Business Excellence Awards 2022

18 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 Best Railway & Construction Training Courses Provider - UK Being a comprehensive and empathic training and recruitment service, UTS Training Centre is empowering the quality of the UK’s construction industry by training up its professionals to the highest of standards. Having developed a massive pool of construction workers who have each attended its courses, receiving the accreditations and accolades that come hand in hand with this, it is able to provide these experts and their knowledge to a client, allowing them peace of mind that their project is being delivered by professionals who will never settle for second best. bove all else, UTS Training Centre prides itself on being the construction and assessment provider for Network Rail courses. Certified, accredited, and endorsed, its training and education covers everything from construction related courses to health and safety, first aid, fire safety, and more, specialising in safety critical courses and assessment that use the sentinel scheme. Fundamentally, UTS’s efforts are all in making the world a safer place by ensuring that the professionals in its industry have access to the correct training and preparation; in addition to this, it is also a specialist recruiter that is expert when it comes to building a team based on training and talent. UTS’s exemplary labour force has become well known for having the knowledge and capacity to be able to take on all manner of projects, big or small. In essence, whether a client requires civil engineers, labourers, trade work, or even supervisors and project managers, a client can rest assured that UTS’s team will determinedly take a project from ideation all the way through to completion in a truly holistic manner. Working with comprehensive excellence, UTS will find the right personnel with the right skillset from amongst the outstanding pool of people it has gathered around it, able to dive into the nitty gritty of project requirements and find the best professional for the job. To this day, it is the home of over 50 different training courses, has a 98% pass rate amongst its students, a skilled team of over 300 people, and has served over 1000 satisfied customers. Each and every one of them has gone on to become friends of the business, many of them lauding it as a one stop shop for training and recruitment in the industry, going on to recommend UTS to colleagues and peers across the industry vertical. Moreover, even when a specific task is over regarding working with a client, it will continue to regard them as a valued connection, deeply concerned about acting on any feedback received and working hard to improve the quality of its services accordingly. This all bolsters its aim of providing highly skilled, experienced, diligent professionals to its clients’ construction projects, paying attention to the details, respecting deadlines, and working with the utmost efficiency. Company: UTS Training Centre Contact: Samuel Inyang Website: A Mar22031