Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 21 Best International Media House & Research Company 2022- Asia As one of the fastest growing magazines in the pan-Asian region, AsiaOne is available both in print and online. Nominally, its international media presence is growing day by day as it continues to cover business and brand news, disseminating information in an entertaining and informative manner that keeps its readers thoroughly in the loop. This has given it a reputation for being some of the foremost pioneers and experts in research-based branding and leadership listings in its operational regions, and it takes great pride in being able to keep abreast of this information, allowing its readers to keep their fingers on the pulse of a dynamic and changeable corporate ecosystem. Jul22521 eing a media house, research expert, and business mogul rolled into one, AsiaOne as a business has endeared itself to its readership by way of reliable, up-to-date, and rigorously researched information covering business news articles, brand leadership, and professional leadership listings. Covering regions from India to the Americas, South Asia, the Asian Pacific, the Middle East, Australia, and even the continent of Africa, it supplements its magazine publication with its coffee table book, covering television broadcasting, international investor business, and recent social summits that concern themselves with brand excellence and leadership accreditations. Nominally, its scientific three-phase research methodology, independent hurry scoring, consumer and industry online polls – and so much more – have each made its awards into widely known intellectual property. As lauded internationally as the Business Oscars, its awards can propel a brand or leader into new heights of success; indeed, it does this regularly, allowing the latest and greatest to continue making waves and build their prestige on the international stage. Thus, professionals in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa have been able to use it as an ‘in’ when trying to break onto said stage, contributing B to the current growth in prosperity that each of these regions is currently enjoying. In short, it looks to give the resolute, innovative, persistent, and impeccable personalities and organizations that have won its awards and titles the credit they deserve for their hard work in bolstering their country’s global standing. In addition to this, AsiaOne showcases, highlights, and features success stories from professionals across the pan-Asian region. Therefore, it hopes to accurately show the rest of the world just how bright its stars shine in every sector, across a variety of multimedia channels such as TV, print, and digital media; when it comes to TV broadcasting, it achieves this with its long-running series, ‘Greatest Brands and Leaders’. This is featured on channels all over the globe and promotes the success stories of a huge diversity of professionals, covering four channels that reach out to 81 countries and over 46 million viewers, making it the highest-ranking series of its kind in the world; something for which it claims a spot in the 2021 World Book of Records UK. Furthermore, boasting over 8000 pages of B2B original content and 1,50,000 readers across 12 countries, it has developed a talent for propelling pan-Asian professionals into the international repute they deserve. The number of ways in which its information can be accessed has hugely aided it in this regard, and it now showcases over 120 of the region’s finest brands, covering 16 industries and 62 fields within those wider sectors, helping said professionals push through the tumult of Covid-19 by ensuring they remain a going concern in their industries. Indeed, priding itself on being open, honest, and reliable both internally and towards its clients, its use of both primary and secondary data – as well as analytical tools such as google analytics and qualitative data – has bolstered its own credibility. This is something it will be ensuring remains true throughout the coming years, hoping to pull many more brands to the forefront of the global corporate consciousness as a result. Company: AsiaOne Contact: Rajat Shukal Website: