Research & Development Awards 2022

4 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22413 Best Medical Gas Engineering Solutions Provider - Central China With an exemplary after-sales support procedure and a patient-focused attitude that allows it to serve the medical industry extremely well, Hunan Eter Medical has made itself a cornerstone of the digital wards revolution. With hugely innovative, well-designed, and independently developed solutions available for purchase by hospitals and medical facilities, it has endeared itself to the international medical community with the dependable and reliable nature of its products, and the helpfulness of its staff. publicly listed company, Hunan Eter Medical is based in China and specializes in all manner of medical solutions. Its product lines, including medical gas supply systems, ward nursing systems, hospital cleaning and engineering, and smart hospital systems, have all propelled its name to prominence within its industry for the effectiveness and expertise that has gone hand in hand with its efforts. Having served more than 3000 different hospitals across the world with diligent, effective, and holistic solutions, Hunan Eter Medical has made itself an industry linchpin, coming highly recommended by practices and professionals for its good quality work and its excellent after-sales services. Nominally, having been founded in 2003, Hunan Eter Medical has developed into a state-level enterprise. With partnerships all over the world, an expanding market segment who trusts its work implicitly, and a continued commitment to excellence that its clients can trust will never allow it to stagnate, its high-tech and software driven enterprise is pushing the medical product development world further into the future. Critically, with its deep dedication to research, development, production, and sales, it has been successfully listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations register with the stock code of 839074. Having received this accreditation in 2016, it has been able to launch itself from this springboard towards ever-greater heights of success, passing its CE award and the ISO quality management certificate examinations with flying colours in order to gain a variety of different certifications in industry excellence. Each of these, in essence, show a client instead of telling them when it comes to describing the outstandingly professional efforts that Hunan Eter Medical strives to maintain as standard. Having won itself the ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System Certificate, as well as the ISO14001 Environmental Quality Management System Certificate, the national level China Quality Credit Enterprise Certification, and the AAA Credit Grade award, it has earned trust with a variety of governing bodies. Each of these third parties are quick to testify as to the impeccable efforts of Hunan Eter Medical. Fundamentally, its adherence to the A concepts of social and environmental stewardship when it comes to business practice is second to none, and it hopes to lead by example in operating in a way that shows a true dedication to operating with those principles in mind. Caring for the societies it works both within and for, as well as for the natural environments it encounters, it works with integrity, pragmatism, and dedication in order to mitigate any risk to person or planet. Above all else, this company’s dedication is to creating the best kind of medical products that will improve the patient experience, enhance a medical professional’s ability to save a life, and reduce the harm on the environment, resulting in four series’ of products that have been developed over the past decade. These, including a whole range of