Research & Development Awards 2022

6 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22394 Most Advanced Automotive Simulator Company 2022 5 years since it presented the world’s first 3D real-time radar simulator to its market, OTSL Germany has made itself more of a cornerstone of the automotive sensor industry than ever before. Providing these impeccable, well-designed, and incredibly accurate sensor simulators for autonomous vehicles, it has become a frontrunner in R&D for its field in a holistic and client-first manner that has allowed it to respond to the challenges that its clients face. Having bolstered its products up to 5 different sensor simulator products this very year, it looks forward to seeing what fresh innovations it can come up with in the future, positive that its efforts will continue to make a great impact on the future direction of automotive creation. ocusing on automotive sensor development above all else, OTSL Germany serves semiconductor companies such as automotive makers and tier-1 enterprises. Fundamentally, this company’s efforts are in both research and development, creating the next generation of simulators and simulator products in order to provide the most exemplary automotive sensor simulator frameworks currently available on the market. It achieves this by way of strategic, exemplary, systematic strategies, all of which make it possible for this business to continue to move forward and continue impressing the market segment both in Germany and the wider international market. Of course, with the German automotive innovations market being one of such stringent competition across the board, the proof of OTSL Germany’s excellence is in its success. Truly, this field is a sink of swim industry within the nation, and it has risen to the top of its peers with flying colours by handling itself with strategic excellence, forward planning, and a keen eye for the developments going on elsewhere in the sector. This allows OTSL Germany and its professionals to keep abreast of any new innovations and trends that are emerging within its market segment, adapting itself thusly so that even in one of the most changeable markets, it can adapt accordingly. OTSL Germany believes in using one’s own experience to get ahead when it comes to automotive sensor development. This goes for research, development, market visibility, and business growth, and it values the diverse myriad of backgrounds and perspectives within the company’s ranks that allow it to operate with such an impeccable level of holistic service and customer-facing dedication. Nominally, it only ever believes in moving forward, and this has helped to propel it forward towards ever-greater heights of success, pushing continued research, development, and enthusiasm in order to create ‘the next big thing’. Although it has seen autonomous vehicle technology development slow down somewhat, it does not believe that the biggest industry boom has yet passed. Indeed, it is using the current somewhat quieter period to throw itself further into the development of bigger and better F products that will draw yet more customers into the fold and create a larger amount of buzz regarding the kind of service it can offer. With many of its competitors having to dial back and prune certain elements of the business due to the downturn many of them saw over the Covid-19 outbreak, it has been seeing many autonomous vehicle creators being a part of this scaling-down. This has, of course, had an impact on how many automotive vehicle technologies are being produced – that is to say, there are less – but it is confident that with companies like it providing a way for automotive vehicle creators to get their hands on the sensors that they need, this trend will not last long. Indeed, with innovation and ingenuity being such a driving factor across industries and fields all over the world, the fervour for forward momentum is something that many automotive vehicle developers are keen to get involved in, and OTSL Germany is keen to take chances in order to help them get there. With this prevailing R&D landscape in mind, and with most OEMs prioritising several autonomous driving technologies and future vehicles, it knows that alongside its products, its attitude must also be impeccable. After all, it works by making itself a partner and lifelong business friend of its clients, always listening to what it is they need in order to communicate effectively and study hard, putting the client at the forefront of their desires and needs so that they can put their trust in the professionals when it comes to sensor development. This ensures that a client can focus on what truly matters, whilst never sacrificing on quality or safety, working hard to create success in a comprehensive sense. OTSLGermany’s attitude, therefore, has always been one of marching to the beat of its own drum. As is the way for innovators, forwardthinkers, and industry drivers, it sees its role as one of momentum development for both its clients and its peers, reminding them that comparing themselves with others is not a good foundation for future success. Essentially, growing as a research focused company, it will be continuing to do this as its growth moves in a upward trajectory. Although does it does not have anything it can openly share with its