Business Excellence Awards 2022

46 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 Feb22646 Best Dog-Friendly Hotel - Southern Uplands he Black Bull Inn, Moffat boasts a fascinating history that spans over the course of hundreds of years. Situated just 20 miles away from the English border, the 16th century, traditional Scottish hostelry was once frequented by the great Scottish poet Robert Burns, who famously etched a verse on a window pane in the inn. In 2022, the building hosts a luxurious bar, bistro and 15 room boutique hotel that is not only family friendly, but also dog friendly! Indeed, the hotel is the perfect place for dog lovers to kick back and relax, without leaving their four-legged companions behind. The Black Bull Inn truly understands that dogs are members of the family and, therefore, it welcomes them with open arms. Henceforth, when you and your dog arrive at the inn, not only will you receive a premium service, but your dog will too. The Black Bull Inn provides a ‘doggy welcome pack’ that includes a soft blanket, water bowl, food pouch, and a selection of goodies. Its dog friendly rooms are located at ground level, making them easily accessible and suitable for dogs. Unsurprisingly, The Black Bull Inn was ranked top in Scotland and 14th in the U.K. by voters in a TeamDogs ‘We Love Dogs’ competition. It’s certain that the team will make a fuss of your companion. However, the team endeavours to provide the best possible service to all their guests, as they understand the importance of good customer service. The team prides itself on being open, approachable, and transparent, and therefore, they have cultivated a ‘familial’ feeling – one that radiates throughout the establishment. This bolsters the overall ambiance of the beautiful location – since 2020, the inn has been undergoing an overhaul, with over £100,000 being spent on ongoing tweaks and improvements as the team believes in investing back into the business. As such, The Black Bull Inn maintains a stunning beer garden, a cosy bar, and comfortable, contemporary hotel rooms. It is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. However, whilst The Black Bull Inn is one of the most famous establishments of its kind in Scotland, the inn has faced its fair share of challenges. A significant issue that the company is currently battling through is a lack of staff – this has resulted in team members having to undertake longer hours and closures for a couple of lunches a week. Contrasting this, the Covid-19 pandemic – whilst it was an unexpected challenge – offered time for the inn to rethink how it operated. ‘We are no longer a pints and pub lunches place with live entertainment, but a dining and short stay dog friendly destination, people choose for T A favourite amongst tourists, dog lovers and business people/contractors, The Black Bull Inn, located in Moffat, Scotland, has earned its title as a dog-friendly establishment. Indeed, under the ownership of Janie Seaton and her husband, Mark, the historical hotel has transformed into a thriving location that promises comfort. good honest food, an excellent selection of wine, a huge range of gin and local cask ales, in a traditional Scottish, ambience,’ comments Janie Seaton, the current owner. In turn, The Black Bull Inn has set itself up for a successful future – one that mirrors its extensive and highly prestigious past. Going forward the team hopes to continue to mould the inn into the perfect lodgings for dog owners, and further increase its ranking as a food-oriented hotel. Moreover, there are plans in the works to build upon its burgeoning contract business after covid brought big companies to the hotel looking for good accommodation for business people coming to the area. Contact: Janie Seaton Company: The Black Bull Inn, Moffat Web Address: