Research & Development Awards 2022

16 Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 Jul22557 Leading R&D Center for Biogas Engineering 2022 Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Engineering is the very definition of an innovator. With over 200 groundbreaking projects under its belt, the Chinese company has been at the forefront of multiple biogas engineering breakthroughs, earning it a vast collection of prestigious awards. However, the company’s mission is not yet complete – over the next few years, it hopes to conquer the international market. he biogas market is booming, with companies across the globe turning towards sustainable energy. Awareness surrounding climate change and its increasing impact on the planet is pushing people towards green solutions, particularly within Europe, where the biogas industry boasts an impressively large presence. However, this eco-revolution is becoming prevalent around the globe, with centres appearing on many continents. For example, in China there is no bigger contributor to the biogas industry than Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Engineering (HEEE). For three decades the company has been leading the sector, and during this time, the company has produced over 200 large-scale biogas and bio-methane projects in China and overseas, for which it has utilised anaerobic technologies to treat organic waste. HEEE specialises in research and development, treatment process design, equipment supply and installation, and commissioning and general contracting. The company’s genesis came alongside a unique layer farm chicken manure biogas project in Hangzhou, and by 1995, HEEE had acquired the Zhejiang Province Science & Technology Progress 2nd Grade Award. 2010 saw the company delve into the Bangladesh market, opening a 100kW chicken manure biogas generation project. Five years later, HEEE had started work on a bio-methane project in Xinjiang. There is a common theme amongst all HEEE’s projects – innovation – which the company prides itself upon. In fact, this is one of the company’s fundamental values, which were instilled by the founder, Mr. Changda CAI. HEEE abides by the spirit of ‘biogas craftsmen,’ which enables the company to remain excellent, persistent, resolute, and innovative. As such, HEEE has used such elements to shape its brand, and in turn, the HEEE platform has cultivated many ‘biogas craftsmen’ across its projects. Moreover, this attitude has allowed for HEEE to excel, and it boasts several advantages over other businesses in this sector. The company’s research and development centre and laboratory in Zhejiang primarily specialises in technical research, for which HEEE works in collaboration with international biogas companies and other professional entities. HEEE follows new modes and trends in the biogas industry, and as a result, it consistently introduces advanced biogas technology and actively conducts independent research and innovation. Therefore, HEEE is at the forefront of technology evolution in the field of biogas engineering. T This has earned the company a great amount of recognition over the years, with praise stemming from its patents to its R&D centre. For example, the R&D centre has been awarded Zhejiang HEEE Biogas Provincial Enterprise Research Institute, Zhejiang Province Key Laboratory of Biogas Utilisation Technology, and Provinciallevel Hi-tech Enterprise R&D Center for Biogas Engineering. The company has also received 15 invention and utility patents, with many manifesting as industry-changing technology. According to Allied Market Research, the global waste-derived biogas market size is projected to reach $126.2 billion by 2030, amounting to a compound annual growth rate of 8.5% from 2021 to 2030. The growth of this market will serve as an exceptional benefit for HEEE, further bolstering the success of the company. Moreover, as awareness surrounding sustainability increases, HEEE can expect to face an even greater demand for both its resources and research.