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Contents 6 Beyond the Borders of Legal Brilliance 10 Cleaning Up in the Battle Against Corrosion 11 Human Performance Leveraged to New Heights 12 Experts in Intellectual Property Since 1891 13 Corporate Finance and M&A Advisory Services 14 Uniting Strategic Water Management and Farming 15 Expert Healthcare Marketing to Achieve Measurable Growth 16 Helping Patients Get Better Faster 17 Expert FinTech Solutions in The Sunshine State 18 Selling a Business Has Never Been Easier 19 A Trailblazer in Gas Detection Solutions 20 Leading the Transformation of Advanced Manufacturing 21 A Specialist in Essential Business Solutions 22 Proactive Worldwide: Driving Business Success with Competitive Intelligence 24 A Market Leader in Essential Import and Export Support: Strong & Herd LLP 26 Unlock the Power of Physical Location with Cloud4Wi 27 Efficient. Reliable. Logistics. 28 A Streamlined Solution to Personalise Your Shopping Experience 30 At the Heart of Europe’s Cardiovascular Research Scene 32 Unifying Nature and Science in Design 33 A Trusted Partner for Tax Advisory Services 34 From Fear to Preparedness: Mastering Risk and Process Management 36 Transform Your Workplace with Leicestershire’s Best Cleaning Company 37 Expert Energy Consulting on a Global Scale 38 Digital Validation Drives Efficiency & Compliance in Life Sciences 40 Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare Solutions 42 End-to-End Warehouse Management 44 Award-Winning Fixed Fee Family Lawyers 45 The Go-To Estate Agent of Choice in the St Albans Region 46 Custom Physical IPs Certain to Comply 47 Driving Tomorrow: LeddarTech’s Revolutionary Path in Automotive Software Technology 48 Upwardly Mobile 49 In the Blink of an Eye 50 Remarkable Catering Services Sure to Leave a Lasting Impression 54 Best Digital Infrastructure Partner 2023 - Brazil 55 Best Life & Teen Coach 2023 (Catalonia): Goldie Uttamchandani 56 Leading by Example 57 Data-Driven Consulting for a Sturdy Future 58 Best Multi-Sector Virtual Assistant Company 2023 - USA 59 Play, Grow,Laugh, Learn!

Contents 60 Save Time and Money with Clinical Maestro 62 A Guiding Light 64 The International Pillar for Geo-Information 66 Challenging the Status Quo 68 Automated Excellence for the European Market 69 IP Expertise You Can Trust 70 Making Spaces as Clear as Ice 71 Simply Best in Class for Family & Property Law 72 Data Driven Transformation: Unlocking AI’s Boundless Potential 74 Next-Generation Retail Solutions 75 Best in Class Yacht Services and Solutions 76 Supporting Risk Takers 78 Your Helping Hand in Real Estate Purchases 80 The Only Way is Upp. 82 The Upper Echelons of Healthcare 83 Enabling AI to Help Agents 84 Enhancing Education 86 The Power of Partnership 88 A Technology Company That Wants to Change the Way the World Works 89 One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities 90 Best On-Demand Pay Platform 2023 91 Best Music Platform 2023 – Australia 92 Making International Business Easy 94 Affordable, Convenient, and Expert Healthcare at Your Fingertips 95 Water Heating Made Tankless 96 Real Estate Investments Using Blockchain 97 Qualified Arbitrators See All Sides 98 Ukwazi: South Africa’s Best Specialist Mining Service Providers 100 Investment Management of the Future 102 Comprehensive Green Consultancy Services 103 All Your Currency – In One Superapp! 104 Game changers in a universe of solutions. 106 Seeing advantages where others see obstacles. 108 NOI Generating Connectivity Infrastructure Made Easy 109 Excellence, Expertise, and Innovation in Aesthetics. 110 Innovative Solutions To Help You Succeed 111 VertPro: The Easiest Energy Benchmark Compliance Platform Around 112 Financial Health in Plentiful Supply 113 Protecting Family Businesses Through Legacy Planning 114 Clear Vision and Self-Efficacy 116 Russel Finex: Customized Filtration Solutions for All Industries 117 The Consultancy Network of the Future 118 The Main Attraction 119 What will happen if your entire network goes down? 120 Individual Growth Leads to Collective Success 121 Zalaris – Winner of Best HR & Payroll Software Developer 122 Connecting People Everywhere! 124 Trading Taught by Traders 125 Looking for Talented Team Members? 126 Turning Data into Insights 128 A Pioneering Pensions Partner in the German De-Risking Market 129 Most Innovative Market Research Services Firm 2023 - USA 130 Intelligent Storage at the Edge 134 Innovative Financial Technology Secures Financial Futures 136 Big Dogs, Small Firm 137 Yellow Brick Road: Paving the Way to Children’s Future 138 Flexible Security Solutions For You 139 Your Legal Partners For Life 140 Light Up Your Life 141 Blue Skies for Budding Businesses 142 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR FINANCIAL RATINGS 143 Enriching and Empowering Communities 144 Life After Hate 145 Customer-First, Integrity, Courage 146 Healthcare Consultancy Group: Reimagining Medical Communications 148 DCI Indonesia Awarded The Most Innovative Data Center Provider 2023 - Southeast Asia 149 Expert, Efficient, and Ethical Family Law Advice 150 Influencing a Culture of Caring 151 A Trusted Gateway to Global Online Trading Excellence 152 Flexible Manufacturing Services 153 Woodside Quality: Keen Insight, Sound Decisions, Exceptional Results 154 Fresh Water Anytime, Anywhere 156 Thorndyke: Trusted Independent DOOH Verification 158 Reinventing AI Retail Solutions 159 Passionate About Helping Clients Achieve National and International Goals 160 Looking Beyond the Obvious 161 Probate Litigation Through the Decades 162 Let’s Save Lives on Wet Roads 163 The Spirit of Innovation 164 Crown Point Advisors: Unearthing Critical Prior Art 165 A Central Resource for Clients in Global Employment Law 166 Helping You Bee Yourself 167 Growing Through the Power of People 168 Destination Management and Experiential Event Solutions 169 LiDRS: Developing Organizations, Teams, Managers, and Leaders 170 Medical Marijuana 411: Global Leader for Cannabis Education

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6 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 6 | Issue 12 2023 Beyond the Borders of Legal Brilliance entered around the notion that no client interaction is complete without a positive outcome, Anthony Siu & Co. is a civil litigation firm that has revolved its practises around delivering exceptional services in a highly professional manner. Specialising in disputes, commercial matters, corporate finance, trust planning and arrangement, data privacy, and employment law, Anthony Siu & Co. embodies an unrelenting dedication to ensuring a successful, solution-oriented approach. This is primarily accomplished through the commitment that it upholds when partnering with its clients – by tending to clients in a personal and attentive manner, Anthony Siu & Co. is able to go the extra mile to secure the perfect levels of care, and it has done so, without fault, for almost 20 years running. However, it’s Anthony Siu & Co.’s team of cross-border dispute resolution lawyers that invite a sense of true individuality to the firm. Whilst most would expect a law firm to be comprised of individuals who are only able to handle cases within the region, Anthony Siu & Co. has long since defied this expectation. With licences to practise law across England, Wales, New York, and the PRC, Anthony Siu & Co. has gone out of its way to establish cohesive partnerships with some of the world’s leading lawyers. In addition, it has also instructed the UK’s King’s Counsel on multiple occasions – a feat that simply proves that Anthony Siu & Co. is more than capable of handling even the most complex international and cross-border legal issues. Combined with an exceptional knack for consistently performing to an outstanding degree, Anthony Siu & Co. has made a name for itself across a multitude of countries. Every area is imbued with its desire to offer unapologetic brilliance, and nowhere does this manifest clearer than through its accomplishments. Spearheaded by the avid passion of its founding partner, Mr. Anthony Siu, Anthony Siu & Co. has managed to rise above its competitors throughout the years, and it now stands atop a tower of legal triumphs. However, to truly understand the extent of Anthony Siu & Co.’s astounding dedication to its craft, we believe it is necessary to guide our readers through one very specific, and equally crucial, case. This case, of course, is the long-running dispute between Xiamen Xinjingdi and Eton Properties Limited and Others – one that resulted in the Hong Kong Court granting an anti-arbitration injunction to protect the enforcement of a prior award. To provide context for this particular case, Xiamen Xinjingdi entered into an agreement to develop land within Mainland China – one that was governed by PRC law, and possessed an arbitration clause that provided for CIETAC arbitration in the Mainland. The intention was for Xiamen Xinjingdi to build and sell apartment blocks on land purchased from Eton Properties Limited and Others, and owned by one of EP’s subsidiaries. Once complete, Eton Properties Limited and Others would transfer their shareholding in the subsidiary to Xiamen Xinjingdi. And yet, just before the shareholding was transferred, Eton Properties Limited and Others allegedly terminated the agreement, and instead had its subsidiary develop the land itself. In response, Xiamen Xinjingdi commenced arbitration, and eventually gained its ‘First Award’ – one that decreed that Eton Properties Limited and Others were to perform their obligations under the agreement. Namely, it was to completely transfer the shareholding to Xiamen Xinjingdi. However, it soon came to light that Eton Properties Limited and Others had restructured, which it had claimed was what was preventing it from effecting the transfer. As such, arbitration was commenced from Eton Properties Limited and Others’ side in the hopes that the agreement could not be performed, and that both parties should be exempt from performing it. The tribunal denied this, in turn declaring that it was not satisfied that the agreement couldn’t be carried out. During this time, Xiamen Xinjingdi was seeking damages for the breach of the implied promise that the First Award would be honoured. Unfortunately, the CFI dismissed this claim, and a new approach needed to be made in order for Xiamen Xinjingdi to make an appeal. So, it turned to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Final Appeal, through which the case was appealed, and ruled in favour of Xiamen Xinjingdi. Following this, the Common Law Enforcement Following the transfer of sovereignty in 1997, Hong Kong found itself in a precarious situation. In both a political and economic sense, there arose a dire need for direction from any who were willing to provide it. Enter Anthony Siu & Co., a Hong Kong-based legal firm that has been helping to reshape the region’s legal sphere since 2004. Now, as it approaches its 20th year of delivering solution-based legal services, Anthony Siu & Co. stands as a testament to its founder’s determination to inspire change. Below, we venture into its successes, and how each one has contributed towards its status as the Civil Litigation Firm of the Year 2023 - Hong Kong. C “ Though this instance was arguably one of Anthony Siu & Co.’s most defining cases, there is another that we would love to touch on. This being its involvement in a dispute between Barco Investments Limited and Wong Han and Others. Having taken place just this year, this case was one that would demonstrate the sheer extent of the firm’s international and crossborder capabilities. ”

Beyond the Borders of Legal Brilliance Action was returned to the CFI in the hopes of determining the damages. As an exceptionally high-profile case, one that has been publicly available since its resolution by the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal in 2020, this matter went on to define Anthony Siu & Co. as a firm. It was this very case that served to truly outline its cross-border capabilities, granting it a standing within Hong Kong that has yet to be contested. Though this instance was arguably one of Anthony Siu & Co.’s most defining cases, there is another that we would love to touch on. This being its involvement in a dispute between Barco Investments Limited and Wong Han and Others. Having taken place just this year, this case was one that would demonstrate the sheer extent of the firm’s international and cross-border capabilities. Involving a variety of offshore companies, each having participated in fraud schemes, Anthony Siu & Co. went above and beyond to procure foreign advice on the company’s international standing. Through this case, Anthony Siu & Co. managed to successfully obtain interim injunctions and summary judgment involving millions of USD against investment fraudsters. As such, its success was made abundantly clear to an international clientele – success that would actively contribute towards its global reputation. By now, it’s no secret that Anthony Siu & Co. has a comprehensive and detailed list of successful case outcomes. As expected, this demonstrates its excellence on a far greater scale than any of its

8 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 8 | Acquisition International, Issue 12 2023 To strengthen their capabilities in serving clients with crossborder needs, the firm has recently entered into collaborations with various prestigious PRC law firms. This includes forming an Association with Duan & Duan, a firm headquartered in Shanghai. Additionally, they have established an association office with China Commercial Law Firm, Huashang-Anthony Siu (Haikou) Association Law Office, located in Hainan Province, Mainland China. With a deep understanding of the complexities involved in crossborder transactions and legal matters, the team at Anthony Siu & Co. is dedicated to providing exceptional service and tailored solutions. Backed by an extensive network of collaborators and their comprehensive knowledge of both Hong Kong and PRC laws, they are well-equipped to meet the specific needs of their clients. Though Anthony Siu & Co. has come exceptionally far since its inception, it seems as though there isn’t anything slowing it in its pursuit of spreading its reach further across the globe. At the forefront of legal innovation, it has already started working towards pushing the boundaries of legal development, with its focus resolutely falling upon cross-border recognition and enforcement actions. Having won this award due to its diligence, Anthony Siu & Co. is determined to continuously demonstrate an unapologetic desire to keep learning at each turn. Only then does it believe it’ll be able to expand. As we step into the future of the legal industry, it’s becoming increasingly evident that firms must remain on top of emerging changes and challenges if they wish to uphold their position. Thankfully, Anthony Siu & Co. is far ahead of the curve already, and has its sights set on leveraging its already fantastic cross-border standing to optimise its services to the fullest. Though it’s already doing everything it can for each client that it comes into contact with, it seems as though Anthony Siu & Co. is a firm believer that you can never be too perfect for those who are relying on you to make a difference in their lives. So, whilst its services and interactions with clients are already second to none, Anthony Siu & Co. is still avidly working to enhance the experiences of its clients. Combined, all of these factors amount to one overarching goal that is constantly helping Anthony Siu & Co. move forward with its practises. This goal is, of course, to be recognised as a leader in cross-border dispute resolution services within its industry, all whilst maintaining its commitment to the highest standards of service excellence. Anthony Siu & Co. is a fascinating entity unlike any other. Despite having a wealth of success in its grasp, it still believes that there is much work to be done. Cross-border disputes are becoming increasingly difficult to resolve, and yet it has dedicated everything to ensuring that it can be a dependable firm that any client can turn to in their time of need. This is the exact reason why it has earned itself an award-winning industry standing. We’re so very pleased to become a part of Anthony Siu & Co.’s journey towards being the go-to cross-border firm that it has always been destined to become. It’s magnificent to see such a successful collective aspire to be even more than it already is, and it’s thanks to this drive that we have confidently presented Anthony Siu & Co. with the prestigious title of Civil Litigation Firm of the Year 2023 - Hong Kong. We wish Anthony Siu & Co. the very best in its pursuit of further excellence. Contact: Anthony Siu Company: Anthony Siu & Co. Web Address: competitors – these cases, whilst deeply complex, have ultimately resulted in the desired outcome, and it’s all due to Anthony Siu & Co.’s diligence in the field. Its track record is irrefutably strong, which ultimately grants it the chance to consistently promise only the best of the best for each of its individual clients. No matter the depth of a case, nor the amount of time that it occupies, Anthony Siu & Co. is determined to consistently deliver on its overarching ethos – to pursue success, no matter how difficult the road may be to reach it. Of course, assisting clients in such complicated cases isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. Thankfully, Anthony Siu & Co. has coalesced a cohesive team, led by a collaborative leadership style that’s wholly focused on fostering brilliance at every turn. Upon founding Anthony Siu & Co., Anthony recognised that the only way to encourage his team to thrive is to promote their differences, and avidly support them in their creative ventures throughout their work. As such, he looked to bring together both diverse and seasoned experts from a variety of areas, each equipped with a strong sense of camaraderie that would serve the firm well when it comes to operating as a cohesive unit. “ Introducing Anthony Siu Co., a team of highly skilled legal professionals ready to serve cross-border clients. With a team comprising two dualqualified lawyers (in Hong Kong and PRC), five China-Appointed Attesting Officers, three Notary Public, and eight solicitors who have successfully passed the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Legal Professional Examination (GBA Exam), they possess the expertise to handle a wide range of legal matters. ” Now, Anthony Siu & Co. boasts a workforce that has been nurtured to be the very best version of itself. This is, in part, due to the additional input of the leadership team. In addition to the individual members’ innate excellence, the guidance of the firm’s management has led to repeated success throughout a myriad of regions. Of course, Anthony is no exception – despite being the principal and founding partner, Anthony doesn’t leverage his position to insert himself as being atop a hierarchy. On the contrary, he actively engages with his team, utilising his involvement in the legal sphere since 1995 to empower the individuals that he’s surrounded himself with. He isn’t just a founder, but a teacher and mentor to those within the firm, allowing the team to rise to all new heights of greatness. Introducing Anthony Siu & Co., a team of highly skilled legal professionals ready to serve cross-border clients. With a team comprising two dual-qualified lawyers (in Hong Kong and PRC), five China-Appointed Attesting Officers, three Notary Public, and eight solicitors who have successfully passed the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Legal Professional Examination (GBA Exam), they possess the expertise to handle a wide range of legal matters.

Beyond the Borders of Legal Brilliance

10 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 Issue 12 2023, Acquisition International | 13 Cleaning Up in the Battle Against Corrosion ndustrial cleaning often involves the use of highly abrasive materials, chemicals, or water blasting to remove dirt and corrosion from surfaces. The trouble with such methods is that they can create hazardous waste, and necessitate the use of personal protective apparatus for workers. They are also illmatched as cleaning techniques for composites, fibreglass, alloys, and expensive, delicate materials used in the manufacturing of modern premium company assets. SurClean offers a laser beam delivery system that is paired with off the shelf components to enable highly customisable and cutting-edge solutions. Its laser coating removal and surface preparation systems are accurate, risk-free, and clean. They make a formidable replacement for current cleaning methods, and are far better suited to many customers’ varied needs and applications. SurClean’s original purpose was to help advance the military in the ongoing fight against corrosion. Over the years, the cost of fighting corrosion has risen into billions for the US military, who obviously require their equipment to be kept in first-class condition. Nobody wants to take to the skies in a rusty jet fighter! SurClean is able to offer a way of reducing the costs, easing the environmental impact, and improving the safety for military service members. “SurClean aims to replace many of the expensive methods used currently to drastically cut the cost of removing rust from military assets. We want to make regular maintenance more feasible and help lengthen the lifespans of corrosion-vulnerable assets.” SurClean utilises a team of experienced engineers to offer its advanced laser beam delivery, including Navy veteran Don Sprentall. Don, a veteran of the United States Naval Nuclear Submarine Force, helped to pioneer the original SurClean system. He currently works as a managing member of the engineering team with an aim to customise and improve the designs, making them even more useful for defence-specific applications. He is instrumental in the technology development and product design at SurClean. SurClean’s laser ablation solutions save time, money, and reduce many of the risks associated with removing rust, dirt, and paint coatings. It focuses on its speciality, the beam delivery system, and is suitable for use in a range of circumstances. This includes paint removal and de-coating, surface preparation for adhesive bond and coating, mould cleaning, de-oiling, and surface structuring. It can also be used to help with the restoration of stone, brick and concrete, and is ideal for sensitive substrate cleaning. The company’s ability to aid corrosion cleaning means it can be practically employed to preserve bridges and infrastructure, vessels and ships, and within the aviation industry. The laser coating removal system used by SurClean is up to 16 times faster than chemical cleaning, and utilises precise removal, stripping layer by layer. It is safe and efficient, leaving no hazardous waste behind, and offers solutions that are customised specific to client application needs. The company uses the latest technology, with up-to-date IC, I/O, and PLC protocols in place. Its COTS and Beam delivery system is also a cost-effective solution. Using laser energy to remove or vaporise material from surfaces such as paint and/ or contaminants is something widely used in various industries including automotive, aerospace, conservation, and restoration. It’s particularly valuable when dealing with delicate or intricate surfaces where traditional methods such as sand blasting could cause untold damage. SurClean offers different types of lasers for different ablation needs. The choice is dependent on factors such as the material to be removed, the desired level of precision, and the depth of ablation required. The beauty of using SurClean is that the company brings over 40 years of experience in the laser industry, and that’s why it can be relied upon to rise to any occasion, and solve myriad challenges. Company: SurClean Inc. Web Address: Contact Name: Susan Sprentall SurClean Inc. is a female owned company that manufactures laser coating removal and surface preparation equipment. Using custom laser coating removal methodology is precise, safe, and clean, and its environmental impact is considerably lower than other methods in use today. The company has been awarded the title Best Coating Removal Technology Manufacturer 2023 - Midwestern USA, in the AI Global Excellence Awards. Following which we decided to find out a little more about the business. I

Aug22499 38 | Acquisition International, Issue 12 2023 Oct23080 Human Performance Leveraged to New Heights aving served many national, international, and regional organisations, Fidello Inc.’s key consultants all boast between 15 and 20 years of direct industry experience, immeasurably benefiting their clients. With the innovative HR Web Software system to boot, managing client systems is done in an incredibly effective manner, and the reports and data available allow clients to make the most informed and strategic decisions possible, securing measurable outcomes each and every time. Quoting the eternal words of Mahatma Gandhi, “The difference between what we are doing and we’re capable of doing would solve most of the world’s problems”, the business has adopted a like-minded approach to its tackling of leadership development, ensuring that this capability is maximised to the full. This is all starts with four key questions, with Fidello asking companies to question if their approach to leadership is focused, friendly, flexible, and fast. These four areas are critical to success, and based upon more than 33,000 open-ended survey responses, the company has conquered a new frontier of leadership development. Using its Leading Indicators online assessment tool, Fidello is able to assess leaders on their ability to comply with 52 measures of effective leadership, leveraging the results to help leaders and their organisations hone their development efforts on the factors that need improvement and are the most closely related to what the business aims to achieve. This innovative tool also comprises of suggested readings associated with each of the 52 leading indicators, with users being directed to a host of useful resources, such as workshops and tapes, all of which fully align with the offerings of their organisation. Through Fidello’s development planning and career development solutions, a competency-based approach is paramount, combining resources and aspirations to fully support the organisational strategies and needs of clients. As a result of this approach, employee morale and enthusiasm is noticeably improved as staff learn to make wise and wellinformed decisions regarding the future of their careers. To this end, an overall performance in the wider organisation is made apparent as competencies are improved, top performers are retained as they navigate the necessary tools to advance their careers, and a subsequent shared accountability and commitment towards achieving strategic objectives can be found. Fidello assures this in a number of ways, the first of which being its crafting of competency inventories and job profiles, which clearly outline the strategy and culture of a client’s business. Following on from this, powerful and user-friendly online tools are used to assess performance and manage careers, complete with training functions, the reporting of development needs, and the curating of a budget and curriculum for managers accessing the data. As J. Paul Getty once said, “the employer generally gets the employee he deserves.” In the fiercely competitive business landscape of today, it is important to capitalise on the competitive advantage that an emphasis on recruitment and selection can bring. As an organisation swiftly finds and hires the best candidates for its roles, the powerful advantage that it will have over its competitors will soon be clear to see. The key to this advantage starts with Fidello’s automated tools, and these allow for candidate experience and skill to be matched against the job role in question. Thanks to Fidello’s unique online systems, an integrated software solution is available to clientele, which can identify, define, and document competency profiles, with these then being used to design intricate recruitment and selection tools. These tools are useful for assessing not only external job candidates, but also internal ones, supporting candidate interview and tracking processes, as well as maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment and selection processes. Ultimately, Fidello Inc. has leveraged its solutions in the field of human performance consulting to establish itself as an industry frontrunner, and has more than earned its place amongst some of the best the industry has to offer. Contact: Christoper Bjorling Company: Fidello Inc. Web Address: Consultancy firm Fidello Inc. specialises in improving human performance, identifying the key competencies and behaviours that serve to drive key strategic results across all elements of business. As one of 2023’s Leading Innovators in Human Performance Consulting – USA, the company has a range of products and services that assist clients with the design, development, and strategic implementation of integrated HR processes and systems, demonstrably benefiting the success of clients. With three keen areas of focus, the business and its team of experts in the fields of leadership development, development planning, and selection/recruitment, more than live up to the moniker of “the human performance specialists”. H 11 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023

12 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 10 | Acquisition International, Issue 12 2023 Experts in Intellectual Property Since 1891 Asamura IP is celebrated as the oldest and also one of the most experienced professional patent firms in Japan. It offers a complete turnkey operation for all IP needs, handling Japanese patents, trademarks, and design applications from local and worldwide clients. It has recently been awarded the title of Best Full-Service Intellectual Property Law Firm 2023 – Japan, following which we decided to take a closer look at the company. Company: Asamura IP P.C. Web Address: Contact Name: Yulia Maruyama The umbrella term ‘intellectual property’ is used to refer to something that has been created from a person’s own brain, for example a story, a song, or a picture. It is an intangible asset or idea that is not physical in nature, but certainly has a creator/ owner, and that is the person who thought it up. We’re all thinking things all the time, and don’t expect them to be credited to someone else. This problem is confounded though when it is examined through a business lens. It can cause unmitigated disaster for a company if its intellectual property is infringed upon. The trouble is, in a world of millions where many people might be thinking about the same thing at the same time, it is remarkably easy for two people to randomly come up with the same idea. That’s why protecting your ideas with intellectual property (IP) rights is so important. They allow you to register your idea in a professional context, such as by taking out a patent, and prevent anyone else from laying claim to it. Of course, although people can conceivably come up with the same idea at the same time, that is very different to someone out and out stealing another person’s ideas or creations, and palming them off as their own. Intellectual Property rights are there to protect people in both situations. Furthermore, it is divided into several familiar categories, depending on what sort of intellectual property needs protection. There’s patents for inventions, industrial designs, and computer technology. Patents protecting a unique idea can last up to 20 years. Copyright is another familiar term, and this covers literary works which could be dramatic, musical, or artistic in nature. It might also cover computer software, recordings, and broadcasts. Copyright, which is usually notified by the familiar © symbol, stays in place until 70 years after the author has died. There’s also trademarks, which are unique identifiers for a business. A trademark is an insignia, symbol, or even a phrase that is inextricably linked with a brand. It is exclusively assigned to a particular company, which means the company owns it and it can’t be copied. When you consider it in this way, it is obvious that intellectual property can become synonymous with a business, and it is therefore vital to take steps to protect it. The laws governing areas such as patents, copyright, and trademark have been in place for many years to enable IP to be protected. They enable people to earn recognition or gain financial benefit from what they invent or create. By striking the right balance between the interests of innovators and the wider public interest, the IP system aims to foster an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish together. Asamura IP was established in 1891, and has continued evolving through five generations to become the experienced and knowledgeable company it is today. It has managed to build trusted relationships with many IP law firms across the globe, and this allows it to handle Japanese patent, trademark and design applications from clients anywhere in the world. It takes great pride in delivering exceptionally high-quality services, with a capacity to handle both inbound and outbound IP cases. It boasts more than 34 patent attorneys, who cover technical sectors including mechanical engineering, ICT, and chemical/biotechnology. Wholly dependent on the case and technology to be patented, Asamura IP appoints a suitable attorney who will act on the client’s behalf, and ensure a successful conclusion to each case. There has been considerable growth in IP-related work in Japan, coming directly from foreign countries. This has necessitated a relocation to a new premises near Tokyo Station (Otemachi), in the heart of Tokyo’s business district. The organisation is now able to handle an increased number of enquiries from domestic and foreign companies alike. It is delighted to have been recognised for an AI Global International Award, attributing its success to its clients’ appreciation of the company’s professional advice. With over 100 years in the Intellectual Property rights business, it certainly knows its stuff!

Issue 12 2023, Acquisition International | 29 Corporate Finance and M&A Advisory Services ABOUT TORSTEN ADAM Torsten Adam, Managing Partner of ARTEMIS Group, has more than 25 years of work experience in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and advisory Services. His core competencies are in the fields of M&A transaction management, buy and build projects, structured and project finance, as well as advisory services. He has been involved in numerous projects across the sectors of industrial engineering, real estate, agriculture, food and beverage, and renewable energy. In addition to domestic transactions, Mr. Adam has overseen various cross-border M&A transactions with involvement in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. FIRM PROFILE ARTEMIS Group is an international and cross-sector corporate finance and M&A consulting boutique for startups and medium-sized companies, active in the market since 2001. Its core services cover the sectors of mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and advisory services. With its own offices in Munich and Singapore and a broad strategic partner network, ARTEMIS Group has a footprint in all relevant markets. As a strong partner, ARTEMIS Group guides its clients from first venture capital financing rounds to subsequent expansion financings and classical corporate financing. Beyond, ARTEMIS Group advises companies in buy-side and sell-side M&A transactions. ARTEMIS Group leads its clients through these complex processes. In addition, ARTEMIS Group structures and realizes buy and build concepts with renowned family offices and entrepreneurial families. Long-term customer relations are built on trust, reliable statements, long-term cooperations, and partnerships. The consistently excellent results are made possible in particular by the experienced, highly qualified professionals who are wellversed in their fields and by the excellent, global networks in all relevant markets. Thereby ARTEMIS Group achieves the best possible results for their clients. With the integrated M&A transaction management 4.0, ARTEMIS Group bundles all necessary technical components for a successful transaction, in which it is at the center of interaction between companies, external consultants, and investors. Within the framework of M&A 4.0, ARTEMIS Group brings its experience in mergers and acquisitions projects in terms of integrated control tools, project management tools, and more. INDUSTRY FOCUS To generate maximum value in every deal, ARTEMIS Group has established best practice groups in specific industries, coordinated by a global lead partner. Currently, ARTEMIS Group focuses on the following sectors: agriculture, food and beverages, industrial engineering and manufacturing, real estate and construction, and healthcare. OUR LATEST MILESTONES In the last 24 months, ARTEMIS Group supported international family offices in the structuring and realization of a buy and build craftsman holding: from raising capital to the execution of the buy-side transactions. During this time, the foundation was laid for a holding company with more than €100 million turnover per year. In addition, ARTEMIS Group is involved in the structuring and financing of different buy and build holding companies covering the agriculture, healthcare, and real estate/construction sectors. In the field of agriculture, ARTEMIS Group supported the structuring and realization of a cross-border joint venture of seed breeding companies with an international footprint. ARTEMIS Group has been the leading advisor in fundraising for various types of startups, securing amounts exceeding €10 million. Company: ARTEMIS Advisory Services GmbH Web Address: Contact Name: Christiane Bartl 13 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023

14 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 Issue 12 2023, Acquisition International | 33 in-tune with the pressing issues facing our planet and population, and has applied every ounce of its expertise to develop solutions that marry humanity with technology. The result is clear to see – a system that’s easy for farmers to use, whilst also remaining deeply analytical of the various approaches that can be taken to make our world a better place. 70% of the world’s fresh water is used for agricultural irrigation, but imagine what things could look like if this number was reduced with the assistance of the tools technology has given to us. Thanks to GroGuru, we may not need to simply imagine. It’s creating a whole new reality through its intuitive interface in the hopes that, by offering a helping hand wherever it can, it can seek to alleviate the struggles facing the farming industry as a whole. GroGuru is spearheading the march towards a better future, and we can’t wait to witness its continued impact. Contact: Patrick Henry Company: GroGuru Web Address: Uniting Strategic Water Management and Farming Though GroGuru initially worked exclusively alongside residential gardeners, early into its lifespan, it identified the potential impact that its expertise could have on the commercial agriculture sphere. Since it made the switch, it has never once looked back, and has since utilised its methodologies for the betterment of both farmers and the planet alike. Its services, which take full advantage of technology, are geared towards a primary goal – to help the industry in creating a more sustainable world for the next generation. By leveraging the gifts that the modern world has given us, it has uncovered an ingenious solution that we’re incredibly excited to break down. GroGuru truly has delivered a revolutionary water management solution for commercial farmers – one that explores the full potential of AI assisted farming in a user-friendly and accessible way. Fundamentally, GroGuru has developed a means for farmers to utilise continuous monitoring of the root zone of their crops to gauge how to best manage their water output. Partnered with an AI-based recommendation engine, GroGuru’s strategic methodologies provide essential information to both farmers and their advisors via an intuitive interface that can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smart device. In short, the interface is able to make full use of GroGuru’s Wireless Underground System – soil sensors that are installed next to the root zone of the crop – to create a wealth of accessible data for farmers to analyse. As applied irrigation, rainfall, weather forecasting, crop models, crop science, agronomy, and data science – all of it is possible. GroGuru has paved the way for farmers to effectively access a plethora of useful data that can help them devise the most sustainable solutions for their respective crops. After all, as GroGuru puts it – “There is nothing more strategic than sufficient fresh water to drink and grow crops, and enough nutritious food to eat.” With its solutions having already garnered significant traction, GroGuru has come to be synonymous with wireless communication and agronomy innovation. It has accumulated well over 200,000 acres under its management, with existing customers representing more than one million deployable acres. In addition, its market channel footprint already stretches over 20 million acres – a number that can only grow as time progresses. Since its inception, GroGuru has been addressing a vital issue that has been facing farmers and the planet alike, with its team of experts lending their business, technical, and end market domain expertise to the market on a daily basis. GroGuru’s strategic management solutions have become the face of the future for the commercial agriculture industry. It’s deeply Shifting the focus onto pressing sustainability challenges within the farming industry, GroGuru has spent its lifetime delivering strategic water management solutions to commercial farmers. Having recognised that there’s an effective way to guide farmers towards increasing crop yield, whilst enhancing resource efficiency and sustainability. GroGuru now stands as a pioneer for essential industry change. Below, we explore how it is fostering evolution across the sector, and how such commitment has earned it the title of Most Innovative Strategic Irrigation Management Company 2023 – USA. GroGuru

Issue 12 2023, Acquisition International | 36 Expert Healthcare Marketing to Achieve Measurable Growth avid Sanchez, CEO and Founder, began his medical career as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department in Phoenix, Arizona, during the opioid epidemic. Motivated to make a difference, David later established a nonprofit addiction treatment centre. To advertise the centre, he worked alongside digital marketing agencies but found that their services did not help the centre grow. David assembled his own skilled team of marketing professionals and founded Digitalis to help clients achieve measurable growth. The business is dedicated to the Digitalis Promise, a 100% guarantee to clients that Digitalis will always deliver the highest quality of healthcare SEO and work hard until they get it right. Most healthcare facilities want to raise awareness, establish mutual trust with clients, and schedule more appointments. Digitalis is committed to creating brand awareness, driving growth, and increasing engagement for its valued clients. Digitalis offers a suite of marketing services including content marketing, video production, Google Ads, medical SEO, and website design. The benefits of content marketing are that the service is half the price of traditional advertising but results in three times more patient engagement. Digitalis’ team of medical copywriters collaborate with clients to provide reliable content designed to build a medical provider’s reputation. The team also utilises video marketing, which builds trust faster than other forms of advertising. With patient testimonials, tours, and videos of their staff, the team can promote broader visibility of a provider’s services. By employing Google Ads, Digitalis can create a personalised campaign to drive engagement and attract new clients. Through the art of SEO, the team can increase website traffic to rank providers’ websites on the first page of Google. Digitalis specialises in creating SEO plans that ensure greater visibility for clients so that patients can easily discover a medical provider’s specialty. The team also offers website design, creating custom websites with the latest secure tools. All websites contain SEO and content for each page written by an expert medical writing team. The Digitalis Growth System can be specifically tailored to the requirements of providers and their patients. Its system is comprised of five steps: the laser focus technique, the Google handshake method, the perfect fit writing method, the authority building method, and expert broadcasting. By maintaining a laser focus, the team at Digitalis can learn the most effective ways to reach a provider’s client base and find out what terms patients search for in their local area. With the Google handshake method, Digitalis ensures that clients’ websites contain all the back-end website information that is required to improve Google rankings. With a content strategy that includes patient-specific language, Digitalis can achieve a perfect fit writing method that produces authoritative content to increase activity on clients’ websites. The Digitalis Growth System also includes the Authority Building Method, which focuses on ranking providers in the top 3 Google positions. The method incorporates local citation building on platforms, such as Yelp, Apple Maps, and Bing Places, and niche specific citation building through websites like Healthgrades, WebMD, and Lastly, the Digitalis team employs expert broadcasting to promote websites on numerous social platforms. With paid content promotion on websites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, Digitalis can ensure clients’ content reaches the perfect patient base at the right time. At Digitalis, its team is committed to excellence, offering marketing solutions that produce measurable growth for their clients. The medical provider’s growth equates to Digitalis’ success and with its 100% guarantee, the company promises to work hard to deliver the highest quality of marketing. The expert team is dedicated to helping providers establish trust with clients and leverage their online presence to bring in more patients. With its growth system, the company can personalise its services to address the evolving needs of providers and their clients. Digitalis is passionate about helping people and expanding its business to support more providers within the healthcare industry. Digitalis has received our award for this year’s Best Specialist Healthcare Marketing Firm – Arizona. Company: Digitalis Medical Web Address: Digitalis is a healthcare marketing specialist that provides comprehensive marketing solutions that enable medical providers to reach their ideal patient base. The company is dedicated to inspiring clients to learn what works best for their audience and leverage their online presence to attract new patients. At Digitalis, its advanced growth system can be tailored to meet the needs of providers and their future patients. For its pioneering work in medical marketing, Digitalis has received a Global Excellence Award for this year’s Best Specialist Healthcare Marketing Firm – Arizona. D 15 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023