Global Excellence Awards 2023

96 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 10 | Acquisition International, Issue 7 2023 Real Estate Investments Using Blockchain CurveBlock is a financial inclusion pioneer within the real property investment sector. Following its win of Best Real Estate Investment Solution 2023 – UK, we decided to get to know a bit more about the company and its business acumen. Company: CurveBlock Web Address: Contact Name: Joey Jones CurveBlock works within the real estate investment sector to build energy positive, zero carbon properties that they are working to allow individuals to invest in and receive an equal share of the profits. Its aim is to allow everyone to benefit from a greener future, financially, socially, environmentally, and equitably. The values that CurveBlock upholds are to combine good quality, energy positive, carbon neutral real estate with a revolutionary investment platform. Embracing new technology has meant working practices and methodology have changed, but for the better, as the new platform model is working to allow true financial freedom and equity. In effect, CurveBlock combines two industries, those of finance and real estate construction. Both industries are fiercely exclusive and traditional in nature, but CurveBlock believes there is a better way for both to progress, one that is truly equitable and sustainable. It seeks to use the latest technology to achieve this, embracing change to create a platform that is designed both for equitable investment and for beautiful, sustainable, energy positive real estate solutions that respect the planet and support the community. CurveBlock thinks it’s this openness to new technology, and its genuine belief in its values and vision for the future, that holds it to its goals. CurveBlock is purposely a relatively small organisation who work across the UK. To be able to do this well, it celebrates its shared vision, and trust in the skills of its colleagues to effectively deliver its mission and plan. It has specialists in building and investment working together in a culture that embraces the opportunity to be ‘always learning’. It also has a leadership team that embody such values, helping to unite the company as a whole. When it comes to defining CurveBlocks USP, there are a number of aspects that are unique. The energy positive, zero carbon footprint it is incorporating alongside beautiful design is one, especially as it means that real estate has no compromises to make when it comes to the joy of living/working in its properties. The construction methods it chooses vary, but could consist of doing a full offsite construction, a traditional construction, or even a hybrid blend of the two. This allows faster construction timelines and saves many months of disruption to communities that might be expected from traditional, outdated methods. CurveBlocks blockchain backed investment app is designed to allow everyday investors to share in the profits made through its real estate construction projects. But what it’s most proud of, and what really illuminates the company’s USP, is the unification of the two aspects, bringing together a solution that solves two problems with one unique idea, extrapolated by one unique platform. CurveBlock builds real estate for many purposes. For example, it recently oversaw a large and beautiful residential property overlooking the Kent downs in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This property now makes more electricity than it uses, and has a zero-carbon footprint. This was the property CurveBlock piloted as its online system investment opportunity prototype. As well as fully respecting the wonderful landscape in which it sits. Another exciting project is happening in Scotland, where CurveBlock has just signed on to build the UK’s first energy positive, Luxury Holiday Park. This site will feature a number of energy positive luxury lodges, designed for people who want to make memories without it costing the earth. This project is predicted to provide an excellent return for investors, but it was only possible because of the shared vision of the local landowner desiring to bring income and jobs to their area without harming the environment or its inherent natural beauty. Over the next few years CurveBlock would like to see its innovative approach bring low cost and sustainable housing to the social sector in the UK. It would also like to expand its luxury family homes market, with more sustainable solutions. To do this, it is working with policy makers, local decision makers and politicians. As it develops both its app and its site work, it also plans to ensure that regulations don’t exclude the general public and non-traditional investors from gaining financial advantage from its design and business model. CurveBlock really is a fabulous company, and the best thing about it is its devotion to improve life for everyone. May23351