Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 25 More of Dr Doolan’s expertise areas lie in health technology evaluation including applications to the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), proposition development (value dossiers, white papers), project and study design and monitoring (clinical trials, post market surveillance), and stakeholder relations and engagements. Her ultimate passion is in improving equitable healthcare access, particularly in primary care and community settings. She also has extensive involvement in various government consultations and working groups including reviews of the MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule), primary healthcare, chronic disease management (cardiac, diabetes, wound care), and digital health. She says, “As a disability provider, it is humbling to be involved first-hand in the care and support of many vulnerable families during their crucial transitional life stages.” “It was particularly difficult during the pandemic for Australians in vulnerable communities (indigenous, chronic disease, disability, elderly/aged care, remote and rural regions), especially those needing mental health support. These challenges further highlighted the need for improved care models and programmes in the primary and community care settings.” Now, Dr Doolan and the team at HTAG are focused on continuing to help as many members of the community as possible with their services. Dr Doolan also remains focused on exciting projects in digital healthcare, assistive technology, and innovative community services and health care models. This is in addition to her affiliate roles with the Australian Standards and ISO together with the Australian Primary Health Networks and at the University of Sydney. Company: HTAG Contact: Dr Alessandra Doolan, CEO Website: Leading Champions of Care Improvement & Community Support 2022 – Australia & Healthcare Innovation Award 2022 t was in early 2018 that HTAG proposed an initiative based on the ‘social enterprise’ model – to apply commercial strategies to maximising improvements in economic, social and environmental wellbeing of those in the community living with disability. As part of its initiative, the ‘HTAG Innovative Community Participation Program’ was developed, together with its community partners, to provide support towards the mental health and wellbeing of the Australian community living with disability through social and community participation. The delivery of primary healthcare and community support in Australia is challenging, thus HTAG strives to support community members and young people with disabilities as much as possible through capacity building programmes. The ‘Engage’ programme focuses on capacity building and supporting school students in social and recreational learning environments. The ‘Enable’ programme provides assistance in coordinating transition life stages, further learning, vocational training, and daily life skills. Lastly, the ‘Community’ programme empowers participants in social, communication, vocational, and life skills. Dr Alessandra Doolan founded HTAG in 2016 and brings over 25 years’ healthcare experience in public and private healthcare sectors including community care, primary health care, and hospital quality management systems (QMS). She is an independent healthcare consultant who specialises in health economics, advocacy and policy, with a PhD in Research Medicine along with a Master of Public Health from the University of Sydney, majoring in health economics and policy research. I HTAG (The Health and Technology Advisory Group) provides evidence-based advocacy and policy support in healthcare for government discussions, healthcare policy recommendations, and programme implementations. It is a NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) registered provider specialising in capacity building supports, customisable plan and care programmes, and assistive technology. Aug22035 HTAG – Engaging, Enabling and Empowering our Community