Research & Development Awards 2022

26 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 The cell homogenizer is the result of its devotion to maintaining the leading edge through research development and close cooperation with international Universities and Research Institutes. Its clients include many organizations throughout the world and, on a global scale, it has become a fine source of equipment that is deeply rooted in experience and knowledge. Winning Best Research Institute Product Engineers, Germany, is no small feat. However, isobiotec has easily secured itself a place in the Research and Development Awards 2022 – and it will go on to improve people’s lives even further. Contact: Christine Etri Company: isobiotec Web Address: Aug22018 Best Research Institute Product Engineers – Germany isobiotec cell homogenizer is used in cell culture biology. The device provides a syringe-based homogenization method that does not require specialized equipment, is easy to handle, and gives reproducible results. Liquid homogenization is the most widely used cell disruption technique, especially with small volumes and cultured cells. In this method, cells are lysed by the action of being forced through a small space, which acts to shear the cell membranes. homogenizer is a piece of laboratory or industrial equipment. This can be used to make a mixture of two mutually nonsoluble liquids the same throughout. Alternatively, with regards to laboratory research, homogenizers be used to lyse cells – meaning scientists can breach the cell wall and/membrane to expose the intracellular contents of cells, and reduce the particles. With this necessary process, scientists can also make biological samples for experimentation and research purposes. This can be said for cells such as brain, lung, lymphoma, neuroblastoma cells, and much more. By homogenizing these cells scientists can produce research that will inevitably advance us scientifically – helping us to create better medical treatments. Not only can we reduce tumor cells or pathogens, but we can reduce particle size of chemicals so as to create medication of consumable size – without losing potency. During homogenization, many samples can be reduced to nanometre-sized particles – consistently supplying us with the right dose of medication. This truly aids our research in the field of science and medicine. With over 40 years of experience in precision engineering, isobiotec has developed the oligonucleotide synthesizer and DNA sequencer to provide only the very best to its clients and the field of research. With its latest design, isobiotec ensures that research can be carried out in a successful manner. Its cell homogenizer has a tiny volume which makes the device efficient when dealing with small samples. The device provides minimal loss of material. It comes with a wide range of tungsten carbide balls as part of the basic kit. A “isobiotec cell homogenizer is engineered to a high standard of precision. It breaks and homogenizes cells gently by using two disposable syringes, cells are passed repeatedly through a bore in a stainless steel block that contains a tungsten carbide ball. Since the diameter of the balls is not much smaller than the diameter of the bore, the cells are forced through narrow passage that breaks them up. isobiotec cell homogenizer is the smallest cell homogenizer on the market.”