Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 17 Leading R&D Center for Biogas Engineering 2022 Already HEEE treats approximately 6.6 million tons of organic waste annually, producing 400 million m3 of biogas. Going forwards, HEEE is devoting itself to continuously improving the level of BIM and digital technology, which will enable it to bring more reasonable and smart solutions to both its customers and the wider market. Through using such technologies, the company will be able to further its Wantou Ranch Biogas Project in Xiping, Henan, which processes 2,762 tons of cow dung a day, resulting in 37,329 cubic meters of biogas. BIM technology will streamline the management and efficiency of the new organic waste recycling project. Consequently, HEEE has certainly earned the title of Leading R&D Center for Biogas Engineering 2022. Its contributions to the industry have been numerous and invaluable, and it is continuing to develop the biogas field further – after all, its employees are ‘biogas craftsmen.’ As the industry reaches dizzying heights, the future of HEEE looks to be set in stone. It will be a future filled with prestige, international success, and technological advancements. Indeed, HEEE has established itself as a global biogas force, and its past achievements support this notion. The company’s future can, therefore, be summed up with one word: success. Contact: Lei Chen Company: Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Engineering Web Address: