Research & Development Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Research & Development Awards 2022 9 Best MedTech Innovation of the Year 2022 - EU synthetic chemistry, and protein engineering for example offer new ways of working in the identification and pursuit of new drug targets for the treatment of diseases. “Although delivering authentic medical innovations is more complex than ever,” Filip admits, “we anticipated and have developed a reliable and precise technology with a great potential to meet this challenge and facilitate a global reform in design, and hence applicability of oligonucleotide therapeutics. We deliberately combine the aspects of bioinformatics, nucleic acid chemistry and thermodynamics to achieve exclusive recognition of one specific pathologic target.” Building such an innovative approach in the R&D space has demanded a team that is capable of delivering such incredible results. “I clearly attribute each success to the expertise and extraordinary commitment of our team,” Filip tells us. “There is a quote saying ‘Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you’ which I find deeply valid during our everyday work. Each of us has a different thought process, specific skills, and dedicated responsibilities, and because science in general is a long-distance run, we need to be able to rely on each other in this complex system while staying focused on the goal.” The creation of this creative atmosphere where people feel empowered is a credit to Filip’s leadership. This is a role he takes incredibly seriously, working across various responsibilities in different ways. “Being the CEO of the company and the scientific leader in one person requires permanent effort to maintain the balance between the role of the professional with a friendly approach towards my colleagues and the respected authority with full responsibility for company management,” he explains. To this end, Filip takes the time to get to know every employee in his business, delegating the various tasks that arise to ensure that the work environment is one which is proactive and pleasant. “I believe that I am at my best when everyone is doing well,” Filip tells us. Reaching this point has not been easy for Filip, and we wondered what advice he would pass onto those wishing to echo his considerably success in this industry. “Be ready to openly perceive all stimuli, evaluate them wisely in the current context, be flexible to adapt, believe in success and persevere in your determination,” he says, before adding: “Transform the negative experiences into positive growth.” This ability to transform something negative into something positive is no doubt the reason why Selecta Biotech continues to thrive to this day. The team is built on the concept of finding new ways to solve old problems. They have a history of transforming the negatives into “We have been given the opportunity to excel at what we do best. We strive to transform the promise of modern science with the power of our know-how into safe and reliable treatment modalities that enhance, improve or even save lives.” positives, which isn’t going away any time soon. “We are intensively working on the preclinical validation of several therapeutic leads at the moment,” Filip informs us, “and hope that will be ready to enter the clinical trials as soon as possible to help those with unmet medical need.” The future of medical treatments will depend on people like Filip who are willing to explore bold new ideas and push into areas where others fear to tread. As the team turn to exciting and fresh possibilities, we cannot wait to see where their eye for innovation will take them next. Company: Selecta Biotech SE Name: Ing. Filip Razga, PhD., MPH (CEO) Email: Web Address: