Business Excellence Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 47 Mar22595 Best Basement & Loft Conversion Construction Company - Hertfordshire CL Builders has over 40 years’ experience working in London and Hertfordshire, providing high-quality work to countless clients, and meeting their specific needs on a bespoke basis. It has worked across the region, including on some of London’s leading real estate in areas such as Knightsbridge, Kensington, and Chelsea. It is a firm completely committed to providing excellence to all clients, and it always discusses costs and project needs on a case-by-case basis. RCL Director, Charles Gannon tells us, “Our passion for creating excellence is what drives us to finish projects to the highest level possible, and nothing other than excellence will be accepted.” RCL believes in offering a thorough service right from the very start, with clients being assured of the very best service from the planning stage of the project to completion. Working with established designers and architects, it can turn dreams into reality; no job is too big or too small for the team. Great construction requires more than just the ability to do the job. It needs a working relationship with the client based on sincerity, open communication, and mutual respect. Building work on the home can be a stressful experience if these values aren’t maintained. Charles comments, “An extension or basement conversion can turn into a nightmare if the builder doesn’t follow these values and chooses to do what’s best for him instead. There are numerous stories of ‘cowboy builders’ chasing the money and ignoring the client. “Agreat builder will always put the client first, helping to achieve high-quality performance while meeting their needs in the most cost-effective way.” At RCL, the team has both the experience and expertise needed to successfully undertake a range of construction work. From extensions, conversions, and structural alterations to roof repairs and traditional newbuilds, the company has it all covered. It is accredited by the Considerate Constructors Scheme and Constructionline, which gives clients peace of mind when choosing builders in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. Charles says, “We like to immerse ourselves in a project right from the getgo – it’s just how we do things. It boils down to a natural inquisitiveness that’s born out of passion. We love looking at basement spaces; it gets our minds going and thinking creatively about how best to uniquely approach a project.” This is all a free part of the company’s service that is offered irrespective of whether or not it is going to get further paid work from the client. Its passion R RCL Builders (RCL) is one of Hertfordshire’s premier construction companies specialising in basement and loft conversions as well as extensions, kitchens, bathrooms, and roof repairs. In light of the company’s extraordinary success within the Business Excellence Awards 2022, we got in touch with its Director, Charles Gannon to learn more about what it has to offer clients. and enthusiasm are what distinguish its basement conversions from all other basement conversions. And it doesn’t send over any old member of staff, either. When someone from RCL knocks on a client’s door, it’ll be a senior member of the team – someone whose skills and experience allows them to clearly convey to the client the potential of their basement space, and how it can be elevated to something truly special. After taking a thorough look at the client’s space, RCL’s expert will take them through a range of options that are specific to their particular aims. If they’re looking to transform their basement into a games room, a new bedroom, a ‘chill out room’ with a sauna or jacuzzi, or a gym, then its consultant will assist them with all the visual simulation needed, including brochures, samples from the company portfolio, and a whole load of creative ideas. However, while RCL is a highly popular and successful construction firm, that’s not to say that it hasn’t faced its challenges – Especially in the form of the covid-19 pandemic, which plungedmany contractors into one of themost testing times in history. As countries across the globe introduced lockdowns and other restrictions, supply chain management was affected badly. During the early months of the pandemic, many contractors were unable to source basic materials, such as sand, cement, and bricks, while also suffering from labour shortages. For example, in the UK, a national shortage of plaster led to significantly increased costs at one point. RCL was fortunate that it had good contacts and suppliers and that its workflow was only affected minimally. Having shown its resiliency when it comes to facing challenges and completing projects, it’s easy to see what makes RCL Builders such an award-winningbusiness. It isnowfocusedon the futurewithplans toexpand its services into the high-end refurbishment market after commendations for its recent work undertaken in London’s most prestigious postcodes. RCL continues to be ahead of the game with the latest technologies and materials, and is looking to expand its interior design and build packages, striving to offer more choice to clients. Company: RCL Builders Ltd Contact: Charles Gannon Email: Website: