Business Excellence Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 45 Feb22467 Best Health & Safety Management Platform 2022: Compliance Genie here isn’t a year that goes by without accidents occurring that have an impact on the way in which a company works. It’s important not only to keep these incidents to the minimum possible level, but to ensure that companies do so whilst remaining compliant. In order to save companies both time and money, the BeSafe team has produced The Compliance Genie to provide a onestop-shop that keeps moving. Since opening its doors, Be-Safe has prided itself on putting innovation first and foremost. Their cloud-based, all-in-one Health and Safety App has transformed the way in which many businesses do their health and safety work. Building on the combined experience of professionals with over 150 years’ expertise in technology, App creation and Health and Safety, the results is something that is both intuitive and state-of-the-art in equal measure. The ComplianceGenie has a comprehensive range of features, allowing companies in any industry to benefit from the digitisation of their health and safety processes. Operating in real time, the team’s product has found usage on site, on the go and in offices. Both contractors and permanent employees are protected through the product, allowing everyone to know who has been inducted and trained to the minimum T Health and safety is a major factor in today’s businesses, and finding ways of remaining secure and compliant is not always easy. The team at Be-Safe Technologies Ltd have made it their mission to use the latest technology to create a one-stop shop that can facilitate the needs of any company. In Acquisition International’s Business Excellence Awards 2022, the team’s incredible product earned them tremendous success. We dig a little deeper to discover more. training requirements that might be required. When it comes to building a culture of safety first, this is the team to turn to. Every industry has a need to be aware of their health and safety requirements, and Compliance Genie is able to advise businesses not only of these requirements, but of when they change over time. The benefit of The Compliance Genie is clear, which is why the team have achieved success not only in the UK, but has already gained customers in Europe, the US and Asia too. What appeals to these businesses is the offer of a place where every aspect of health and safety is covered. Working on smartphones, iPads and desktops, it’s an incredibly versatile product. Naturally, health and safety is a constantly evolving system, so it is fortunate that The Compliance Genie is a constantly evolving app. Technology means that instead of having to buy a new product, updates can be delivered directly and simply to the client. This eye for innovation that has defined Be-Safe since its inception has allowed the team to connect more closely with customers. The team have been able to respond directly to their requests for features, as well as improving the speed and efficacy of the product over time. With such incredible potential, it’s little wonder that the range of products available from the team continues to expand. Be-Safe has just launched a Single Sign On Environment using Okta and an enhanced App to Web function too, with increased functionality to all of its offerings on the way. The growth of this incredible product never seems to slow, as more and more people from a variety of different backgrounds trust the team to deliver a health and safety solution that works for them. Health and Safety can seem like a faff to many, with so many different factors to consider. Be-Safe Technologies has leveraged the digital world to make this simpler and more intuitive for all. We celebrate their commitment to simplicity and look forward to how they will continue to develop this technology for many years to come. Company: Be-Safe Technologies Ltd Name: Ollie Egginton Email: Web Address: