Global Excellence Awards 2023

74 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 6 | Acquisition International, Issue 8 2023 Next-Generation Retail Solutions Vision Group has become a renowned conglomerate on the world stage thanks to an outlook and mission to deliver best in class, technology-driven solutions that reinvigorate the ever-moving retail landscape. We spoke with Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sweeney on the back of the group’s recognition as the ‘Best Retail IoT Platform 2023 (USA): Vision IoT’ in the Global Excellence programme. Company: Vision Group Contact: Mike Sweeney, Chief Marketing Officer Website: Digital tools have become a key part of innovative, forward-thinking solutions in today’s business climate. Of course, it’s also a highly competitive space and permeated with empty promises and false starts. It can be difficult to see the signal for all that noise – the solutions that can make a real difference, versus those all-too doomed to reward a poor return on investment. Vision Group has built a reputation around delivering – and exceeding – on all its promises and on all expectations. Gathering together the very best entities in the business, it has positioned itself as the only company that provides an endto-end IOT, AI and image recognition-based solution for its brands, wholesalers and retailers all. Here, Mike begins by offering more insight into its technology and key innovations in this space. “This technology generates vital insights on store layouts, automate retail audits, connect dispersed retail assets, and enables frictionless commerce. Our core values start with Customer First, Integrity, Be Pioneers, Accountability and Grow Together. Our core values guide everything we do without compromise as we have grown. “Our technology is truly remarkable. There are many companies that are trying to break into the AI-image recognition space across retail, however, our technology stands out globally. There is nothing more satisfying than performing in-store, live demos for prospective clients without any preparation and seeing our technology exceed expectations.” With the technology in place, and the solutions clearly next-generation compared to alternative options on the market, all that was left was to make sure that Vision Group’s team was able to match pace. “We continue to build a global team where members share the same definition of success generates a true sense of fulfilment that no amount of revenue and valuation can create. Our “Can-Do” approach to solving our customers problems is key to our teams success. We aim to tackle the hardest problems and if we don’t solve them, which has not been often, always takes our team, technology and relationships to another level,” Mike adds with confidence. But, the group goes further still to ensure that they remain the de facto pacesetters in the market, namely through a drive towards constant smart acquisitions that allow the team to outmanoeuvre any potential competitors – all while bolstering their current solutions in ways that, simply, make sense. “Our acquisition of SMSB, a little over a year ago, accelerates our product content catalogue used for our AI-Image Recognition gives us a proprietary way to drive accuracy and speed. No one in the industry has these two capabilities. In addition, we have leveraged this technology to smart vending and smart shelving use cases. This broadens our ability to support clients across many departments and are focused on driving revenue and reducing costs- critical in today’s hyper ROI driven industry. Moreover, developments in cell phone technology has enabled more adoption from the industry. Our global partnership with Coca-Cola has been incredible for us to test, learn and scale new solutions. The basics are important, however, value will come from addressing specific needs that come with driving more out of their operations.” So, all that’s left is to see where Vision Group continues to move forwards from here. Growth, further acquisitions, and by extension, expansion is certainly on the table, with all signs pointing to increased momentum in the industry, as Mike takes a moment to conclude in his closing comments. “Our goal is to continue to grow. Our opportunity is to expand categories from our core beverage and dairy expertise. I envision a day within the next 5 years where we can operate across every major category in a grocery store or Walmart. This would help us add value to more retailers, wholesalers and brands.” Jun23547