 2022 52 Pharmaceutical Institute of Learning and Leadership: Best Public Health Business Consulting Firm - Mexico 53 People Group Services: Best Payroll & Workforce Management Solutions Provider - South West England 54 WIS Mortgages: Best End-to-End Digital Mortgage Broker - UK 55 New Mexico Dental Institute: Best Dental Assistant Education Provider - New Mexico 56 Quatenary International Company: Best Environmental Consultancy Firm - West Africa 20 38

4 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 Feb22323 Most Innovative HNWI Banking Services 2022 As one of the front-running banks in the world for the service of high-net-worth clientele, Goldman Lampe Private Bank is a front-runner across several different fields. One of the foremost of these is cryptocurrency. This private, bespoke, and highly adaptable bank is the leader in cryptocurrency management, trade, buying, and selling, the first of its kind in the world to offer such services amongst traditional banking practices roviding customers with the best services that a private and offshore bank can, Goldman Lampe Private Bank guarantees complete confidentiality and prides itself on its discretion. Fundamentally, it made itself a leader in banking services thanks to the innovation and personalised services it offers, allowing it to serve the strictest specifications and requirements of its various clients with ease and sophistication. The tailorable, empathic, and adaptive nature of the Goldman Lampe Private Bank allowed it to gain pre-eminence amongst the international community’s high net worth individuals and to make itself an anonymous banking service within the European market proper, a service that does not exist outside of itself. Thus, its competition is minimal, as it has found itself a niche in which it can truly thrive. By serving the demands of this exclusive and highly personally focused market, it can proudly say that it aids all manner of different people across the high-net-worth spectrum, ensuring that such people can benefit from the levels of privacy that they deserve. Moreover, this private and discrete nature goes hand in hand with well-developed processes that are both unique and watertight; after all, such commitment to client confidentiality can only be guaranteed if the rest of the business’s work is similarly reliably. Goldman Lampe Private Bank has worked hard to be able to ensure this is the case. In the past year, it has been expanding such services to include things like the buying and selling of cryptocurrency without unnecessary formalities, both of which are now open to clients. It can also facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrency, using a standard ‘in built’ feature that it developed in-house in order to take the bloatware out of a sometimes-complicated exchange – a feature its customers have grown to love – alongside its term deposits. The latter feature is the first of its kind, and currently enabled by Monero, soon to be enabled by a variety of other options. Moreover, its staff are talented and creative in a variety of different ways, each of whom boast an empathic, understanding customer service style and a deep understanding of both the business and the P wider financial industry, keeping their fingers on the pulse of the most recent developments. This enables Goldman Lampe Private Bank to continually provide a ‘no problem too big or small’ approach when handling its client’s needs, as it will consistently see to the wellbeing of each of them, their accounts, and their holdings. Due to its constant dedication to client communication, respect, and diligence, it has always believed in keeping up a constant line of discussion with its clientele. From the most casual and informal check-in to serious discussions that can come up to the sum of billions of dollars, its staff take everything in their stride with diligence

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 5 Most Innovative HNWI Banking Services 2022 and with grace, showing the tenacity required to always step up to the mark and provide what is necessary. These provisions will – where possible – involve choices for the client, too, keeping them at the centre of their own financial world and allowing them to remain in control of each of their assets where it matters the most. In this way, when Covid-19 began to rear its head, Goldman Lampe Private Bank was not shaken as much as others may have been. It was already handling some of its business online, and so it was not a problem to move some of the other services it offers to the remote side of things; furthermore, the only significant change was moving the account opening procedure to an entirely remote process, as this is something it liked to do in person prior to the pandemic. Of course, should a client wish to or should it prove necessary, verification of identity via video call is also possible. Critically, Goldman Lampe Private Bank has built its business from expecting the unexpected and ensuring that its processes can weather any storm, from the global and unprecedented to the smaller scale intra-personal problems faced by staff and clients daily. Keeping its people at the heart of its organisation in this way, it has been able to keep its high-net-worth clients happy and its staff supported, ensuring that one benefits the other in a feedback loop where everyone come out satisfied. Therefore, when it comes to developing its new processes or revamping old ones, it will always be done with the people who need to interact with them in mind, making for a streamlined, caring, and impressively well-designed experience that brings banking into the bespoke. As it moves towards the future, its plans include a more intensive focus on cryptocurrency, keeping itself ahead of the pack in crypto as an industry and as an asset so that it can remain at the top of its game and a true leader in the management, trade, sale, and purchase of it as an investment. Working hard to make its cryptocurrency and other financial processes easier to use and interact with by the moment, it is constantly looking for new ways to develop into a bigger and better provider and platform. Thus, in the future, it will be designing more internal processes that allow it to cut further fat from high-net-worth financial service. Company: Goldman Lampe Private Bank Contact: Stephen Lampe Website:

6 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 Feb22323 Best Business Training Provider - UK Established in 2007 to meet the demanding need of the Ports industry concerning plant training, Portull Training Services Ltd has since secured enduring success by investing in key accredited learner management systems. In addition to this, Portull Training Services built strong links with regional colleges and educational awarding bodies and customers and developed a range of training solutions to meet other industries. Regarded as the Best Business Training Provider in the UK, Portull Training Services provides bespoke and tailored solutions ready for all sectors, nationally. ounded on a philosophy and belief that customers’ needs are of utmost importance, Portull Training Services Ltd utilises this motivation as a critical aspect to produce successful results and leads to a high percentage of repeat customer contracts and business referrals. A circle of loyalty built on reputation and successful outcomes that essentially markets itself in the industry. Highly recognised in the industry for its superior training methods and services, Portull Training Services has successfully risen over its 15 years in business and is continuously moving forward as a leader in its sector by being more strategic and consolidating its key position the be ‘the trainer of choice’ for specialist plant and equipment across a vast selection of market sectors. At Portull Training Services, its services are offered nationally to all sectors within the warehousing & Storage, Ports & logistics and Security sectors. “Clients are made up of skilled and unskilled individuals either in work or long term unemployed. We can offer employer and employee support and assist in upskilling or giving them the skills to make them more employable,” states Cherie Andrew, Director. In addition, and subsequently, because of this aim and rapid reputation, Portull Training Services has decided to open a Humber Personnel Labour Agency (HPLA) to continue providing clients with specialist labour and assisting with requirements such as staffing. Expanding on the company’s comprehensive offerings and giving insight to them, Cherie explains, “The majority of the training is done on our customers’ sites, as this ensures that candidates are taught on the equipment they will use upon successful completion of their training. In addition, Portull has invested in our own training facilities, including modern classrooms and areas where practical skills training can be conducted using a variety of plant and equipment set in realistic industrial/dockland situations.” However, despite its exceptional efforts, like many businesses over the years, the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging to many companies across the world. Fortunately for Portull Training Services, the business has been able to adapt quickly, efficiently and effectively to ensure its success and reputation will not be affected by the likes of the pandemic. F “Portull adapted delivery models, schemes of work and changed our staffing structure to ensure that our customer’s and clients’ needs are continued to be met and that they can continuously provide a safe and healthy working environment. These measures also allowed us to be able to continue with the funded provisions to support vulnerable adults and assist with local labour market requests,” explains Cherie. While the pandemic has slowed, the entirely is not yet over as there is still a continued notion of risk and recovery throughout the economy and business. However, Portull Training Services has remained strong and has successfully risen to the challenge, adapting to grow and built better resources and services, ensuring customer priority remains the highest priority. Due to the pandemic, while there have been several challenges to overcome, the team at Portull Training Services has ensured that they would not be lagging in the industry. They have learned new skills, developed new habits, and let go of the ‘old ways’ of working – preserving and overlearning specific behaviours while maintaining professionalism. While internally, staff have ensured they are ready to take on any task by readying their skills personally and professionally, the company itself has taken time to develop better habits. Expanding on this, Cherie states, “Portull has had to adapt with new technology and methodology, and despite the odd hiccup whilst learning how to adapt to the new technological processes we have successfully retained all our accreditations and awards, furthermore although these times have been challenging, they have not been sent to destroy us they have in fact promoted, increased, and strengthened our team and allowed us to respond in ways beyond what we thought was possible.” For Portull Training Services, staff and customer satisfaction are the most significant factors in ensuring continuous success. Therefore, to flourish and support others in thriving in their work, Portull Training Services ensures that the company’s internal culture is nurtured as well. Because of this, staff members are connected and contribute to the growth and success of the business. Cherie adds to this, stating, “We have a friendly and supportive culture where training and learning is key to ensure staff are developed and retained, creating a positive and collaborative workplace, ensures

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 7 Best Business Training Provider - UK retention, increases performance, morale, productivity and the wellbeing of our employees. We believe that the key to a successful organisation is to have a culture based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs that are supported by strategy and structure.” For the company’s future, Portull Training Services is expecting to return to some normalcy within the working environment following the disruptions of the Covid-19pandemic. However, with this in mind, Portull Training Services is ensuring fairness, equity, and flexibility will define issues to its success in the coming year – a hybrid working and learning model that will be adopted to maintain and update its industry standing. With her final thoughts, Cherie adds, “If the last few years taught us anything, it was that we should not expect anything. Portull will dismantle our outdated routines and redesign them to prioritise flexibility, agility and collaboration. The regime will also apply to the culture of connection between our staff, visitors and stakeholder partners.” Proudly honoured as the Best Business Training Provider in the UK, Portull Training Services is ready for the future, whatever it may hold. Company: Portull Training Services Ltd Name: Cherie Andrew Email: Web Address:

8 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 Accountants of the Year - Hampshire orn in the midst of a lifechanging pandemic, JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd was met with the rising demand for efficient accounting services – something that the company has fulfilled since its founding. With the overarching goal to provide financial reassurance and stability to its clients, JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd does away with the complicated industry jargon, making financial literacy more accessible to the average person. Simply, JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd makes its clients’ lives easier. Developed with client-centricity in mind, JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd offers its expertise across a vast range of accountancy and administration services, ultimately taking the hassle and pressure away from the client. The company is equipped to handle diary and email management, customer service, letter and policy writing, project management, HR, and recruitment. Moreover, there are debt recovery, bookkeeping, contract reviews, and annual accounts services available. Each offering is entirely bespoke and is capable of being tailored, within reason, to the client’s needs and requirements – indeed, from tax checks to letter writing, the aim is to please the customer. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that much of JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd’s business comes from referrals. As such, this serves as a testament to the company’s work ethic, transparency, and efficiency, and proves that the company truly sees the client as an individual. Another attractive element is the firm’s devotion to excellency – it begins its process with an in-depth, free tax check for each client, where it will check the client’s latest personal or corporation tax return and assess the calculation. As a result, this formulates the beginning of a lifelong, trustworthy business-to-client relationship. Of course, much of this success is owed to its team. Most recently, the company took on a motivated and determined new apprentice, who has quickly become an asset to the business. It is these traits that set out the perfect recruit for JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd, as it does not focus on exam results, but personality and drive. Furthermore, it believes that accountancy can be taught, but having a shared vision and beliefs must come naturally. In turn, this contributes greatly to JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd’s success as it shows that no member of staff will have a different attitude or will be unwilling to go above and beyond for each client. This team spirit is imperative in a competitive industry like accounting – especially during the current crisis which has seen a period of rapid B In 2020, JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd leapt onto the scene, changing the face of Hampshire’s accountancy industry. Providing numerous clients with effective financial solutions, the firm has delved into a plethora of services, not excluding tax checks, bookkeeping, and diary management. Indeed, JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd exists to enhance the lives, businesses, and financial security of its clients. Contact: Jennifer Letheren Company: JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd Web Address: Feb22306 growth for most accountancy practices. However, JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd predicts that as the world begins to return to normalcy, many of these firms will close as they have grown unsustainably, which could then see accountancy practices who took on staff to cope with demand having to let people go. Whereas JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd benefits from being founded during the peak of the crisis, and as a result, has grown at a steady and sustainable pace. Henceforth, 2022 will be filled with success at it brings numerous plans into fruition. For one, JLL Accountancy & Admin Ltd’s founder, who is currently a Chartered Accountant, will begin her CeMap mortgage advisor qualifications. This will then enable the firm to become the go to for the self-employed and business owners looking to purchase property without the delay of communication between organisations. Additionally, the company’s apprentice will be undertaking her Level 3 AAT qualification. The next year will also see the company move into a more suitable office within the Southampton area.

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 9 vital to have the right group of people around you in order to have a successful business. The effective communication, dedication, and teamwork causes the company to thrive, it ensures an optimised and streamlined business process. However, like many businesses, Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Cafe was impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. The pandemic changed the way the business ran, especially after the first lockdown, in which the company chose to purchase screens guards and masks. Cleanliness became all the more important, with extensive cleaning being carried out between the treatment of each client and the sanitising of public areas. Moreover, the rise in nervous customers meant that Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Cafe saw a decrease in footfall – which, luckily, was combatted through the existing segregated rooms. The future looks bright for the company, particularly due to its current plans for expansion, which will see Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Cafe delve into a new county. Yet the most important element for the business is its continuation of staff development. Over the next year, the business will be placing its staff in regular training courses, which will be paramount in ensuring that the company remains ahead of the trends. Contact: Jamie Mettyear Company: Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Cafe Web Address: Feb22332 Best Hair & Beauty Salon - Kent It’s important to treat yourself, to allow yourself to be pampered. Henceforth, there’s no better place to escape the pressures of life than Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Cafe. Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Cafe is here so that you can enjoy a relaxing massage or hair treatment and then indulge at the café on homemade dishes, which is, quite simply, an experience that you cannot find anywhere else. ince its doors opened in 2017, Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Cafe has been working to cultivate a destination within which customers can enter numerous amenities underneath one roof. Nestled within the seaside town Herne Bay, the business is not only internally luxurious but also lounges against a scenic backdrop. Furthermore, the business is home to both exquisite treatments and a café that supplies tantalising meals, and therefore, Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Café encompasses the definition of a one-stop-shop all within a friendly and luxurious environment. Offering an extensive list of treatments, Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Cafe covers hair, nails, beauty, and a range of relaxing spa experiences. The company also has numerous gift packages available for both men and women, including private rental for the hydrotherapy pool. With clients ranging from 18 years old up to 90, there is truly something available for everyone, and, more importantly, the company prioritises accessibility and accommodation. Indeed, everyone is welcome at Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon & Cafe. Of course, none of this would be possible without Jamie Mettyear and his highly talented team of professional stylists and beauty therapists. Much of the company’s success is owed to the aforementioned team, who consistently remain up to date with cutting edge methods and undertake regular training in order to upskill. Citing the famous phrase, ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork,’ Mettyear states that without his entire team, there would be no business. In essence, it is S

10 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 For now, UK Sports Training is working on its ambitious plan to grow and become the largest fitness training provider within the UK. While the company has a firm client based in London and Essex, UK Sports training will be adding additional courses in Manchester and Birmingham, starting in June. The future aim of the company is to have course availability within every major city in the UK and is on a mission to accomplish this over the next three to five years. UK Sports Training - established as the Best Fitness Training Provider in Essex, and soon to be the nation. Company Name: UK Sports Training Contact Name: Jon Wightman Web Address: Contact Email: Best Fitness Training Provider - Essex K Sports Training provides several courses to students ranging from 18 to 50 years old with an equal split between male and female applicants. Additionally, the company holds a great deal of pride in providing a comprehensive end-to-end service that supports learnings in qualifying in their fitness course journey, resulting in being offered a job placement. Jon Wightman, Director of Strategy and Operations, expands on what has given the company recognition and success, stating, “Our after-care service is highly regarded. As a company, we don’t only qualify students; we help them get into employment with leading gyms by offering them guaranteed job interviews upon completing their qualifications. In addition, we pride ourselves on ensuring all our learners get full support during and after their course.” For many businesses, to be successful, a product must be exceptional. However, in the case of UK Sports Training, not only is the service provided inherently excellent, but as are its members of staff who are integral to the success and functionality of the business. Jon expands on this, stating, “Our staff are vital to our business, and we have created an environment where we want our staff to look forward to starting their day. Our team know how important they are to the business, and we like to help them grow as the company grows. Our team works remotely, which has worked very well for us and has seen productivity levels increase. However, now restrictions are being lifted, we are looking at booking in more team days away so that all the staff in the company can meet each other and create a great working relationship.” Like many businesses, UK Sports Training has had to adapt over the past few years to keep up with trends within the industry, surpass potential competitors and remain operational during the Covid-19 pandemic. In doing so, the company pivoted its initial business model because of the recent closure of gyms and began teaching courses remotely through zoom. Additionally, UK Sports Training began offering clients that had qualified during the lockdown free practical workshops with its tutors once gyms were allowed to reopen. Therefore, supporting its students with a chance to refresh their knowledge and gain additional confidence on the gym floor ahead of applying for interviews. U Based in Essex, UK Sports Training provides level 3 personal training and sports massage courses, delivering classes locally and throughout the Essex area. However, since 2020, UK Sports Training has progressed significantly and expanded the business to provide qualifications across the entire UK. Recognized as Essex’s Best Fitness Training Provider, UK Sports Training offers individuals the chance to pursue a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer or a sports massage therapist. Dec21170

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 11 Best Value SEO Company - London In the digital age it is important for companies to understand how effective online marketing can bolster their success. SEOi is home to a range of services that aim to transform its clients’ businesses, boosting their online profile, increasing traffic to the client’s website, and cultivating brand awareness. Indeed, the company serves businesses both large and small with an abundance of enthusiasm and dedication – an attitude that is set to take SEOi global. Feb22618 EOi has been built to offer transparent and trustworthy content marketing, web development, and search engine optimisation (SEO) services. Indeed, SEOi serves as an all-in-one digital marketing platform that provides a premium range of services all under one roof. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether the client is a large company with an in-house marketing team, or a small startup company, SEOi has the perfect marketing solution. In essence, the company offers a plethora of affordable and bespoke digital marketing and SEO services to different sized businesses around the globe. In an increasingly digitised world, it is imperative for businesses to formulate a great online presence. It is the difference between being successful and falling into obscurity. Henceforth, the idea behind SEOi was to create a company that can help companies transition into this new world, ultimately making digital marketing accessible to a wider audience. SEOi wants to prove to its clients just how important effective digital marketing is – showing the return on the investment that it provides and, of course, how its services can transform a business by building a company’s online presence, brand awareness, and revenue. Taking an approach that truly encompasses client-centricity, SEOi provides digital marketing services for clients of all backgrounds. Whatever the budget may be, SEOi is equipped to tailor a solution that fits within such requirements. Consequently, the company offers a multitude of deals, from services designed for businesses with a set monthly budget that want to put their digital marketing S on autopilot, to affordable digital marketing and SEO packages designed for small businesses. The packages require no contract and are entirely flexible, rendering them suitable for a small- to medium-sized business that wants to take control of its own marketing campaigns and strategies. In turn, maintaining a strong and highly skilled team is of great importance to SEOi. It understands that in order to continue providing an exceptional standard of service, it must continue to recruit the best talent and give them the tools and support to do this. Furthermore, the creation of the company’s in-house management software and tools has aided with streamlining management tasks, subsequently allowing teams to focus and work seamlessly. The development of this software has been essential to the company’s scaling and keeping its standards at the highest level. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has cast a shadow over numerous industries, including the digital marketing sector. It has been near impossible to avoid the pandemic’s clutches over the past couple of years, especially for businesses that work closely with clients across a wide variety of industries. The biggest challenge for SEOi was the transition towards remote working. However, this transition did have an advantage – as a technology and marketing company, SEOi were able to put its software that it created for its clients and teams to work. Additionally, this then provided the opportunity to enhance this software further as it was being used to its full capability. Perhaps the greatest benefit that spawned out of the crisis was the increased the speed of the growth of online usage from entertainment to online purchasing. Businesses moved to online sources and, as a result, enlisted SEOi’s help. SEOi has numerous plans in the works, including the expansion of its digital marketing teams and its reach to clients across the globe. Headquartered in Central London, it has always been the company’s goal to cultivate an international clientele and have a presence and management teams close to its clients. Henceforth, in 2022 the company will be opening an office in the European Union (EU) where it will base its EU team and conduct business with EU clients. In the long term, SEOi has plans to delve further into the North American market through opening an office in the United States. Contact: Sean Scanlon Company: SEOi Web Address:

12 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 Feb22324 Best Construction & Commercial Management Consultancy - Yorkshire Marvel Projects Ltd is a full turnkey solution that offers a range of services which vary between the public and private sector. The main types of work that Marvel undertakes range from domestic (including extensions, refurbishments & new builds), and commercial schemes such as retail refurbishments, NHS fitouts and that of a training division which is about reinvesting back into our future as a business but also the industry for newcomers to trade work. or clients that range from the NHS, Northern Rail, Diocese of Sheffield, local authorities and private developers (residential and commercial projects), any scheme of work undertaken by Marvel is managed from start to finish, and involves managing budgets, health and safety, programme quality and coordination, and efficient communication. At the foundation of Marvel and its work lie the core values of delivering operational excellence (via strict health and safety conduct, efficient communication and value for money) and building positive relationships. These values have ensured the growth and success of Marvel during the difficult time that has been the pandemic. Ensuring that customers, no matter how big or small the project is, feel valued and are communicated with regularly and effectively has ensured repeat opportunities for the business and a growing positive reputation. Marvel founder and director, Ash Hibberd said, “Whilst a key driver is for the business to be financially stable, satisfaction comes from delivering a project on time, within budget and exceeding the needs of our customers, which is a common occurrence due to the hardworking staff working behind the scenes in the office and that are public facing.” Ash’s mantra is “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”. When the country faced austerity, Marvel prospered due to perseverance, leadership skills, and devotion and passion to achieving dreams. These qualities continue to contribute to the growth of the business, enabling it to innovate change within the construction industry and to promote long-term sustainability. Marvel usually approaches is clients by tendering for a project via an online platform, or more recently, it has received custom due to the growing reputation from repeat clients and word of mouth. Ash tells us, “Work has not always been easy to come by and in the infantile period of the business, projects were more actively searched for by networking and physically meeting potential clients through previous relationships, referrals, or even using LinkedIn. The importance of networking to Marvel has ensured its growth through difficult times and will continue to accelerate growth to ensure it continues to project exposure in the community and wider area.” F Marvel is not just a building contract and consultancy business, but it’s a solution to a problem, a friend and support. A personable approach is always delivered to match the client’s needs to ensure they feel valued. Any time, day or night, they will always get a response to a problem. Marvel cares about all of its clients and always goes above and beyond all expectations. Even when projects are finished, communication is ongoing for as long as the client needs to ensure they feel satisfied and can have all questions answered. It is this high level of customer service that separates Marvel from others and which delivers excellence across every aspect of the business. Without the staff Marvel employs, it would not be where it is today. Whilst it started out with just its founder, the number of employees has grown and supported every aspect of the business. Marvel’s staff consist of two quantity surveyors, two project managers, a human resource and business development manager, a building office manager, a bookkeeper, an administrative assistant, and a social media officer. The staff support Marvel by managing the internal and external operations of the business while Ash largely undertakes the overseeing of all projects, networking and client liaison. As Marvel continues to grow, new channels are being explored in how to grow the business and evolve alongside its industry and peers. Attention will be focused on promoting and growing the training division which reinvests back into the industry. In addition, a Community Interest Company (CIC) will be formed to allow Marvel to further reinvest into the local community through an alternative channel to the construction side of the business. Beside the exploration into new channels, it will continue growing, building and innovating in order to be a part of the evolution that the industry is currently going through, and to fortify the organisation for years to come. Company: Marvel Projects Ltd Contact: Ash Hibberd Email: Website:

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 13 Leading Biotechnology Company of the Year - Portugal For almost 13 years, SICGEN Antibodies has been providing effective antibody solutions to research institutions. Through its work, it has furthered research within numerous areas, with the most recent example being its contributions to Covid-19 antibody research projects. Indeed, SICGEN Antibodies plays a vital role within the industry, and throughout 2022 it only hopes to broaden this impact. Feb22305 pawning out of the University of Coimbra, SICGEN Antibodies was founded under the NEOTEC Portuguese Initiative in 2009 by Dr. José Ramalho. The company then moved to NOVA University Lisbon later in that same year. Jumping forward to 2017, a UK investor acquired 50% of the company’s shares – the other half, of course, remaining with the CEO, Dr. José Ramalho. SICGEN antibodies continues to be based out of a small district of Coimbra, from where it develops and produces antibodies for research in life sciences. Polyclonal antibodies serve as the company’s core focus. Offering numerous advantages, polyclonal antibodies bolster numerous elements of monoclonal antibodies, including creating multiple epitopes, faster production, and increasing competitive traits. As both primary and secondary antibodies, they can be used in a variety of different techniques such as ELISA, FACS, IF, IHC, IP, WB, etc. Moreover, SICGEN Antibodies operates as an Accredited Animal Facility. The company offers numerous packages, such as antigen design, antigen synthesis, antigen conjugation, immunization, ELISA tests, purification, and antibody labelling and characterisation. SICGEN Antibodies’ products have been used within a variety of research areas – for example, the antibodies against fluorescent proteins such as GFP, mCherry, tdTomato have featured in many life science research publications, such as Nature, Cell and Science. S Subsequently, in 2021, the company maintained almost 300 products in its portfolio, with many being used within Western Blotting (WB), Immunofluorescence (IF), and immunocytochemistry (IHC) research. As of 2022, the company is producing polyclonal antibodies for clients around the globe, including leading national and international institutions, universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and biotechnology distributors. As such, SICGEN Antibodies has built its core market base across North America, Europe, and the Far East. It has successfully built up its profile through a combination of effective marketing schemes, including direct sales, working through countrywide distributors, and the utilisation of an OEM system. Furthermore, the company benefits from its location, as much of its competition is based in North America. Consequently, SICGEN Antibodies has been able to seamlessly build its way up to a leading position throughout Europe. A key factor within the company’s success has been the dynamics of its team – it is small yet resilient, dedicated and highly-skilled. On the whole, the team endeavours to be organised and focused, with the aim to produce a quality end result. Learning is greatly encouraged, and SICGEN Antibodies does not stray away from delving into the techniques used by its competition. Through enabling growth and evolution via these means, SICGEN Antibodies has cultivated a workplace environment that thrives upon change and keeping up to date with industry trends. Henceforth, over the years SICGEN Antibodies has filled numerous gaps in the market, adapting to whatever is needed at that particular time. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the company delved into developing antibodies effective against the proteins of SARS-CoV-2 that were subsequently used in research on Covid-19. This transformation was completed in an extraordinarily short amount of time, largely due to the help SICGEN Antibodies received through the support of a grant financed by Portugal2020 - I&D COVID19. The upcoming year can expect to see the company shift towards further market developments, as it endeavours to take full advantage of cutting-edge technologies. Indeed, its long-term mission is to become a global producer of polyclonal antibodies and antibody-related products and services of the highest quality, at competitive prices. Contact: José Ramalho Company: SICGEN - Investigacao e Desenvolvimento em Biotecnologia Lda Web Address:

14 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 Feb22452 Ultra Secure Ltd is the Leading Provider of Driveway Alarms and is accredited as the UK’s Best Security Alarms Provider. The company provides innovative security and community and safety equipment solutions such as outdoor and indoor GSM alarms, wireless intercoms, panic alarms, security posts, and bollards. Additionally, Ultra Secure carries a wide range of products, offering off the shelf solutions along with bespoke initiatives, many of which are designed in-house by the Ultra Secure team. ounded as a mail-order company, Ultra Secure Ltd provides customers with a private consultation room that is readily available for customers wanting to discuss their applications and provides comprehensive after-sales technical support through telephone communication or email. Ultra Secure is widely known across several business sectors, with locations in the United Kingdom and France and a website range that covers the UK, France, Ireland and the United States of America. Additionally, Ultra Secure Ltd takes great pride in its core value: never over-sell and always give full and honest advice. Therefore, while sales advice is readily available and its products can be sold through B2B and B2C establishments, Ultra Secure has made a strict policy to be transparent with its clients and its staff members. Mark Walter, Managing Director, adds to this, stating, “Honest advice can even result in losing a sale, but honestly is always first.” A risky approach to business that has thankfully served well for Mark and the team at Ultra Secure– an honest salesperson is a trusted one. Both B2B and B2C customers can be served through the company’s website or through traditional means of communications such as phone calls, email or visiting in person and remaining in the consultation room until a query has been answered. Ultra Secure can offer an all-inclusive and comprehensive range of services through various mediums. Therefore, the company has been recognised as being considerably different from the average competitor as members go the extra mile to ensure clients are being heard, understood and, by the end – happy. Regarding its products, Mark explains the process by stating, “All products are tested on the bench before being despatched, and wherever possible, we carry out basic pairing and programming for the customer leaving them less to do. Additionally, full after-sales service is also available for customers needing help.” Like many businesses, after the past few years, Ultra Secure has faced several challenges due to Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, which let the company operate business differently. The effects of F these problems have created a shockwave of developments from slow delivery of supplies to a significant increase in cost. To combat this issue, Mark states, “We worked through the lockdowns as our service range includes products such as intercoms which are used by business to keep safe, these customers include the NHS & Doctor Surgeries. We also designed and made unique Visual Traffic Light for use in the entrances of all types of business; an example can be found on our website using reference number 009-4730; we were one of the very first companies to make these, long before supermarkets started to introduce them.” For Ultra Secure, the plan for the business’s future is to continue growing its product range to service customers effectively, efficiently and with the best quality materials, along with excellent customer service. With five new projects currently in the works for Ultra Secure, the company is looking to the new year with hope. Backed by years of successful achievements, Ultra Secure has pushed through the market-leading the industry with revolutionary services and a heart-warming smile. Company Name: Ultra Secure Limited Contact Name: Mark Walter Web Address: Contact Email: Leading Providers of Driveway Alarms 2022 and Best Security Alarms Provider - UK

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 15 Best Stevedoring Services Company - West Africa Marine Derivatives, the experts when it comes to stevedoring, maritime logistics, and client service, has won itself acclaim for both the above award and the Customer Service Excellence Award’ for 2022. Critically, it has gained notoriety for its ability to serve clients with efficiency, timeliness, and diligence, ensuring their cargo gets where it needs to be safely and within the timescales provided on a reliable basis. Furthermore, thanks to the wide variety of services it provides, a client can always rest assured that when it comes to maritime project delivery, Maritime Derivatives has them covered. Feb22436 ith a wide variety of different solutions and services proffered, each of which are outstanding in the field, Marine Derivatives is an outstanding voice in maritime logistics. From stevedoring services to cargo survey, cargo handling, and cargo storage, it distinguishes itself from its peers with operational excellence and a strict dedication to quality. Nominally, working strictly on time and within budget, its efforts will provide safe, reliable, and trustworthy maritime services by way of its highly competent and experienced workforce, each of whom have been highly trained and benefit from use of the most innovative technology available. When it comes to stevedoring, Marine Derivatives’ efforts have become well respected in its industry. From the ability to operate across several different global locations and across a myriad of routes to its experienced group of industry professionals, it combines operational excellence with outstanding customer service when it comes to working for – and with – its clients. Fundamentally, its focused services and solutions offered in cargo handling reflect its dedication to keeping its promise of delivering maximum quality at the most sustainable price, representing great value across the board and making itself a trusted partner when it comes to maritime logistics. With great continuity, management prowess, innovation, and reach, it can also handle specialised materials that its competitors may struggle with, such as pipe and surface transportation. In addition, its pipe and yard management, lashing and securing services, and warehousing and project management solutions are second to none, with engineering, procurement, construction, management, and marine services being a dedicated element of its business that it has worked hard to develop. Professionalism, dedication, and tenacity come together to make up the solutions it offers in the provision of Onshore/Offshore stevedoring services. Importantly, it incorporates the height of innovative technologies, improved efficiencies, and value-added processes into itself when it comes to unlocking the new possibilities for its clients in oil and gas resources. Cargo discharge and storage services are also offered by Marine Derivatives to its clients, covering the bulk discharge of cargo from ships, bulk handling of commodities to and from storage, trans-shipment of cargoes from ship to ship, and cargo survey services. With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see how it has made itself the shipping company of choice for so many global clients, and it looks forward to continuing to ply this trade in the future. W Marine Derivatives Limited Block 6 Plot 6A, Layi Ajayi Bembe Street Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria Tel: +234 1 4545030 Mobile: +234 7025007775 Email: Website: Contact: Salman Braimah: CEO