Research & Development Awards 2022

34 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22502 Best Boutique Investment Partnership - London The world of investment is changing, and those who will make the highest returns in years to come will start exploring what the new age has to offer now. With a focus on discovering new, alternative investment strategies, the team at Orange River Wealth have revolutionised the sector. As the team celebrate their wellearned success, we take a closer look to uncover how they’ve managed to thrive in this challenging industry. hen it comes to investment, the best returns are found in those projects which are pushing the boundaries of what we know. Finding the right innovative opportunity to invest in, however, is a skill in and of itself. With so much potential in companies around the world, it can be a challenge not only to find those businesses that are ready for investment, but to explore all of the options available to you. The team at Orange River Wealth have an international network on hand who are always looking for the next big thing. Through the experienced staff at the firm, people around the world have been able to achieve truly breath-taking success. The team apply the same W standards of research, corporate oversight and client focus to ensure that when they assess a potential opportunity, they are representing the needs of their clients as much as they are looking for a great return on initial investment. Those who have worked alongside Orange River Wealth have found the team has worked tirelessly to ensure a symbiotic relationship with all parties. It’s not enough to benefit their investors, because every party deserves reward. The ethos of partnership is part of the very fabric of Orange River Wealth, and has served the team incredibly well over the years. Needless to say, both project developers and investing clients have sung the praises of this talented team for their even-handed approach. The latest project that the team at Orange River Wealth has been involved in showcases their commitment to investing in emerging markets. Medicinal cannabis is now officially regulated in over fifty counties, and has become an invaluable addition to the medical industry’s treatment options. With an estimated 1.2 billion people who could be helped by the use of medicinal cannabis, the adoption of these treatments will create a massive market. Investing in this industry, therefore, presents exciting opportunities for all. The team behind Orange River Wealth decided to purchase 49% of a fully licensed, operational facility in South Africa. Having access to a medicinal cannabis cultivation facility and producing high grade medicinal cannabis and cannabis concentrates has put the team in the perfect position as demand continues to rise around the world. The brand is one which has the potential not only to grow within South Africa, but to establish itself internationally as the name associated with high quality medicinal cannabis. Many overlook alternative investment strategies because they consider them too risky. The secret of the team at Orange River Wealth is that the team know that alternative investment strategies that are simply not correlated to the economics of traditional markets. They have a path that is unique to them. Understanding this path is key to making a success of any investment, therefore, and is why the Orange River Wealth team have achieved such tremendous success. They have pushed the boundaries into bold, new territory. Their reward is certain to be even great success in the future. Company: Orange River Wealth Name: Lee Farbrace Email: