Business Excellence Awards 2022

34 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 Mar22343 Digital Transformation Innovators of the Year - UK ith multiple benefits gained from Organisations implementing their new Target Operating Model (TOM), reducing costs, higher profits, business agility able to meet changing customer demands and bring new products and services to market quicker, it is surprizing to learn that 70% of business transformation projects end in failure. This is when they call HOBA Tech. Tired of wasting time, money and missed opportunities, and been fed interesting by useless colourful presentations by big name consultancies, Clients call HOBA Tech, to setup and turnaround their failing transformation, and get it right the first time. London-based Business Transformator, Founder and CEO of HOBA Tech, Heath Gascoigne serves a growing national and international client base including some marque brands, “looking to do it (their transformation) differently”. Gascoigne started HOBA Tech in 2016, but didn’t start trading until 2019, after the launch of his international best seller book ‘The Business Transformation Playbook®’, based on the HOBA® (House of Business Architecture®) framework. The wait paid off, with over a dozen UK and international high street retailers stocking his book, used by thousands and hundreds of companies, 6x Amazon best seller and touted as the ‘Business Transformation Bible’, HOBA Tech is struggling to keep up with demand for its business transformation services both locally and abroad as leading companies look to join the top 30% that make Business Transformation a success, first time, on time. HOBA Tech provides business-led digital transformation, enterprise business and technology architecture, programme, project and change management services. It is an international award-winning specialised niche consultancy, helping clients to transform and improve performance by developing and enhancing its business capabilities across people, process, technology and data. W Meet HOBA Tech, the niche boutique consultancy disrupting the $20 Billion Business Transformation Market. HOBA Tech integrates strategic planning and strategy execution, architecture and change management to help businesses cut through the noise, focus on what is important and fulfil their vision. These are mostly, but not exclusively large public and private sector organisations, from government agencies to banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) organisations. Independent and with over 20 years’ experience, HOBA Tech combines big consultancy vision with the personal touch of a boutique consultancy to help organisations develop and implement their TOM, align their vision and business strategy – at every stage of their transformation journey. “We want to disrupt the Business Transformation Industry – become the standard for business-led digital transformation in the world, put the control back into the Business’ hands, and reverse the 70% failure rate in transformation projects”, Gascoigne says. “We solve this anxiety people have around bringing in consultants to help them transform. Businesses are afraid of consultants. They know they need to transform, but they don’t want to start because they know it’s a road to nowhere, It’s a money sucking process. Subconsciously they are scared of Business Transformation, and they are scared of the Consultants”. Gascoigne believes HOBA Tech has cracked that mission. “The business transformation industry, despite the name, is at technologycentric industry. There is a lot of focus, wrongly on technology. What the marketplace is failing to acknowledge, that despite the high failure rate of transformation programs, the problem is not a technology one, it’s a people one. We are creating a community of ‘Business Transformators’ – which is what we call ourselves, who have moved beyond Business Architects, who just focus on business design, but also includes partdesigner, part-strategist, part-negotiator, and part-collaborator’. This is a shift we are happy to lead, putting control back into the Business’ hands, with Business Transformators leading that charge.” It is easy to see how HOBA Tech has earned the title of Digital Transformation Innovators of the Year – UK in Acquisition International annual awards. The company is now focused on the future with big plans for this year. Its BaaS (Business transformation as a Service) platform will go live later this year, a gamechanger for the industry, its clients and partners to put them further ahead of the market. The company’s partner network is growing with new partners in Canada, Australia, and USA; plans to expand operations outside of the UK, and release the next two books in the series – the prequel and sequel to The Business Transformation Playbook. Company: HOBA Tech Ltd Contact: Heath Gascoigne Email: Website: