Research & Development Awards 2022

12 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22393 Best Capital Market Research Company 2022 Since its foundation more than two decades ago, V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft – the company of Dr. Markus C. Zschaber – has specialized in active asset management, offering independent, highly professional, and long-term orientation. Nominally, as its founder and managing director, Dr. Zschaber has largely been lauded as one of the most experienced German experts in asset management, supporting all relevant processes within the company and earning himself several accreditations for fund and portfolio management. Indeed, he has gained repute amongst investors as an n-tv stock market expert as a result. ward winner, front-runner, and portfolio pioneer Dr.Markus C. Zschaber’s company, V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft, has made itself a linchpin of its industry over its decades in operation. In a sector that has deeply felt the impacts of the financial crisis and euro crisis, this company has made itself a critical supporter of many clients in their asset management, as well as a partner to several political bodies in the role of external advisor. Fundamentally, it has also been involved in many discussions in Berlin and Brussels both on the topic of sovereign debt, inflation, ECB policy, and more; it is in this that V.M.Z. has also shown its prowess in creating long-term relationships with clients. Additionally, when it comes to its reputation, its numerous institutional, public, and charitable mandates are testaments to the high quality of its services. When it comes to its clout with investors in a wholesale sense, it has earned clients across verticals such as private investment, institutional investment, municipalities, pension funds, and foundations, with these customers being based all over the country. Indeed, across all its asset management strategies, the V.M.Z. processes have proven themselves time and again by way of their incredibly scientific approach, multidimensional core competencies, and other such capabilities, forming a solid investment based decision-making process that underpins everything else. The resulting strategies bundle its multidimensional core with its research, applied within V.M.Z.’s asset allocation, tactics and operational measures. Critically, its intelligent portfolio management allows clients to take advantage of the stock markets through comprehensively keeping them up to date with the myriad fluctuations that are prone to occurring. Believing that countercyclical thinking is the motto for sustainable success in capital markets, the investment strategies of V.M.Z. reflect this, especially when it comes to fundamental analysis, valuation measures, past-oriented company assessment, and future oriented corporate goals. Moreover, V.M.Z. helps clients to be sustainable and successful when it comes to seizing opportunities, managing risks A appropriately whilst encouraging boldness and productive decision making at every turn; the result of this are statistical, scholastic, and algorithmic techniques and a range of risk management. The interactive and optimised dialogue between V.M.Z. and its clients, therefore, is second to none. With all the motivated, excellently trained, and highly qualified team’s scrupulous efforts supporting its customers throughout such processes, it ensures that its asset management becomes a passion project for everyone involved. Each of them is enthused by challenge and raring to go when it comes to serving the wide variety of clients who rely on it for asset management and portfolio strategy, meaning that higher levels of effort are put in by its team on a universal basis, each of them fielding consistently high demand during their 60-hour work week. Such diligence allows V.M.Z. to confidently promise clients that long-term success is ultimately assured, deriving from a belief in comprehensive, holistic, and detailed risk assessment and opportunity assessment that pays attention to fine detail as well as the bigger picture. Indeed, this has been an impeccable way to ‘show instead of tell’ just how effective this mindset over short term gain when it comes to investment. Having worked in the field of capital market and asset management for almost 30 years, it has endured a multitude of challenges that have been resolved by the talent of its team. Indeed, many of these are directly political, economic, and social in nature, as investment is one of those things that is impacted by several diverse variables from digitization to artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, inflation, war, and Coronavirus. With a resulting higher demand on the management and operational teams as each of them works hard to respond to every hurdle that V.M.Z. and its clients face, it has been finding and improving new and better ways to cope with such a dynamic industry over the time it has been operation. Thanks to this, it now boasts an exemplary level of success in both traditional operation and sustainable modernization. The company’s age and pedigree have allowed it to establish itself in the traditional roots of asset management in Germany,