Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 35 Community Services Innovator of the Year 2022 - QLD Rainbow Care Home Services, the winners of both the above award and the ‘Diversity & Inclusion Excellence Award’ for 2022, is a dedicated community care service that champions giving people back control over their own lives. Supporting clients to live how they wish – free to pursue hobbies, passions, and vocations alike – its mission statement covers the provision of and access to inclusive home and community care services. Jul22373 undamentally, Rainbow Care Home Services prioritises the person above all else. It wishes to lead the way in home and community care, becoming the leader of a humanrights focused approach with a deep commitment to treating everyone with equal dedication and empathy no matter their identities, strengths, and goals. However, whilst it works hard to strive for this equality in quality of care for the elderly, it also bucks the trend of ‘one style fits all’ care. The way it ensures its services are inclusive is not by ignoring the interpersonal differences of its clients, but by catering to them, getting to know everyone in order to find out what each of their wants and needs are beyond just the medical. With its aged care services, NDIS support coordination, and NDIS plan management, it has built a service that is LGBTQ+ friendly, with many of its staff also being members of the community and totally understanding of the challenges that clients who are not straight or cisgender may face. Moreover, it is also dedicated to ensuring that it is sensitive to racial diversity and cultural diversity. Its empathy, diligence, and dignity are extended to all, and it welcomes those of the indigenous population of its region in Queensland – and, indeed, Australia proper – showing them the proper respect at every turn. F For Rainbow Care, the family of its clients is its family. Thus, the staff all deliver its care services with this in mind, working hard to create a flexible care plan that allows clients to continue living independently, safely, and with all the support they need. This support comes in the form of a tightly knit network of diligent and discrete care workers who allow clients to stay an active member of the community through relieving the stress that can come from constant pain or ailment management. With no hidden fees, no entry or exit fees, and no charge rate loading, Rainbow Care looks after the client themselves and their families at every turn, able to provide art therapy, meal prep, domestic assistance, personal care, medication prompts, transport, and social support that empowers service users to live life to the fullest. Indeed, this also includes the support of those already providing full-time care for a service user. Rainbow Care can provide emergency respite for such people, as well as basic yard maintenance for the service user and an after-hours concierge that ensures no one relying on it ever goes without the help they need. Company: Rainbow Care Home Services Contact: Christine Neiland Website: