Global Excellence Awards 2023

Issue 8 2023, Acquisition International | 19 Best in Class Yacht Services and Solutions or those far outside the region, you may be forgiven in thinking that Chicago doesn’t have much in the way of a boating landscape. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Situated on Lake Michigan, the city has some of the best boating – and best access – across the North American continent, with no hyperbole. Competition is, then, high, with clients eager for the best service and expertise to compliment their leisure activities and business ventures. When it comes to the former, CYW has built a robust reputation for delivering a variety of services and solutions for its ever-burgeoning client base, as Rob explains in his opening comments. “Chicago Yacht Works is the leading recreational boating storage and service facility in the City of Chicago. We store, service, sell and provide boater education. CYW strives to be the trusted resource for boaters in the Chicago Area and Lake Michigan. “We are always striving to be the best and to constantly improve our internal processes and procedures to externally improve customer service and satisfaction. We have used technology in remarkable ways to analyse our activities and become more efficient and more effective.” Despite being in a relatively niche industry, Rob also understands that the fundamentals of good service remain the same, and it is in this respect that CYW has become the standout business in the space. With a rich internal culture based on transparency, honesty and good communication, CYW has capitalised on a strong team to deliver expert yacht services and boat storage, among a plethora of like services, to outpace any potential competitors. “We have a culture that cultivates leaders and offers both transparency as well as open communication to insure that we hear everyone’s perspectives and respond immediately. We value and support ongoing learning, education and certifications and invest in our staff,” Rob adds. With marine technicians on hand should repairs be needed, CYW truly fulfils its promise to be a one stop shop for clients wanting to utilise Chicago’s exceptional waterways for their own enjoyment. In light of all of the above, it should be no surprise to hear that Rob continues to aim towards constant growth and expansion, as they mature in an industry which looks like it, simply, will not be slowing down. “We will continue to grow while remaining a leader in the industry,” he promises. Company Name: Chicago Yacht Works Contact Name: Rob Hannah, CEO and Managing Partner Socials: fetchDeterministicClustersOnly Web Address: Telephone Number: 312-666-6670 SEO rank tags: Yacht Storage, Yacht Services, Marine technicians, Chicago recreational boating, Powerboat school, Boat storage Labelling itself a “one-stop shop for all things boating”, Chicago Yacht Works (CYW) has become known as a reliable touchstone in the region’s boating sector. Well-recognised as the ‘Best FullService Marine Facility’ in Chicago in the 2023 Global Excellence Awards, we spoke with CEO and Managing Partner Rob Hannah to find out more. F Jun23628 75 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023