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Research & Development awards 2022 • Research & Development Awards 2022

2 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 About the Research & Development Awards 2022 Acquisition International is proud to host the Research and Development Awards for 2022 We have seen greater importance for this sector over the past 18-24 months with the global pandemic constantly evolving. Due to the global pandemic, the significance of R&D in making a positive change to global markets has been emphasised. Utilising insights and information to determine how consumer needs and desires have changed, Research and Development helps to bring consumer expectations into a reality. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Contents 4 ETR: Best Medical Gas Engineering Solutions Provider - Central China 6 OTSL Germany: Most Advanced Automotive Simulator Company 2022 8 Selecta Biotech SE: Best MedTech Innovation of the Year 2022 - EU 10 Bigfoot Web: Best Cost-Efficient Web Design Company - Colorado 12 V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft Dr.Markus C. Zschaber GmbH: Best Capital Market Research Company 2022 14 Angkasa-X Innovation: Most Innovative Satellite Research & Development Company - Malaysia 16 Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Engineering: Leading R&D Center for Biogas Engineering 2022 18 Royal Oak Health Ltd: Excellence Award in Food Manufacturing R&D 2022 No information contained on or in this website constitutes investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. Neither AI nor any of its associated entities are authorised to give financial advice of any nature nor are they regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Prior to making any investment, AI recommends that any prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of that investment. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer Rebecca Scotland, Writer Dontae Jones, Writer Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer 19 MarkData (Pty) Ltd: Excellence Award for Human Behaviour Science R&D Services 2022 20 Dr Bonaros: Best Hair Transplant Clinic - Scotland 21 AsiaOne: Best International Media House & Research Company 2022- Asia 22 SICGEN Research and Development in Biotechnology Ltd: Best Biotechnology R&D Company - Portugal 23 Beyond the Narrative: Rising Stars in Market Research 2022 – APAC 24 Lusio Rehab: Assistive Technology Innovation of the Year 2022: LusioMATE 25 HTAG: Leading Champions of Care Improvement & Community Support 2022 – Australia & Healthcare Innovation Award 2022 26 isobiotec: Best Research Institute Product Engineers – Germany

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 3 27 PsiVac: Best Oncolytic Viral Therapy Developers 2022 28 LatinNews: Best Foreign News Provider 2022 29 Crystal Software Pty Ltd: Best Crystallography Software Platform 2022: Crystal Studio 30 Smell Away Ltd: Leader in Research and Development – North Wales 31 Res Media: Best App Development & eCommerce Solutions - Italy 32 NIOX Group plc: NIOX® - Leaders in FeNO Testing Technology Development 2022 33 Intellio: Most Unique CRM Platform 2022 34 Orange River Wealth: Best Boutique Investment Partnership - London 35 Rainbow Care Home Services: Community Services Innovator of the Year 2022 - QLD 36 Define Normal Life Style Supports: Leading Innovators in Ex-Con Support & Development 2022 – QLD & Excellence Award in Autism Research Fundraising 2022 20

4 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22413 Best Medical Gas Engineering Solutions Provider - Central China With an exemplary after-sales support procedure and a patient-focused attitude that allows it to serve the medical industry extremely well, Hunan Eter Medical has made itself a cornerstone of the digital wards revolution. With hugely innovative, well-designed, and independently developed solutions available for purchase by hospitals and medical facilities, it has endeared itself to the international medical community with the dependable and reliable nature of its products, and the helpfulness of its staff. publicly listed company, Hunan Eter Medical is based in China and specializes in all manner of medical solutions. Its product lines, including medical gas supply systems, ward nursing systems, hospital cleaning and engineering, and smart hospital systems, have all propelled its name to prominence within its industry for the effectiveness and expertise that has gone hand in hand with its efforts. Having served more than 3000 different hospitals across the world with diligent, effective, and holistic solutions, Hunan Eter Medical has made itself an industry linchpin, coming highly recommended by practices and professionals for its good quality work and its excellent after-sales services. Nominally, having been founded in 2003, Hunan Eter Medical has developed into a state-level enterprise. With partnerships all over the world, an expanding market segment who trusts its work implicitly, and a continued commitment to excellence that its clients can trust will never allow it to stagnate, its high-tech and software driven enterprise is pushing the medical product development world further into the future. Critically, with its deep dedication to research, development, production, and sales, it has been successfully listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations register with the stock code of 839074. Having received this accreditation in 2016, it has been able to launch itself from this springboard towards ever-greater heights of success, passing its CE award and the ISO quality management certificate examinations with flying colours in order to gain a variety of different certifications in industry excellence. Each of these, in essence, show a client instead of telling them when it comes to describing the outstandingly professional efforts that Hunan Eter Medical strives to maintain as standard. Having won itself the ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System Certificate, as well as the ISO14001 Environmental Quality Management System Certificate, the national level China Quality Credit Enterprise Certification, and the AAA Credit Grade award, it has earned trust with a variety of governing bodies. Each of these third parties are quick to testify as to the impeccable efforts of Hunan Eter Medical. Fundamentally, its adherence to the A concepts of social and environmental stewardship when it comes to business practice is second to none, and it hopes to lead by example in operating in a way that shows a true dedication to operating with those principles in mind. Caring for the societies it works both within and for, as well as for the natural environments it encounters, it works with integrity, pragmatism, and dedication in order to mitigate any risk to person or planet. Above all else, this company’s dedication is to creating the best kind of medical products that will improve the patient experience, enhance a medical professional’s ability to save a life, and reduce the harm on the environment, resulting in four series’ of products that have been developed over the past decade. These, including a whole range of

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 5 Best Medical Gas Engineering Solutions Provider - Central China products that have enabled the development of smart digital wards, encompass a whole variety of different things. From its ward nursing calling system to its independent R&D of medical oxygen storage and generation, medical hospital central gas supply machines, central gas system plant machinery, wholesale hospital compressed air, and plug and play options for compressed air, its clients have come to appreciate the true dedication to patient safety that Hunan Eter Medical display. Over years of hard work, determination, and knowledge gathering, it has been building and growing its product lines into the best possible versions of themselves. This has made it a true front-runner in digital ward solutions, and through its product development, constant pushes towards further innovation, and market orientation, it has been able to guide the medical solutions industry towards becoming more receptive towards digital wards as a concept. Crucially, it has been able to achieve this quite simply by showing its clients just how much simpler a digital ward solution can make their work. Cutting the fat from several hospital management processes and freeing up time and manpower, lives are easier prioritised, and staff’s time better handled due to getting rid of some of the busy work; Hunan Eter Medical invites its clients to trust in the professionals in order to allow them to be the best professionals themselves. Additionally, its digital medical cleaning and calling makes it far easier for a hospital not just to have time for patient needs, but to know when they need tending to. It ensures that a hospital’s functionality is that much more streamlined and patient focused. In addition to the domestic market, within which it has become a mainstay, Hunan Eter Medical is also now serving southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and further afield. The after-sales network covers over 30 different provinces, with its support staff being on call whenever a client may need them in order to assuage any fears and answer any questions, comments, or concerns. The years of hard work and accumulation have thusly resulted in earning Hunan Eter Medical the title of industry leader, one with a solid foundation underneath it and a bright future ahead. Company: ETR Contact: Terry Zhou Website:

6 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22394 Most Advanced Automotive Simulator Company 2022 5 years since it presented the world’s first 3D real-time radar simulator to its market, OTSL Germany has made itself more of a cornerstone of the automotive sensor industry than ever before. Providing these impeccable, well-designed, and incredibly accurate sensor simulators for autonomous vehicles, it has become a frontrunner in R&D for its field in a holistic and client-first manner that has allowed it to respond to the challenges that its clients face. Having bolstered its products up to 5 different sensor simulator products this very year, it looks forward to seeing what fresh innovations it can come up with in the future, positive that its efforts will continue to make a great impact on the future direction of automotive creation. ocusing on automotive sensor development above all else, OTSL Germany serves semiconductor companies such as automotive makers and tier-1 enterprises. Fundamentally, this company’s efforts are in both research and development, creating the next generation of simulators and simulator products in order to provide the most exemplary automotive sensor simulator frameworks currently available on the market. It achieves this by way of strategic, exemplary, systematic strategies, all of which make it possible for this business to continue to move forward and continue impressing the market segment both in Germany and the wider international market. Of course, with the German automotive innovations market being one of such stringent competition across the board, the proof of OTSL Germany’s excellence is in its success. Truly, this field is a sink of swim industry within the nation, and it has risen to the top of its peers with flying colours by handling itself with strategic excellence, forward planning, and a keen eye for the developments going on elsewhere in the sector. This allows OTSL Germany and its professionals to keep abreast of any new innovations and trends that are emerging within its market segment, adapting itself thusly so that even in one of the most changeable markets, it can adapt accordingly. OTSL Germany believes in using one’s own experience to get ahead when it comes to automotive sensor development. This goes for research, development, market visibility, and business growth, and it values the diverse myriad of backgrounds and perspectives within the company’s ranks that allow it to operate with such an impeccable level of holistic service and customer-facing dedication. Nominally, it only ever believes in moving forward, and this has helped to propel it forward towards ever-greater heights of success, pushing continued research, development, and enthusiasm in order to create ‘the next big thing’. Although it has seen autonomous vehicle technology development slow down somewhat, it does not believe that the biggest industry boom has yet passed. Indeed, it is using the current somewhat quieter period to throw itself further into the development of bigger and better F products that will draw yet more customers into the fold and create a larger amount of buzz regarding the kind of service it can offer. With many of its competitors having to dial back and prune certain elements of the business due to the downturn many of them saw over the Covid-19 outbreak, it has been seeing many autonomous vehicle creators being a part of this scaling-down. This has, of course, had an impact on how many automotive vehicle technologies are being produced – that is to say, there are less – but it is confident that with companies like it providing a way for automotive vehicle creators to get their hands on the sensors that they need, this trend will not last long. Indeed, with innovation and ingenuity being such a driving factor across industries and fields all over the world, the fervour for forward momentum is something that many automotive vehicle developers are keen to get involved in, and OTSL Germany is keen to take chances in order to help them get there. With this prevailing R&D landscape in mind, and with most OEMs prioritising several autonomous driving technologies and future vehicles, it knows that alongside its products, its attitude must also be impeccable. After all, it works by making itself a partner and lifelong business friend of its clients, always listening to what it is they need in order to communicate effectively and study hard, putting the client at the forefront of their desires and needs so that they can put their trust in the professionals when it comes to sensor development. This ensures that a client can focus on what truly matters, whilst never sacrificing on quality or safety, working hard to create success in a comprehensive sense. OTSLGermany’s attitude, therefore, has always been one of marching to the beat of its own drum. As is the way for innovators, forwardthinkers, and industry drivers, it sees its role as one of momentum development for both its clients and its peers, reminding them that comparing themselves with others is not a good foundation for future success. Essentially, growing as a research focused company, it will be continuing to do this as its growth moves in a upward trajectory. Although does it does not have anything it can openly share with its

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 7 Most Advanced Automotive Simulator Company 2022 clients as of right now, it promises that there will be many things to share going forward, and invites its market to watch this space. Reconsidering its patents and papers strategy is one way that it is making this future of intensified innovation possible. Completing a new LIDAR simulator called the ALR2 within this very year, it is looking forward to presenting its market with yet more automotive sensor simulators, taking the total up to 5 so that it includes radar, LIDAR, camera, infrared, and ultrasonic sensors. Each of these, of course, have been developed with the classic OTSL Germany excellence in mind – and with a focus on extensively developed sensor simulation from silicon design technology – something that has grown from its Autonomous system in 2017. Company: OTSL Germany Contact: Yanagi Takahiro Website:

8 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22539 Best MedTech Innovation of the Year 2022 - EU New technologies could revolutionise the healthcare industry, but it requires a bold vision to bring these new ideas to the market. Dr Filip Razga founded Selecta Biotech in order to do just this. We caught up with him to find out more in the light of his tremendous success in the Research and Development Awards from Acquisition International. he creation of tailor-made oligonucleotide-based inhibitors was an idea which drew the attention of scientists around the world. It was a technology which held extraordinary potential, with many believing that it would be able to precisely block its molecular target while exerting essentially no other effects on the patient. Unfortunately, the severe specificity limitations of oligonucleotides killed this dream for many, but not all. Selecta Biotech holds a patented technology and relevant knowhow in R&D of tailor-made oligonucleotide-based inhibitors. Under the leadership of Filip Razga, the firm has gone from strength to strength, aiming to improve patient health care through safe therapeutic solutions. There is the potential, currently, to implement a new generation of inhibitors in clinical practice with the aim of achieving the desired therapeutic effect without side effects. It’s why Selecta Biotech was founded. When we caught up with Filip, we wondered what he made of the opportunities that technology has presented to medical professionals. “We have been given the opportunity to excel at what we do best,” he tells us, “and so we feel responsible to contribute to the society and communities in which we operate. Now is the time to proactively look for solutions and challenge ourselves to make a difference in patient care through progressive therapeutic concepts that have the potential to redefine treatment outcomes.” The aim of Selecta Biotech has always been to push the boundaries of what technology is able to produce, and the team is proud to hold a patented technology that gives them a unique advantage compared to the rest of the industry. “We strive to bring safe and reliable treatment modalities to support patients with unmet medical need by transforming the promise of modern science with T the power of our know-how and experience into products and technologies that enhance, improve, or even save lives.” Key to the team’s success has been the decision to pursue milestone-driven projects. By using such a targeted approach, the team have been able to offer an efficient route to regulatory submission. Most of those who turn to Selecta Biotech are companies within the oligonucleotide therapeutics and drug discovery services market that would benefit from the remarkable efficacy and safety of new generation inhibitors within R&D of their oligonucleotide therapeutics in pipeline and clinical trials. Of course, the team had to forge their own path when it came to developing this leading technology. “We took a multidisciplinary approach and included several original parameters into the design of inhibitors to achieve remarkable specificity of our unique drugs, improve their bioavailability and substantially increase their safety,” Filip explains. “We strive to significantly reduce clinically relevant health complications arising from the promiscuity of applied therapeutics.” Because of the focused nature of the work that the Selecta Biotech team do, it has proven to be relatively easy to uncover the therapies most associated with adverse events. In many cases, side effects are found by those undergoing anticancer therapy, which is why the team are primarily focusing on solutions that eliminate the inherent drug toxicity in oncological diagnoses. The potential benefits have opened the door to many, proving that a safe treatment option might be on the horizon. Any new discovery in the research and development world naturally presents new opportunities for many different sectors in the industry. Advances in areas such as genomics, bioinformatics,

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 9 Best MedTech Innovation of the Year 2022 - EU synthetic chemistry, and protein engineering for example offer new ways of working in the identification and pursuit of new drug targets for the treatment of diseases. “Although delivering authentic medical innovations is more complex than ever,” Filip admits, “we anticipated and have developed a reliable and precise technology with a great potential to meet this challenge and facilitate a global reform in design, and hence applicability of oligonucleotide therapeutics. We deliberately combine the aspects of bioinformatics, nucleic acid chemistry and thermodynamics to achieve exclusive recognition of one specific pathologic target.” Building such an innovative approach in the R&D space has demanded a team that is capable of delivering such incredible results. “I clearly attribute each success to the expertise and extraordinary commitment of our team,” Filip tells us. “There is a quote saying ‘Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you’ which I find deeply valid during our everyday work. Each of us has a different thought process, specific skills, and dedicated responsibilities, and because science in general is a long-distance run, we need to be able to rely on each other in this complex system while staying focused on the goal.” The creation of this creative atmosphere where people feel empowered is a credit to Filip’s leadership. This is a role he takes incredibly seriously, working across various responsibilities in different ways. “Being the CEO of the company and the scientific leader in one person requires permanent effort to maintain the balance between the role of the professional with a friendly approach towards my colleagues and the respected authority with full responsibility for company management,” he explains. To this end, Filip takes the time to get to know every employee in his business, delegating the various tasks that arise to ensure that the work environment is one which is proactive and pleasant. “I believe that I am at my best when everyone is doing well,” Filip tells us. Reaching this point has not been easy for Filip, and we wondered what advice he would pass onto those wishing to echo his considerably success in this industry. “Be ready to openly perceive all stimuli, evaluate them wisely in the current context, be flexible to adapt, believe in success and persevere in your determination,” he says, before adding: “Transform the negative experiences into positive growth.” This ability to transform something negative into something positive is no doubt the reason why Selecta Biotech continues to thrive to this day. The team is built on the concept of finding new ways to solve old problems. They have a history of transforming the negatives into “We have been given the opportunity to excel at what we do best. We strive to transform the promise of modern science with the power of our know-how into safe and reliable treatment modalities that enhance, improve or even save lives.” positives, which isn’t going away any time soon. “We are intensively working on the preclinical validation of several therapeutic leads at the moment,” Filip informs us, “and hope that will be ready to enter the clinical trials as soon as possible to help those with unmet medical need.” The future of medical treatments will depend on people like Filip who are willing to explore bold new ideas and push into areas where others fear to tread. As the team turn to exciting and fresh possibilities, we cannot wait to see where their eye for innovation will take them next. Company: Selecta Biotech SE Name: Ing. Filip Razga, PhD., MPH (CEO) Email: Web Address:

10 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22345 Best Cost-Efficient Web Design Company - Colorado As a big believer in bolstering a client’s digital footprint so that they can stand out in one of the most important markets of the new epoch, Bigfoot Web’s efforts are aiding companies with their pivot to digital operations. No longer can companies thrive by physical operation alone: going ‘off the grid’ is less and less of an option for those who want to make an impact in their market. Thus, its web design is helping them achieve the attention from the market segment that they deserve by ensuring that its clients aren’t locked out of benefitting from the growth that good use of a digital marketplace can bring. ith a strong belief in the importance of using the internet as a tool to reach one’s market segment that has prevailed since its beginning, Bigfoot Web’s commitment to its customers has always been a driving factor in its growth. Nominally, the hard work and tenacity it puts towards helping a client build their website as a pivotal brand asset has brought it a reputation as a stalwart partner for its customers’ digital expansions, generating audience engagement and measurable impact through template-less, bespoke, and brilliant web design. In this manner, it shows its clients just how much of a difference leaving your website in the hands of the experts can make on a journey of digital growth. Its team of strategists, writers, designers, and user experience specialists work hard to bring all their skills together in a holistic manner that allows both attention to detail and a keen eye for the bigger picture when it comes to helping a client achieve their growth milestones, completing a legendary site build in as little as six weeks. This ‘beast mode’ web development can, therefore, take a client from a fresh face in the digital marketplace to a brilliant example of the latest and greatest on budget and within strict time frames, ensuring that they can meet their development goals with greatly enhanced ease. Fundamentally, at Bigfoot Web, the company and its team build clean, efficient, easy-to-use interfaces completely in-house. By handling it all within its own team, it has developed a process that gives true customisation at every turn, always keeping the client in the loop so that the site perfectly reflects their business, whether they want a simple brochure-like website to an elaborate, database-powered integration. Indeed, its team are also incredible when it comes to research and competitor analysis. Having built a reputation for keeping an eagle eye on the digital marketplace, its ability to keep up to date with a rapidly changing corporate ecosystem is second to none, and with its branding, messaging, and brand endurance consultations, it is also able to finance its clients throughout the process. At present, therefore, it has been seeing the industry of digital transformation thrive as it helps more businesses transition to an online or hybrid model. Hoping to continue to be a linchpin in this process, it funnels significant effort into its research and development, W staying up to date with the current trends and shifting paradigms of the digital marketplace so that it can continue to give its clients the best and most relevant advice. Indeed, this dedication to keeping an eye on changes and developments has built its love of challenge, something that every team member within Bigfoot Web shares; when a client brings something to them that will present the team with a unique or elaborate task, each of them proves their own tenacity by approaching it with a go-getting attitude. Jumping in feet-first to resolve any comments, questions, queries or concerns, Bigfoot Web makes itself a true partner to its clients’ ongoing digital development. Critically, it will always use the research that is always going on behind the scenes to continue creating new and exciting ways to make a client stand out amongst their peers,

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 11 Best Cost-Efficient Web Design Company - Colorado coming up with cutting edge solutions daily to aid them in their forward momentum. With a company meeting twice a day that pulls the whole team together to consolidate ideas and talk strategy, it ensures that each one of its employees’ voices are heard. Additionally, it enjoys the diversity that the team represents, and makes a concerted effort to ensuring that everyone from all walks of life has their chance to speak and contribute, its flat hierarchy ensuring that the creatives within its ranks are supported in doing their best work and that the teams work together smoothly. This also ensures that the whole company is on the same page regarding corporate goals and the future, giving them the option to contribute positively to where the company is heading in a macro scale as well as on a project-by-project basis. It’s prevailing attitude of only moving forward when everyone is happy with certain things is also something that it extends out towards its clients. It will only ever call a project done once it is sure that a client is totally happy with their website, refusing to depend on a template, meaning that each creation is totally unique and bespoke. In short, this has earned it the respect and continued attention of its market segment, with many of its clients going on to recommend it to their peers; this has helped its progression towards scalable growth in the Denver area as it goes on to add 10 new employees to the team. These new team members will allow them to keep up with rising demand, including a flat rate ‘all in’ retainer model that has been successful with its parent company ‘Peak Seven’ in Florida, and enabling it to continue financing, backing, and supporting each of its clients in developing their future. Company: Bigfoot Web Contact: Justin Martin Website:

12 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22393 Best Capital Market Research Company 2022 Since its foundation more than two decades ago, V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft – the company of Dr. Markus C. Zschaber – has specialized in active asset management, offering independent, highly professional, and long-term orientation. Nominally, as its founder and managing director, Dr. Zschaber has largely been lauded as one of the most experienced German experts in asset management, supporting all relevant processes within the company and earning himself several accreditations for fund and portfolio management. Indeed, he has gained repute amongst investors as an n-tv stock market expert as a result. ward winner, front-runner, and portfolio pioneer Dr.Markus C. Zschaber’s company, V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft, has made itself a linchpin of its industry over its decades in operation. In a sector that has deeply felt the impacts of the financial crisis and euro crisis, this company has made itself a critical supporter of many clients in their asset management, as well as a partner to several political bodies in the role of external advisor. Fundamentally, it has also been involved in many discussions in Berlin and Brussels both on the topic of sovereign debt, inflation, ECB policy, and more; it is in this that V.M.Z. has also shown its prowess in creating long-term relationships with clients. Additionally, when it comes to its reputation, its numerous institutional, public, and charitable mandates are testaments to the high quality of its services. When it comes to its clout with investors in a wholesale sense, it has earned clients across verticals such as private investment, institutional investment, municipalities, pension funds, and foundations, with these customers being based all over the country. Indeed, across all its asset management strategies, the V.M.Z. processes have proven themselves time and again by way of their incredibly scientific approach, multidimensional core competencies, and other such capabilities, forming a solid investment based decision-making process that underpins everything else. The resulting strategies bundle its multidimensional core with its research, applied within V.M.Z.’s asset allocation, tactics and operational measures. Critically, its intelligent portfolio management allows clients to take advantage of the stock markets through comprehensively keeping them up to date with the myriad fluctuations that are prone to occurring. Believing that countercyclical thinking is the motto for sustainable success in capital markets, the investment strategies of V.M.Z. reflect this, especially when it comes to fundamental analysis, valuation measures, past-oriented company assessment, and future oriented corporate goals. Moreover, V.M.Z. helps clients to be sustainable and successful when it comes to seizing opportunities, managing risks A appropriately whilst encouraging boldness and productive decision making at every turn; the result of this are statistical, scholastic, and algorithmic techniques and a range of risk management. The interactive and optimised dialogue between V.M.Z. and its clients, therefore, is second to none. With all the motivated, excellently trained, and highly qualified team’s scrupulous efforts supporting its customers throughout such processes, it ensures that its asset management becomes a passion project for everyone involved. Each of them is enthused by challenge and raring to go when it comes to serving the wide variety of clients who rely on it for asset management and portfolio strategy, meaning that higher levels of effort are put in by its team on a universal basis, each of them fielding consistently high demand during their 60-hour work week. Such diligence allows V.M.Z. to confidently promise clients that long-term success is ultimately assured, deriving from a belief in comprehensive, holistic, and detailed risk assessment and opportunity assessment that pays attention to fine detail as well as the bigger picture. Indeed, this has been an impeccable way to ‘show instead of tell’ just how effective this mindset over short term gain when it comes to investment. Having worked in the field of capital market and asset management for almost 30 years, it has endured a multitude of challenges that have been resolved by the talent of its team. Indeed, many of these are directly political, economic, and social in nature, as investment is one of those things that is impacted by several diverse variables from digitization to artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, inflation, war, and Coronavirus. With a resulting higher demand on the management and operational teams as each of them works hard to respond to every hurdle that V.M.Z. and its clients face, it has been finding and improving new and better ways to cope with such a dynamic industry over the time it has been operation. Thanks to this, it now boasts an exemplary level of success in both traditional operation and sustainable modernization. The company’s age and pedigree have allowed it to establish itself in the traditional roots of asset management in Germany,

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 13 Best Capital Market Research Company 2022. ensuring that its portfolio management solutions have been developed from a place of in-depth, proven understanding of its field and sector. Additionally, it has been able to grow alongside the industry proper, letting V.M.Z. remain abreast of changes and developments as they occur in order to incorporate the best of such innovations into itself. With a foundation of past excellence and a finger on the pulse of the future, V.M.Z. promises to take its clients and industry in the macro scale with it as it continues to forge a path of progress in German asset management. Company: V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft Dr.Markus C. Zschaber GmbH Website:

14 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22432 Most Innovative Satellite Research & Development Company - Malaysia Angkasa-X is a technological social inclusion company striving to provide internet connectivity as a necessity for the betterment of mankind. It consists of a group of companies investing in R&D, IP creation, components sourcing, assembly, integration and testing, and launching and maintaining state-of-the-art Low Earth Orbit (“LEO”) satellites. ngkasa-X was founded from inspiration amidst the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the sudden rise of internet use in households due to lockdowns. This huge demand for internet connectivity, especially for people living in rural areas, came to the attention of the team behind Angkasa-X. With the current available technology, it is still unlikely that internet connectivity can be rolled out to rural areas affordably and stably in the near future. This is because of the many challenges to face, such as establishing the network infrastructure (fibre network cable) at geographically challenging solutions, and high cost of laying cables and manpower, among others. Therefore, Angkasa-X believes that satellite internet and communication via LEO satellites is the correct path, as it is the quickest, most innovative problem-solving solution to current market demands. Moreover, this is a niche industry which will spur up economic growth, especially in the Electronic and Electrical (“E&E”) community. By offering an innovative Satellite as a Service (“SaaS”) to countries in ASEAN, Angkasa-X’s mission is to provide internet connectivity to rural areas in Southeast Asia where traditional terrestrial fibre network is limited, and therefore improve the standard of living and eradicating poverty for people living in the rural areas. Angkasa-X is an official member of the ITU and is one of the few companies in Malaysia that has obtained an ITU-R membership with the International Communication Union (“ITU”), a specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for many matters related to information and communication technologies. Unlike other companies, Angkasa-X creates its own intellectual property and develops satellites locally. In doing so, local communities in the related field of industry, particularly E&E community, will see doors of opportunity open in this business sector. Through the sourcing, assembling, integrating, and testing of the satellites, the A timeline of Angkasa-X is said to indirectly contribute to the growth of industries and the economy, including the education sector. Angkasa-X also plans to raise funds from the global capital market to invest and operate its A-SEANLINK LEO Satellite Constellation and aspires to be the number one go-to company for LEO satellite-based Internet services in ASEAN. Group Executive Director and COO of Angkasa-X , Dr William Lim tells us, “To our knowledge, as of today, there are only a handful of companies that are engaged in the business of LEO satellites in the satellite industry. “In the Southeast Asia region, we believe Angkasa-X is the first emerging company to lead in this industry. As our business coverage is the Southeast Asia and ASEAN region, we foresee that it is unlikely there are any potential competitors in ASEAN region. “And if there are any potential competitors, we believe Angkasa-X will still stand out because local industry development, economic growth, and talent/skill development are part of Angkasa-X’s to-do list which we believe are added values contributing to the company’s journey in the space tech economy.” Angkasa-X has been focused on several major events lately, with the most recent being on 19th May 2022, whereby it had its groundbreaking ceremony at the Engineering Campus of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) officiated by Penang State Governor, Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Ahmad Fuzi bin Hj Abdul Razak and attended by the Penang Chief Minister, Chow Kon Yeow. Shortly thereafter, Angkasa-X announced the construction of its Earth Station Farm and leading-edge Space Technology Centre in Malaysia, which have commenced and are expected to be completed by the end of this year. Believed to be the first in Malaysia, the Earth Station Farm and Space Technology Centre is the epitome in establishing the space tech ecosystem for the country.

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 15 Most Innovative Satellite Research & Development Company - Malaysia The Earth Station Farm will be a vital element in the satellite communication network for transmitting and receiving data to and from the satellite’s constellations, while the Space Technology Centre will be used for research and development work on technology as well as the assembly, integration, and testing of LEO satellites. Ultimately, it’s easy to see what makes Angkasa-X the Most Innovative Satellite Research & Development Company – Malaysia, with its dedication and cutting-edge ability to ensure everyone has equal access to the internet. To conclude, Group Executive Chairman and CEO of Angkasa-X, Dr Sean Seah summarises Angkasa-X’s greatest achievements so far: “Aside from the creation of our own intellectual property of Angkasa-X satellites, fruits of the R&D, and the support received towards Angkasa-X’s journey… “We believe that the team of talented Malaysian engineers as well as the team of supporting pillars in Angkasa-X brought together, is our greatest achievement. Without them, there is no Angkasa-X.” Company: ANGKASAX INNOVATION SDN. BHD. Email: Website:

16 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22557 Leading R&D Center for Biogas Engineering 2022 Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Engineering is the very definition of an innovator. With over 200 groundbreaking projects under its belt, the Chinese company has been at the forefront of multiple biogas engineering breakthroughs, earning it a vast collection of prestigious awards. However, the company’s mission is not yet complete – over the next few years, it hopes to conquer the international market. he biogas market is booming, with companies across the globe turning towards sustainable energy. Awareness surrounding climate change and its increasing impact on the planet is pushing people towards green solutions, particularly within Europe, where the biogas industry boasts an impressively large presence. However, this eco-revolution is becoming prevalent around the globe, with centres appearing on many continents. For example, in China there is no bigger contributor to the biogas industry than Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Engineering (HEEE). For three decades the company has been leading the sector, and during this time, the company has produced over 200 large-scale biogas and bio-methane projects in China and overseas, for which it has utilised anaerobic technologies to treat organic waste. HEEE specialises in research and development, treatment process design, equipment supply and installation, and commissioning and general contracting. The company’s genesis came alongside a unique layer farm chicken manure biogas project in Hangzhou, and by 1995, HEEE had acquired the Zhejiang Province Science & Technology Progress 2nd Grade Award. 2010 saw the company delve into the Bangladesh market, opening a 100kW chicken manure biogas generation project. Five years later, HEEE had started work on a bio-methane project in Xinjiang. There is a common theme amongst all HEEE’s projects – innovation – which the company prides itself upon. In fact, this is one of the company’s fundamental values, which were instilled by the founder, Mr. Changda CAI. HEEE abides by the spirit of ‘biogas craftsmen,’ which enables the company to remain excellent, persistent, resolute, and innovative. As such, HEEE has used such elements to shape its brand, and in turn, the HEEE platform has cultivated many ‘biogas craftsmen’ across its projects. Moreover, this attitude has allowed for HEEE to excel, and it boasts several advantages over other businesses in this sector. The company’s research and development centre and laboratory in Zhejiang primarily specialises in technical research, for which HEEE works in collaboration with international biogas companies and other professional entities. HEEE follows new modes and trends in the biogas industry, and as a result, it consistently introduces advanced biogas technology and actively conducts independent research and innovation. Therefore, HEEE is at the forefront of technology evolution in the field of biogas engineering. T This has earned the company a great amount of recognition over the years, with praise stemming from its patents to its R&D centre. For example, the R&D centre has been awarded Zhejiang HEEE Biogas Provincial Enterprise Research Institute, Zhejiang Province Key Laboratory of Biogas Utilisation Technology, and Provinciallevel Hi-tech Enterprise R&D Center for Biogas Engineering. The company has also received 15 invention and utility patents, with many manifesting as industry-changing technology. According to Allied Market Research, the global waste-derived biogas market size is projected to reach $126.2 billion by 2030, amounting to a compound annual growth rate of 8.5% from 2021 to 2030. The growth of this market will serve as an exceptional benefit for HEEE, further bolstering the success of the company. Moreover, as awareness surrounding sustainability increases, HEEE can expect to face an even greater demand for both its resources and research.

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 17 Leading R&D Center for Biogas Engineering 2022 Already HEEE treats approximately 6.6 million tons of organic waste annually, producing 400 million m3 of biogas. Going forwards, HEEE is devoting itself to continuously improving the level of BIM and digital technology, which will enable it to bring more reasonable and smart solutions to both its customers and the wider market. Through using such technologies, the company will be able to further its Wantou Ranch Biogas Project in Xiping, Henan, which processes 2,762 tons of cow dung a day, resulting in 37,329 cubic meters of biogas. BIM technology will streamline the management and efficiency of the new organic waste recycling project. Consequently, HEEE has certainly earned the title of Leading R&D Center for Biogas Engineering 2022. Its contributions to the industry have been numerous and invaluable, and it is continuing to develop the biogas field further – after all, its employees are ‘biogas craftsmen.’ As the industry reaches dizzying heights, the future of HEEE looks to be set in stone. It will be a future filled with prestige, international success, and technological advancements. Indeed, HEEE has established itself as a global biogas force, and its past achievements support this notion. The company’s future can, therefore, be summed up with one word: success. Contact: Lei Chen Company: Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Engineering Web Address:

18 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Excellence Award in Food Manufacturing R&D 2022 oyal Oak Health provides customers with premium food supplements that boost the user’s everyday health. Packed with beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Omega-3, Royal Oak Health creates supplements suitable for everyone – no matter what age they are. In fact, it is part of the company’s mission to promote the fact that supplements aren’t only for seniors, and that they play an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Every Royal Oak Health product is supported by strong scientific evidence and promises maximum efficiency without the need of excessive additives. The supplements boast premium ingredients that have been chosen thanks to their proven benefits. Moreover, behind the formulations is a team of Nutritional Therapists who develop exciting new concepts based on the diverse needs of Royal Oak Health’s customers. These ideas are brought to life through extensive testing – as it is imperative to ensure that the formula has a positive impact on the user’s health and wellbeing – and are then developed in a way that guarantees affordability and accessibility. In essence, Royal Oak Health doesn’t create products based on contemporary trends or social media ‘hacks.’ Instead, it creates its R In today’s busy world, your health can often fall to the bottom of your list of priorities. It can be difficult to find the time to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially for those at university, office workers, and those who are simply always on the go. Supplements, like Royal Oak Health Ltd’s, can be a quick and easy way to ensure that you get the nutrients that you need! Contact: Martin Zahra Company: Royal Oak Health Ltd Web Address: Jul22528 supplements because they are truly beneficial and are backed by research. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, for example, the company saw reports about Quercetin being helpful in preventing Covid-19, after rigorous testing, the company’s product team created a Quercetin Complex which is the only product on the market that combines Quercetin, NAC, Bromelain and Noni Fruit Extract. This unique formula helps support immune health, heart health, joint comfort, healthy digestion, and respiratory health. Such products are advertised in a way that is easy to understand; unlike many supplement creators, Royal Oak Health develops highquality products and doesn’t exaggerate the benefits. It prioritises transparency, effectiveness, and of course, client-centricity. The customers are at the heart of Royal Oak Health’s business; they keep Royal Oak Health going. Consequently, it endeavours to consistently go above and beyond for its clients, both in terms of its products and the overall customer experience. Throughout 2022 and beyond, Royal Oak Health hopes to continue delivering the best British Made food supplements on the market and promoting British products to the rest of the world!