Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 19 The three core values of MarkData are experience, expertise, and ethics. These guiding principles maintain its ethos and operating standards. In addition, innovation plays a significant role in how MarkData operates – ‘innovation,’ the company explains, ‘is not just about engaging with the latest technological solutions but also retaining engagement with every segment of our diverse and dynamic societies.’ The past few years have brought forth a number of challenges –Covid-19 being the biggest, reaching an international scale. MarkData believes that market research has an extremely significant contribution to make in a post-pandemic world. As the world navigates through several challenges, developing solutions based on meaningful insights for social, economic, and policy practices will be critical. In order to meet these demands, MarkData is structured on three service solutions: Insights (research), Consulting (behavioural segmentation) and Development (community upliftment). When speaking of MarkData’s success, Jan Wegelin (Managing Director), who started his career with Dr Elsa Thirion-Venter (Director) at MarkData in 1993 states, “no one has the crystal ball to predict what the world will look like five to ten years from now. Technology, geo-political tensions, social dynamics, and a growing environmentally conscious world are just some of the trends. Having traded through the most significant change in South Africa in 1994, COVID-19 provides another opportunity, on a much bigger scale, to develop solutions driven by insights, collaboration and being involved in community development initiatives to ensure business relevance, sustainability and deeper insights into human behaviour at various fronts.” Where to from here? MarkData is enthusiastic about the market research industry amidst a development and changing landscape of challenges and risks, the company is eager to delve in and explore these with a greater focus on understanding people and their behaviour. The goal being “to continue growing stronger whilst retaining passion to serve our clients through what we love, and do well.” Contact: Jan Wegelin Company: MarkData (Pty) Ltd Web Address: Jul22395 Excellence Award for Human Behaviour Science R&D Services 2022 MarkData is one of South Africa’s leading market research and development organisations. Specialising in human behavioural science, its portfolio features topics spanning industry assessments, polling and quality of life surveys to inform businesses, organisations and public sector. As an award winning research facility with featured articles in notable publications, join us as we seek to gain greater understanding of this innovative organisation… ounded in 1981, MarkData (Pty) Ltd developed into a leading market research facility that has continued to investigate the socio-economic and perception dynamics of South Africa and Africa. The facility originally served as the internal research centre for the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC); in 1996, the company was privatised and continue to build on the strong social, economic and political research foundations established at inception. Over the years, MarkData contributed significantly to the knowledge and understanding of a dynamic South African society, which is considered to be one of the most diverse in the world. Indeed, a well-respected and multi-award-winning research facility that has cultivated a wider understanding of the notions surrounding nationhood, social economy business practices, and a host of other topics including several quality-of-life studies that have been referenced in the co-authored Daniel Kahneman book, International Differences in Well-Being. With the technological know-how to facilitate participation, MarkData provides both qualitative and quantitative research solutions to suit the capabilities and experiences of its audiences. For instance, the company’s qualitative focus group technology allows for livestreaming to anywhere in the world . Furthermore, MarkData’s nationally representative Omnibus survey, which has been in operation for over three decades, give clients access to a cost-effective and nationally representative view of the South African market . Hundreds of projects complement the diverse portfolio of MarkData’s work, and therefore, it has developed a strong and diverse clientele. F