Global Excellence Awards 2023

160 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 24 | Acquisition International, Issue 9 2023 Looking Beyond the Obvious Founded by experienced practitioners with multi-disciplinary backgrounds in tax, law, accounting, and finance, Mul & Co has been avidly working towards a better future for the tax industry. Regardless of a client’s needs, its team of highly skill professionals act as Indonesia’s go-to for anyone seeking stellar customer service. Below, we explore how Mul & Co came to earn the title of Best Specialist Tax Law Firm 2023 – Indonesia. Contact: Debra Michelle Company: Mulyono (Mul & Co) Web Address: As a rule, Mul & Co believes that, in order to garner success, it must first depend on its clients and the satisfaction that it can deliver to them. So, by bringing a level of expertise pertaining to Indonesia’s unique business and legal culture, combined with a dedication to providing the best possible solutions for its clients, Mul & Co is able to consistently set new standards within the sector. Jul23204 It’s thanks to such an overwhelming amount of devotion that it’s managed to earn its place among the greats, and yet it recognises that none of it would be possible without those that it seeks to assist each and every day. Additionally, due to its independent nature, Mul & Co is free from restrictions that could hinder its accessibility. It needn’t pursue lengthy conflict check processes, allowing for, not only a streamlined service, but one that’s time and resource saving. As a result, clients can expect quick access to Mul & Co’s professional team of experts, without having to fret about overcomplicating the process. Its independence offers it a certain flexibility, and it utilises this asset to forge new and effective approaches towards its tax services. Whether a client is coming to Mul & Co for Tax Dispute, Tax Advisory and Restructuring, or Tax Compliance requests, its highly passionate team will be at the ready to solve any issues, no matter how challenging. It doesn’t limit itself in its field, and it’s these broad options that truly set it apart from other tax law firms within Indonesia. No two clients are the same, so Mul & Co makes a point of investing itself into each personalises request, no matter how complex. The respect that it has for its clients is uncontested, which only lends to its professionalism. Whilst some tax law firms may apply a cookiecutter approach towards their operations, Mul & Co ventures down the opposite avenue. It recognises the nuances within its field, and is more than willing to adapt to each and every unique situation. The result is a tax law firm that’s wholly distinctive within the region. No matter the situation, it refuses to take factors at face value, and pursues solutions that transcend the most obvious choice. This, in turn, has fashioned Mul & Co into a tax law firm that clients can truly trust to provide them with the best possible outcomes for their taxation problems. Regardless of whether you’re an individual needing assistance with an unfavourable appeal, or a corporation seeking the best approach towards tax compliance, Mul & Co has every asset at its disposal to deliver services that are accessible, streamlined, and wholly innovative. Every request is handled with the utmost care, and Mul & Co won’t be satisfied until the client leaves with exactly what they came looking for. Satisfaction is the overarching goal for this ambitious tax law firm, and it’s currently accomplishing this mission on a daily basis. We’d like to extend our congratulations to Mul & Co for earning the title of Best Specialist Tax Law Firm 2023 – Indonesia. By adopting a new approach towards tax services, the likes of which having not yet been replicated by any other firm within Indonesia, it’s made a name for itself as one of the most trustworthy and dependable tax law firms there is. We believe no other collective is more deserving of this title, and we can’t wait to see where its endeavours continue to take it in the years to come.