Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 7 Most Advanced Automotive Simulator Company 2022 clients as of right now, it promises that there will be many things to share going forward, and invites its market to watch this space. Reconsidering its patents and papers strategy is one way that it is making this future of intensified innovation possible. Completing a new LIDAR simulator called the ALR2 within this very year, it is looking forward to presenting its market with yet more automotive sensor simulators, taking the total up to 5 so that it includes radar, LIDAR, camera, infrared, and ultrasonic sensors. Each of these, of course, have been developed with the classic OTSL Germany excellence in mind – and with a focus on extensively developed sensor simulation from silicon design technology – something that has grown from its Autonomous system in 2017. Company: OTSL Germany Contact: Yanagi Takahiro Website: