Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 31 Looking ahead, it’s clear that Res Media will be expanding their market to serve even more customers. Their services have the potential to reach al over the world, bringing a high standard of craftsmanship that customers will appreciate greatly. Thanks to the new technology that has appeared over the last few years, the app is an addition to the business world that is certainly here to stay. To make sure that your business has one of the highest quality, whether it be for ecommerce app development, marketplace app development or social network app development, there is no partner finer than the team at Res Media. Company: Res Media Name: Daniele Vicino, CEO and Owner 3of Res Media Email: Web Address: Aug22694 Best App Development & eCommerce Solutions - Italy Developing an App has become an effective way to generate loyalty to a brand, generating more sales and providing a personalised experience. Whilst the benefits are clear, the ability to create a good App is often beyond a company’s resources. Res Media is the way forward, as an app development agency offering a leading solution that has been recognised in Acquisition International’s Research and Development Awards. here has been a great deal of talk about the digital revolution, and few understand it better than the team behind Res Media. For many years, their incredible creations have been at the forefront for many businesses, with the team offering a unique insight that is second to none. As an IT company, IBM partner and GoogleFlutter experts, they have developed numerous App projects both in Italy and internationally. For many, an app allows businesses to create a smoother customer journey, one which can be effortlessly tailored to match up to their specific requirements. Of course, this means that no two apps are ever the same, and as such, a bespoke model must be created. The team at Res Media have a proven track record as providers of these products in a variety of situations in the marketplace, including e-commerce, delivery, social network, management, tourism and any innovative idea sectors. The team behind these stunning developments is a mix of creative UX designers, expert programmers and Google certified consultants. Each plays their part when it comes to supporting customers to make the most, both of the creation and the promotion of their app. By taking inspiration from industry leaders, the team have proven more than capable of offering incredible results to their clients. With such a wellstudied approach, the team have managed to create apps that are unique in the marketplace. Apps bring unique challenges, with various demands made by both IOS and Android stores before they can be released for the world to see. The Res Media team are all experts, particularly in the use of Flutter which provides a broad basis on which to build apps of all sorts. Like all App projects, Res Media works like building a house, with architects to design the screens of the app, a UX designer who makes the graphic mock-up of the app and programmers who construct the app so that it is suitable for IOS/Android stores. In this way, Res Media has become a one stop shop for app creation. The future is one where Apps will play an enormous role in how we live. Res Media will therefore be a crucial player for many as they support and develop digital entrepreneurs all over the world. Apps will open the doors for many to compete with the giants of industry, able to open the door to opportunities that had previously been limited to a rare few. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend considerably, accelerating the way towards digitalisation. T