Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 27 Best Oncolytic Viral Therapy Developers 2022 As a privately owned, UK-based biotechnology focused research and development company, PsiVac has built its own renown by keeping the field of therapeutic tumour treatment at the core of its being. Indeed, this company is at the forefront of ingenuity, developing growth mitigation solutions for tumours that at present have very little or no effective treatment, providing hope for those suffering with cancer by way of patient-centric oncolytic viral treatment. Jul22466 company working with diligence and tenacity, PsiVac works hard to use its own proprietary, patent protected, oncolytic adenovirus technological programme for cancerous tumour treatment. In short, in order to do this, it has designed a system that creates highly selective agents that replicate and self-amplify exclusively in tumour cells over time, with the dosage increasing over this period. This slow build-up will allow for a gradual increase of intensity that should result in the start-up being able to help an abundance of patients to rekindle hope that there is another treatment option out there for them; nominally, relying on outsourcing aspects of its work to specialists, PsiVac has been working with the best to achieve this. This has secured it a partnership with Lonza, a manufacturing firm that is aiding it in the creation of its product and the engagement with PCI logistics services prior to phase 1 human tests in the UK. Of course, with so much more work yet to be completed in order to push PsiVac to a point where it can compete with other international organisations working within the same field with higher levels of support, it is currently in the market for more investors who will appreciate its sheer amount of preclinical work. Critically, in de-risking its identification of additional partners and securing CRO services in the UK, it expects that a successful phase 1 trial will pave the way for more studies, and with GMP viral vector manufacture being a burden for the UK, PsiVac seeks to alleviate the pressure. In this way, PsiVac shows how dedicated it is to keeping up with its industry. Similarly, it has been working hard to improve the safety profile of its product as a vaccine in response to Covid-19, following meticulous guidelines regarding this and MHRA safety efforts, which has earned it more favour with professionals. Alongside the body’s high tolerance to products like the one PsiVac is offering, the ability of it to kill cancer cells, and the applicability of it for a large market – all of which have been bolstering its renown with doctors and researchers – its initial focus is on injectable solid tumours that are difficult or impossible to operate on. Able to slow cancer growth with its proprietary technology, it hopes to continue addressing the need for new immuno-oncology in the future where it regards to head and neck cancers. Indeed, as it works to achieve this by continued research, development, and investigation, alongside a possible collaboration with Cancer Research UK in order to make use of their immunevirotherapy platform that uses an oncolytic virus to target small A molecules, its novel approach promises to continue to making waves. Now that technologies in other forms of immunotherapy are gaining traction, with cancer research remaining a priority for world healthcare, it is determined to see where this takes it in the future; once proven, tested, and positively backed, professionals and patients alike can expect to see it continuing to work to make its patient-centric therapies the best they can be. Company: PsiVac Contact: Imad Mardini Website: