Research & Development Awards 2022

36 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Leading Innovators in Ex-Con Support & Development 2022 – QLD & Excellence Award in Autism Research Fundraising 2022 nclusivity is a major theme developing around the world at the moment, with businesses and communities committing to find ways of ensuring that anyone and everyone can take part in society. We don’t all live our lives in the same way, and we certainly aren’t all the same, but inclusive practices – the intentional act of ensuring that all can engage with our world – have only recently become a feature for many. The team at Define Normal have made it their mission to ensure that inclusive values are at the heart of our society, promoting equality and inclusion through person-centred practices. Since first opening their doors, the team have aimed to improve the outcomes of individuals and their families by connecting with the community. Define Normal’s range of therapeutic supports is available both to children and adults who have additional needs. Needless to say, the support systems offered by the Define Normal team vary hugely because no two individuals require the same level of care or support. As such, they provide information to those who want to discover more as well as acting as a point of advocacy for those who need it. The team also offer support coordination, assessment, early intervention, behaviour support, individual support service agreements and access to supported accommodation and community support. For the last three years, the Define Normal team have provided tailored solutions to their clients for Australia’s most challenging service users. There are many who do not know how to help these people, but Define Normal has made it their mission to learn how to. The most complex of individual and family needs can be addressed I Some people need more help than others, but that is not to say that this help should at any point be patronising in nature. With a commitment to equality and inclusion through person-centred practices, the team at Define Normal Life Supports have made a real difference to many lives and earned double-awards success! We dig a little deeper to uncover how they did it. Name: Tamara Collins Company: Define Normal Life Style Supports Email: Jul22363 by this incredible team of professionals. The growing need in the community as a whole inspired this. Driving the business forward is founder, Tamara, who has represented the autism community as an adult on the spectrum and has three children with autism as an attribute. For the last thirteen years, she has worked heavily in the disability and mental health sector, establishing community support programs and groups. The natural evolution for this career is the work currently underway at Define Normal. Alongside Tamara are her colleagues Margaret and Eddie. Both bring lived experience of the support systems their clients need and have spent many years working closely with individuals who need that support. Between the three staff members, Define Normal has a thorough commitment to working with people on the autistic spectrum as well as a knowledge of the right thing to say to support people to thrive. Organisations like Define Normal change the lives of those they help. They give them advice and support and the security that there are people on their side who want them to thrive. Everyone, no matter what their background, deserves the chance to be included in society and Define Normal has defied many people’s expectations by making this a reality. The team at Define Normal have made it their mission to ensure that inclusive values are at the heart of our society, promoting equality and inclusion through person-centred practices. Define Normal Life Style Supports