Global Excellence Awards 2023

86 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 26 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2023 Dec22262 The Power of Partnership A shared services organisation, U.S. Oral Surgery Management (USOSM) collaborates with premier oral and maxillofacial surgeons to offer a partnership solution for continued and accelerated practice success. It provides operational, marketing, and administrative support services, reinvests resources, and applies best practices to improve clinical and financial performance and produce steadier, more profitable growth for all. Recognised as ‘Best Oral Surgery Management Company – USA’ in this issue of Acquisition International magazine, we learn more. .S. Oral Surgery Management puts oral and maxillofacial surgeons and their patients first – a core value that the company was founded on and which continues to be a vital part of its culture. With a focus that remains on clinical excellence and exceptional patient care, USOSM has been extremely selective about the surgeons with whom it partners. It only selects board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons who are considered to be the best of the best. As a result, it has formed an elite network of well-established, highly skilled, highly trained, and highly experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons. USOSM also prides itself on its equity model. When oral and maxillofacial surgeons partner with it, they receive a substantial equity stake in the entire USOSM network. This means all 180+ of USOSM’s surgeon partners are working together toward shared financial success. Also, throughout a surgeon’s partnership with USOSM, they retain 100% clinical autonomy. Boasting a 100% surgeon partner retention rate, this reflects the outstanding quality of USOSM’s offering and the satisfaction of its partners. Under its model, USOSM’s partner practices all consistently receive a net promoter score (NPS) of 80 or above, which is considered world-class by Bain & Company, one of the NPS founders. The average NPS for the healthcare industry as a whole is 58, and the average NPS for healthcare providers in general is about 38. USOSM’s significantly high NPS speaks for itself. Undeniably, USOSM leads the industry today as the largest and fastest growing company of its kind. Not only does it have a unique private equity model, and a shared dedication to clinical excellence and exceptional patient care, but also a strong and experienced executive management team comprised of seasoned industry leaders. Their wisdom, skill, and expertise are invaluable to the company’s current and continued success. Additionally, because clinical excellence is its top priority, USOSM established a Clinical Governance Board to advise partner practices on important clinical issues that are encountered by surgeons. This cutting-edge company also stands out with the high quality of services it provides to surgeon partners, as well as its solid financial backing, in addition to clear vision, mission, and values. The vision for USOSM is to become the oral and maxillofacial surgery management firm that is best known for its people, paradigm, partnerships, and performance. Its mission is the everyday extension of this vision: to partner with premier oral maxillofacial U surgeons to help them enhance their clinical missions and their successes – both today and tomorrow. President and CEO of USOSM, Richard Hall tells us, “Our partners’ expertise is in patient care. Our expertise is in business. USOSM takes care of all the behind-the-scenes business details, freeing up our surgeon partners so they can focus on patient care. This can result in better patient care, increased patient satisfaction, improved cash flow, better work-life balance, and much more.” Now, USOSM anticipates the rise of more shared-services organisations, like itself. When the company was established six years ago, it was the only of its kind, a distinction it held for several years. However, a few competitors have joined the space, and USOSM believes more of these organisations will follow. USOSM has seen tremendous growth in related fields, such as dental services organisations (DSOs), and there is a lot of demand in the oral and maxillofacial surgery space for the kinds of services USOSM provides. The company also expects an increase in technological advancements, both clinically and administratively. To stay competitive, oral and maxillofacial surgery practices will need to have strong IT leadership in place, like that which USOSM provides. Among other things, strong IT leadership can help thwart rising cybersecurity threats, keep everyone up-to-date on and compatible with the latest technology, and create and install custom-designed software to drive value. However, one of the biggest trends that USOSM foresees is increased costs associated with running a practice. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons will need to find innovative ways to reduce costs. This is one of USOSM’s specialties. It helps reduce costs through operational and financial improvements, inventory management, vendor negotiation, and much more. Ultimately, USOSM itself has had an incredible year of growth, adding $100 million in acquired revenue in 2022, and having recently closed on a new round of funding -- a $125 million credit expansion with its existing lenders. Richard shares, “Given the state of the economy, credit markets are particularly tight right now. Only companies with wellestablished track records and exceptional performance will have access to capital at reasonable terms. We’re proud that USOSM’s performance provided our lenders the confidence to expand their commitment. This additional dry powder and our track record of timely closings will give future partners confidence to close, enabling us to continue our growth trajectory.” Company: U.S. Oral Surgery Management Contact: Richard Hall, USOSM President and CEO Website: