Research & Development Awards 2022

28 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22339 Best Foreign News Provider 2022 ‘As the most important source of news and analysis for Latin America and the Caribbean, LatinNews provides unrivalled insights into economic, political, and security developments throughout the region. LatinNews repute continues to grow thanks to word-of-mouth referrals and the multitude of glowing reader reviews that it has attracted over the years, with for instance the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research recommending it both to experts and laymen across various institutions. ounded in 1967, the impeccable reputation that LatinNews holds today is based on a long track record of unrivalled reporting and analysis. Its political, economic, and security analysis on Latin America and the Caribbean has made it essential reading for anyone with a professional or personal interest in the region. Its two divisions – news, analysis, and research and bespoke consultancy – combine to make LatinNews both the foremost authority on the region and the foremost ‘solution provider’ for companies and investors with key interests in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict describes LatinNews as “of immeasurable value” in a perfect reflection of how LatinNews is viewed globally and by clients across governmental departments such as foreign affairs, defence, intelligence, and trade as well as international corporations, investors, consultancies, think tanks, media, NGOs, and those involved in academia. LatinNews analysis of key political, economic, security, and social developments throughout the region provides its readers with insights in a clear, concise, and immaculately written manner. F The LatinNews team works as a close-knit and friendly unit enabling it to provide its unrivalled services in a consistent style with excellence prevailing across the board. At present, there are no vacancies that need filling within LatinNews, but it does on occasion take on interns to give students access to hugely valuable journalistic experience that can lead them to a career within LatinNews itself, or with the BBC, the ft, the Guardian, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, the Inter American Development Bank, the World Bank, and many more. Thus, it looks forward to continuing to be regarded by these high performing news agencies as one of Latin America’s most trusted journalistic sources, delivering the most up to date and pertinent information to those who need it most. Company: LatinNews Contact: Patrick de Courcy Website: