Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 5 Best Medical Gas Engineering Solutions Provider - Central China products that have enabled the development of smart digital wards, encompass a whole variety of different things. From its ward nursing calling system to its independent R&D of medical oxygen storage and generation, medical hospital central gas supply machines, central gas system plant machinery, wholesale hospital compressed air, and plug and play options for compressed air, its clients have come to appreciate the true dedication to patient safety that Hunan Eter Medical display. Over years of hard work, determination, and knowledge gathering, it has been building and growing its product lines into the best possible versions of themselves. This has made it a true front-runner in digital ward solutions, and through its product development, constant pushes towards further innovation, and market orientation, it has been able to guide the medical solutions industry towards becoming more receptive towards digital wards as a concept. Crucially, it has been able to achieve this quite simply by showing its clients just how much simpler a digital ward solution can make their work. Cutting the fat from several hospital management processes and freeing up time and manpower, lives are easier prioritised, and staff’s time better handled due to getting rid of some of the busy work; Hunan Eter Medical invites its clients to trust in the professionals in order to allow them to be the best professionals themselves. Additionally, its digital medical cleaning and calling makes it far easier for a hospital not just to have time for patient needs, but to know when they need tending to. It ensures that a hospital’s functionality is that much more streamlined and patient focused. In addition to the domestic market, within which it has become a mainstay, Hunan Eter Medical is also now serving southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and further afield. The after-sales network covers over 30 different provinces, with its support staff being on call whenever a client may need them in order to assuage any fears and answer any questions, comments, or concerns. The years of hard work and accumulation have thusly resulted in earning Hunan Eter Medical the title of industry leader, one with a solid foundation underneath it and a bright future ahead. Company: ETR Contact: Terry Zhou Website: