Business Excellence Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2022 17 Feb22313 Best in Off-Market Property Sales - Northwest London ebbie Ingram Property Consultancy was named after the founder, Debbie Ingram, showcasing the work she has done within the property consulting industry sector and the work she continues to do with her team at the company. While the business was established in 2004, Debbie Ingram has been serving her field since 1983, when she began as an agent in Central London. At Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy, Debbie and her team are masters at what they do, completely unique and comprehensive compared to other consultancy firms who often show themselves as ‘jacks of all trades but masters of none.’ “If you want your property sold off-market with no frills, just genuine sales ability and creative thinking, then there is no other agent to consider. This is relevant to both residential sales and developments,” explains Debbie. The company pays close attention to details to ensure that its customers are getting exactly what is needed as a minimum, going above and beyond to provide excellent service, masterful advice, and exceptional delivery execution. Debbie expands on the offerings and results given by the company, stating, “There are many aspects that crossover from both sides of the business and holding the hands of our clients and buyers from beginning to end is one of the main USPs that set us apart from other agents. In addition, our core values have enhanced as the company becomes more established and as I get older.” Debbie Ingram aids a diversified selection of clients who need residential sales or development support. Her residential clients are often regarded as individuals looking to downsize from their current residence to something smaller, which works very well for both parties as the company’s high-end sales dovetails with its off-plan new build sales. “I believe this sets us apart from our competitors. We act as Sole Agents. Due to our off-market approach, it wouldn’t work if there were more than us as the agents. However, on the rare occasion where we are asked to work jointly, we normally do end up selling the property, and that is because we never give up and we never stop working,” explains Debbie. There is no higher goal for the firm than to provide excellence in all areas of its offering, from sales to consultancy and customer service. Masters at its craft, Debbie and her team ensure that exceptional results and dedication will be given to each customer uniquely, proven inherently through the flood of reviews and testimonials found on its website and Google. At Debbie Ingram Property consultancy, its most significant D selling point and differentiating feature are its sheer number of off-market sales that the establishment has completed. Furthermore, Debbie has singlehandedly sold more houses in prime Hendon roads than any other agent – a prime example of why the company is so highly regarded within the industry. Currently, the biggest challenge for Debbie and the company has been supply and demand. Debbie shares her thoughts on this matter, stating, “I do think that this will settle down soon, but at the moment, there are more buyers than properties. I think Covid-19 was a time for reflection, and we spent the first lockdown ensuring that many of our new build developments could continue being built in the most challenging times. In terms of an advantage, we were able to all work from home, and I ensured that when we did return to work, we were socially distanced at all times. It was easy to manage as a small team, so this was definitely a benefit.” For now, Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy is working towards being the best it can be in both areas of off-market and off plan sales. Additionally, Debbie and her team aim to sell more sites where they can personally work with the developers. The company has recently sold two developments off-plan in Mill Hill and Whetstone for the same client – so delighted with its service, confirmed they will only buy a site and sell the units through Debbie Ingram. Regarded as Northwest London’s Best in Off-Market Property Sales, Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy is changing the industry and the lives of her clients, one sale at a time. Company Name: Debbie Ingram Contact Name: Debbie Ingram Web Address: Contact Email: Founded nearly two decades ago, Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy specialises in two areas: off-market high-end residential sales within Hendon, Mill Hill and Finchley and a very successful land and new homes department. Distinguished as Northwest London’s Best in Off-Market Property Sales, Debbie Ingram is a bespoke agency within a niche market that provides exceptional customer service, trust, commitment, integrity, and tenacity, both as a company and as a remarkable woman in business.