Global Excellence Awards 2023

16 | Acquisition International, Issue 7 2023 Qualified Arbitrators See All Sides Octagon Mediations, based in Ontario, Canada, is an organisation of qualified arbitrators, mediators, and investigators, who assist with dispute resolutions. Following its announcement as Best Mediation & Arbitration Services Provider 2023 – Ontario, we took the opportunity to take a closer look. Company: Octagon Mediations Web Address: Contact Name: Scott Tracze Octagon Mediations is known for its practical and economical approach to resolving disputes. With over 75 years of experience between the team, its qualified arbitrators, mediators, and investigators have scrutinized hundreds of disputes to bring resolution to clients in both the public and private sectors. The areas of expertise demonstrated by Octagon include alternative dispute resolution, forensic accounting, commercial mediation and dispute, and international regulation compliance. It performs investigations into workplace health and safety, harassment, human rights, and fraud. It can also be of assistance with contract negotiations, and collective bargaining. The award-winning team consists of owner and founder Scott Tracze, a qualified arbitrator, mediator, and independent investigator who specialises in employment and labour relations. He has mediated, and arbitrated over, hundreds of labour management disputes, both in the public and private sectors, and has conducted several independent, unbiased investigations into allegations of workplace misconduct. He is comfortable working in organisations of all types and sizes, and is known for his excellent provision of legal support across the board. He has identified non-compliance issues, and been able to recommend available courses of action to several companies and affiliates. With over 25 years of collective human resource experience, Scott is an expert in coordinating, analysing, drafting, negotiating, and revising agreements, policies, and programmes that govern employee relationships on a global level. He is recognised by colleagues and associates as a leading subject matter expert in complex mediation, investigation, and adjudication of employment and labour relations disputes. Alongside Scott, Kartik Gupta is a certified fraud examiner, certified valuation analyst, a chartered accountant, and an internationally trained lawyer. He has over 15 years’ experience in providing forensic and litigation related advice to clients, legal counsels and C level executives in matters relating to commercial disputes, fraud investigations, and international regulatory compliance. Kartik has extensive experience in conducting forensic investigations and investigative due diligence across various international jurisdictions including southeast Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the Caribbean. He also has wide experience in the area of dispute and litigation support. Given his financial expertise and legal knowledge, Kartik is often engaged in quantification of damages and economic loss claims regarding matters relating to commercial disputes, international arbitration, shareholders’ disputes, expropriation claims and matrimonial disputes. Other team members at Octagon include experienced solicitor/barrister Shuchita Gupta, community-minded consultant and dispute resolution specialist Andrew Livingston, and criminology, psychology, and human resources expert Jasmeem Sandhu. Shuchita is a high-achieving professional who has spent time working in common law jurisdiction for a Legal 500 law firm. She is resourceful, diligent, and approachable whether working with multinational clients, startups, or anything in between. Andrew Livingston is a respected educator with a lifetime of experience as a person with a disability, and nearly a decade working as a human rights investigator. Andy is frequently called on as an expert in his field by governments who want to consult on policy, legislation, and public programmes involving people with disabilities. He is a qualified mediator and arbitrator who brings a unique perspective of professional and lived experience to his work. Jasmeem helps clients and managers address conflicts, turning negative disputes into productive opportunities for more positive outcomes. She is dedicated to improving organisational attitudes and morale, increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism, and reducing the risk of litigation. Octagon Mediations is a company, and a team, with much to offer clients. Its understanding of human resource compliance issues, and quick identification of areas resolution can be reached in disputes are what makes it so valuable to clients. This, along with the highest standards of integrity and ethics, is what makes the company such a golden key. May23645 97 | Global Excellence Awards 2023