Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 23 Rising Stars in Market Research 2022 – APAC When the human mind comes together with AI technology a company becomes unstoppable. With this unbreakable combination, Beyond the Narrative has the skill needed to carry out exemplary market research. Written in its DNA, the team showcases the talents needed to succeed. Here we talk to Founder, Anna-Rose (Posie) Stancombe, to find out how it works its magic. Aug22286 ounded in 2020 by Anna-Rose (Posie) Stancombe – a respected and passionate practitioner who values foundational research and its positive impact – Beyond the Narrative goes the extra mile, with a plethora of clients from FMCG through to pets, electrical, retail, and natural beauty products. With its core values of intelligence, loyalty, bravery, and discovery, Beyond the Narrative has a lot of tricks up its sleeve – and the force to tap into any industry trend. By working closely with psychology and AI technology, Beyond the Narrative has blasted their way through the four walls of the box – winning them Rising Stars in Market Research 2022 in the APAC region. When describing the business, Posie tells us, “We are an independent market research agency that provides advanced qualitative and quantitative research, trend forecasting, and global cultural insights for brands.” The mighty structure, and balance, of employees, leaders, and technology all go hand-in-hand to produce only the best results for its clients. The way Beyond the Narrative works is through the innate ability of staff to understand the human mind. Posie clarifies, “The fundamentals of human’s psychology has not evolved but rather the rapid pace of cultural change is impacting human’s behaviour and beliefs. Consequently, businesses have the need for depth and meaningful behavioural understanding rather than just relying on technology to gain insight into how to grow brands. If you’ve ever asked someone why they buy your product or brand, the typical F answers are often rational, e.g., it is convenient, it was on sale, a good price, or something I have always bought.” In light of this, it is important to remember that we should try to understand the decision-making process as a collective. The human mind is so complex that marketers and researchers must digest information in a way that is not exclusively based on rational responses. The highly professional group guarantees that their work is expertly carried out to achieve a seamless result. Posie shares, “The bigger the challenge the more we thrive to positively impact humanity, businesses, and brands.” Even though Beyond the Narrative was formed during the pandemic, it has flourished. Posie says, “Consumer behaviour has shifted significantly due to the global pandemic and the importance of understanding underlying motivations and emotional drivers has never been more important for brands. It takes courage and persistence to start a business during such tumultuous times, but we found that the circumstances pushed our creative thinking further which ultimately helped with uncovering insights, online expansions and out of the box thinking.” For the future, Beyond the Narrative is set to make a further positive impact on the world. Posie explains, “The United Nations Global Compact is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, and they are calling on companies to align with their 2030 agenda for sustainable development. This is where Beyond the Narrative come in – to conduct an assessment on your current business activities, sustainability goals and how they align to consumer needs. This alignment means that any actions taken by a company and their brands are seen to have a true value, credibility and meaning for consumer to drive commercial growth” Winning this award shows its true commitment and devotion to helping others whilst encouraging them to grow even further. We are proud to present this distinguished accolade to such an outstanding business and we know that it will be achieving much more in years to come. Contact: Claire Timmons Company: Beyond the Narrative Web Address: