Global Excellence Awards 2023

54 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 10 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2023 Feb23406 Best Digital Infrastructure Partner 2023 - Brazil Green4T is a Brazilian company that offers technology solutions and digital infrastructure for businesses and cities. The company operates throughout Latin America from its offices in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Costa Rica. It is focused on developing digital products that transform processes for companies, but also enable a more sustainable future for the planet. reen4T was founded in 2016 to support the digital transformation ecosystem. It develops IT infrastructure solutions with high energy but low environmental impact. Its mission is to support the public sector with affordable and widely available systems that revamp processes. It aims to help companies and industry to improve whilst ensuring sustainability, efficiency, availability and security in their digital systems. The company develops solutions according to best practices and trends, working alongside customers to fully discern their needs. In this way it intends to innovate and provide digital transformation for the whole market. It also develops products that make IT infrastructure more resilient. Recently, driven by the COVID 19 pandemic, digital services have been growing in popularity and demand. Green4T tackled the increased pressure for data processing with rapid responses. This corresponded with the launch of a new portfolio of services such as ‘Life Extended’ – a post warranty maintenance amenity for storage, network, and servers. It also introduced ‘Cloud Orchestration with Cloud Services.’ The company created a ‘Centre of Excellence’ online support tool. This comprised a team of senior experts and helped increase the knowledge of the ‘Data Centre Lifecycle Services.’ This in turn improved customer services as it meant that the connection between technicians and experts was boosted. The company also introduced a multidisciplinary action plan known as ‘Data Centre Carbon Zero.’ This scheme should be capable of reducing data centre energy expenditure by up to 60%. Once this pathway is consolidated the relationship between the minimum energy expenditure required for date processing and the energy actually G spent should be much more favourable. Data centre energy efficiency will therefore improve exponentially. The Co-Founder and CEO of Green4T, Eduardo Marini, has been recognised three times as one of Brazil’s top IT leaders. As a Yale graduate with a master’s degree in business administration, the YPO (Young Presidents’ Organisation) member serves on the boards of directors for companies in tech, healthcare and financial services sectors. His counterpart, Co-Founder, and Executive Vice President, Antonio Bob, is similarly well regarded. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the Latin American data centre market. He is a national and international reference in the modular data centre segment. He is also a participating member of Euro Norma (VDMA) and Brazil delegate in the ICREA (International Computer Rooms Experts Association). The Vice President of Green4T for Latin America is Marcio Martin. He has more than 28 years’ experience in the IT field and has been a leader in facets such as solution development, engineering, pre-sales and sales at huge technology companies such as Dell, EDS-HP, HPE and DXC. It is clear Green4T has extensive experience and competencies from the top down. Interestingly, they also champion appropriate and ethical standards within the company’s governance practices. This admirable and unique principle is built in participation with institutional leadership and meets all regulations with regards to dealing with stakeholders. It includes the Code of Ethical Conduct and AntiCorruption policies. The company’s policies are based on principles of ethics, integrity, transparency and respect for human rights. The policies also include compliance with all laws and regulations in the countries Green4T operates in. There is zero tolerance for fraud or corruption, and responsibility to social communities and the environment is integral. The demand for data processing is ever growing. This puts Green4T in a unique position to offer complete service solutions. Its portfolio of technology products means it can offer services capable of delivering maximum availability and security for the IT infrastructure. This ensures continuity of customer operations whether performed via data centres, cloud, edge computing or the internet of all things. Best of all, thanks to its robust IT environments Green4T offers all of this in a way that’s efficient, inter-operable and sustainable for the planet. Award winning Green4T is key to the digital transformation of Brazil and Latin America. With its experience and knowledge, it is the ideal partner for accelerating the digital future for its clients whether they be companies or indeed whole cities. With Green 4T behind the wheel, digital services look ready to fly. Company: Green4T Web Address: Available. Efficient. Sustainable. Its mission is to support the public sector with affordable and widely available systems that revamp processes. It aims to help companies and industry to improve whilst ensuring sustainability, efficiency, availability and security in their digital systems.