Business Excellence Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 19 Company Name: Beyond Beauty Contact Name: Emma Demonakis Web Address: Contact Email: Best Bespoke Massage & Skin Care Salon – Essex Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 eyond Beauty is renowned in Essex by its loyal client base who appreciate the salon’s services and one to one appointments – an advantage that only a small salon can offer, bringing clients precisely what is requested, adding a personal touch on a professional level. Beyond Beauty is led by Emma Demonakis, a passionate individual whose mission is to make clients feel renewed, rejuvenated, replenished, relaxed and refreshed. Beyond Beauty aims to offer treatments and products that are as natural as possible, including being environmentally friendly, vegan where possible and cautious of responsibly packaged products to encourage full recycling. Emma expands on Beyond Beauty’s efforts on the reducing environmental impact of the salon, stating, “We strive to remove disposable one-use items, swapping them for eco-friendly options. Additionally, the compostable single-use towels are turned into compost by some of our like-minded clients. Finally, we are looking into taking on a company who can recycle all the salon waste to enable us to work with our clients to have less impact on our local environment.” These efforts are significant to Emma and form a big part of what drives clients to continue to rebook. Along with the salon’s principal standings, clients range from all ages and demographics, appreciating the variety of treatments and products that genuinely captures the essence of excellent customer service and an industry reputation that Beyond Beauty has launched. Expanding on the quality of its products, Emma states, “Our products are amongst the best in the industry, with recognised brands made from natural flora and marine-based products. We have many treatments and products that are also vegan friendly. Beyond Beauty has many unique offerings rarely found elsewhere. From cancer wellness trained staff who can provide treatments to those undergoing or recently completed cancer treatment to specialist pregnancy treatments for those Pre or Post Natal. Excellence is at the centre of the customer experience, from receiving high-quality treatments to being advised on products that match the client’s need.” As the salon has grown, Beyond Beauty relies less on advertising as clients’ recommendations con tinue to grow its loyal client B Based in Chelmsford, Essex, Beyond Beauty is a bespoke salon that offers a broad range of beauty and spa treatments such as massage, facials, reflexology, micro-needling, dermaplaning, chemical peels, advanced cosmetic procedures, electrolysis, hair removal, body scrubs, body wraps, pedicures, and manicures. Established as the Best Bespoke Massage and Skin Care Salon and receivers of the Customer Service Excellence Award, Beyond Beauty has steadily increased since its launch in 2017. Feb22340 base. However, its marketing activities are laden within multiple channels, including social media, website and email. During the pandemic, Beyond Beauty opened an online e-commerce site embedded within their website, which enabled customers to order their products online and create bespoke treatment boxes for facials, pedicures, and more. A delightful service that clients found very useful, especially in the restrictions of the initial pandemic. A recent trend noticed by Beyond Beauty is the appetite that clients have to invest in their own wellbeing with treatments and products, and that has continued since the lifting of restrictions and the reopening of the salon. As a result, clients are now open to purchasing these additional products to try them out at home. Because of this, Beyond Beauty has decided to launch its own range of branded products that will work alongside its usual stock of professional brands. Additionally,Beyond Beauty has developed its own range of candles in six signature fragrances of which all are hand-poured in the UK, are vegan friendly and fully recyclable. “These were incredibly well-received, and subsequently, we have also launched reed-diffusers. At Christmas last year we introduced two Christmasscented candles and diffusers which sold out. In July 2022, it will mark the salon’s fifth anniversary, and we have begun plans to introduce an anniversary candle to help continue the popularity of this range.” For now, Beyond Beauty is planning to expand its services and treatments and will be offering advanced cosmetic procedures using advanced electrolysis to remove and reduce skin blemishes. Moreover, the salon is in the process of hosting an aesthetics nurse to provide high-end professional treatments such as Botox and fillers to its client base Beyond Beauty offers a comprehensive range of products, services and treatments that supports clients in maintaining a rejuvenated feeling from the comforting quarters of the Essex salon or even at home. Acknowledged as the Best Bespoke Massage & Skin Care Salon, Beyond Beauty is refreshing individuals, one package at a time. Beyond Beauty