Global Excellence Awards 2023

Aug22499 12 | Acquisition International, Issue 10 2023 Aug23256 Most Innovative Market Research Services Firm 2023 - USA lack Book Market Research has been recognised as a Top 25 international market research niche firm. It offers unbiased crowd-sourced surveying to technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, higher education, finance, and business services sectors. The company’s comprehensive comparison data is sourced from the industry’s primary solutions vendors. Black Book Market Research is the largest user opinion poll of its kind in healthcare IT, collecting over two million viewpoints on information technology and vendor performance annually. Founder of Black Book Market Research, Doug Brown previously held roles as a hospital administrator, an executive for a managed-care organisation, a leading sales-and-marketing executive and a corporate officer with a healthcare IT vendor. Doug found commercial success in 2009 when he sold his first company, global outsourcing and offshoring industry research firm Brown Wilson Group. A global leader in technology and services marketing, Doug Brown’s expertise extends to many sectors including healthcare, business development, market share growth, customer satisfaction surveys, loyalty assessment, and qualitative market research. Under Doug’s talented leadership, Black Book Market Research has gained acclaim as an Inc 5000 company for being one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. for four consecutive years. The research company has experienced exponential growth over the past decade. Black Book Market Research prides itself on its integrity, transparency, and ability to meet clients with a commercial model tailored to meet the needs of buyers, investors, analysts, and vendors. Its industrious, dedicated team consistently aims to exceed expectations through delivering exceptional customer service for its valued clientele. Its new, innovative data platform with AI capabilities now offers buyers of competitive research a coherent purchasing technology, currently unrivalled in the healthcare industry. The platform is able to generate product acquisition evidence, ensuring a maximum return on clients’ data investments. It allows customers to make accurate purchasing decisions and capture user insights in real-time. The business is unique in its use of AI real-time insights to offer a data-on-demand service for clients. Black Book Market Research has been working with Google to launch its market research revolutionising product. The data platform looks to keep up with the pace and scale of healthcare data analytics using AI and machine learning technology. AI is currently transforming the landscape of qualitative research, increasing accuracy and efficiency to change the way that researchers conduct their studies. Black Book Market Research is currently the only healthcare market research firm infiltrating AI technology into its business, streamlining the future of healthcare. Algorithms are able to predict future trends and consumer behaviour to influence product development, software needs, marketing strategies, and cost decisions. Its predictable analytics models impact how clinicians, start-ups, suppliers, manufacturers, investors, and care professionals conduct their daily practices and improve the quality of patient care. With innovative AI technology offering unmatched report-writing capabilities, data visualisation, and brand tracking, Black Book Market Research is an internationally recognised leader in the fields of market and public opinion research. The company is set to further impact the industry, offering a state-of-the-art subscriber model data platform launching at the beginning of 2024. The accomplishments of Black Book Market Research cannot be overstated. The company looks forward to further growth and success as it continues to revolutionise the healthcare industry. Contact: Doug Brown Company: Black Book Market Research LLC Web Address: Polling the client experience for over two million healthcare software and service users, Black Book Market Research is a healthcarecentric market research and public opinion research company. The business has earnt a respected reputation as a premier provider of competitive intelligence and have now served over 12,000 clients including the nation’s top financial institutions, largest hospitals, and leading technology firms. B 129 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023