Global Excellence Awards 2023

20 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2023 One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities oT has become an increasingly common part of our lives, with businesses especially having been able to benefit from the leveraging of data collected by sensors. However, it comes with its challenges in transforming this impressive quantity of data into something which can be analysed and leveraged for the greater good of an organisation. Minnovation Technologies specialises in that work, with an approach that whilst its technologies are complex and encompass the best that the industry has to offer, this does not have to be the case for those use it. Its clients are able to access incredible resources that keep them ahead of the competition, whilst also being thoroughly usable by all. The company’s leading product, the AlphaX system, enables a digital transformation for any business through the use of high quality operational data. By connecting, collecting, and combining an exciting range of data, its team are able to reach impressive conclusions that empower engineers, operators, and decision makers. The use of this platform has accelerated the work of data scientists and business analysts by an astonishing degree. The secret of AlphaX in the way it is designed. The singular focus of this platform is to collect, analyse, and manage real-time data. Good management of data is no easy task, which is why the team I Oct22499 at Minnovation have built their data management eco-system to be fully integrated and seamless. From the outset, the team are able to ensure software and hardware connectivity right through to partner networks and managed services. It’s an amazing achievement. Over the years, the team have worked with clients from around the world who have been able to benefit from the impressive anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, asset performance monitoring, regulatory compliance, and energy utilisation solutions, to name but a few. Working with AlphaX is just better and faster than other ways of working. The experts who power the various ways of operating AlphaX have a wealth of experience when it comes to optimising businesses from many different industries. They thrive through knowing not only what needs to be delivered, but through taking the time to ensure that their solutions are right for the needs of each individual business. By taking advantage of what the digital landscape has to offer, through cloudbased solutions and the IoT, Minnovation has been able to adopt a personalised approach that has secured such incredible levels of deserved success. Company: Minnovation Technologies Email: Website: Minnovation Technologies (Minnovation) is an Australian technology company that specialises in Edge Hardware, AI/ML, and Cloud Software (as a Service) to support clients within the local government, building and facilities management, energy, oil and gas, offshore and marine, civil infrastructure, and manufacturing sectors. Having achieved the award for ‘Best Cloud-Based Building Management Systems – Victoria’, we learn more about this cutting-edge software. 89 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023