Global Excellence Awards 2023

116 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2023 19 Worldwide leader in fine mesh separation technology, Russell Finex offers a competitively wide range of sieving and filtration equipment. Supplying to over 140 countries, Russell Finex has an impressive reach across the globe. Here, we speak to Ray Singh, Managing Director at Russell Finex, who answers some questions about the success of the business and what the award of Best Global Sieving & Filtration Equipment Specialists 2023 means to the company. Jan23368 ffering premium product and service, Russell Finex Ltd. produces high-capacity processing equipment designed to improve quality and purity. As the only manufacturer of industrial vibratory sieves, self-cleaning filters and ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems, Russell Finex offers unique equipment manufactured to the highest quality. The company works with a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, coatings, ceramics, metal powders, water processing, and recycling. Its products process applications such as waste oil, liquid paint, milk powder and many more. The company has a saying that if you name it, Russell Finex is probably involved somewhere in its manufacturing process. Founded in 1934, Russell Finex has built an overwhelmingly positive reputation throughout its 85 years in the industry. Thanks to its longevity and highly regarded reputation, the company has grown to be one of the top three manufacturers of sieving and filtration equipment across the globe. Given the company’s success, we ask Ray for some insight into what makes Russell Finex special. Firstly, can you tell us a bit about your client base? Russell Finex’s customers include both local businesses as well as some of the largest multinationals in the world such as Nestlé, GKN, Pfizer, and Mondelez. This is thanks to the expertise of our staff, the quality of products, and the ability to customize solutions to meet the requirements of an expansive range of industries. What are Russell Finex’s unique selling points? Honesty, openness, and hands-on involvement with customers allow us to find a solution to meet requirements, no matter the challenge. We are renowned for taking on difficult applications and providing a solution to customers when competitors can’t. There are several factors that set the company apart. Firstly, our equipment is manufactured to the highest quality, providing every customer with an accurate and reliable solution. Secondly, having five test facilities strategically based around the world allow customers to try our technology before purchasing for peace of mind. In addition, our equipment is custom-made to meet specific requirements and to provide solutions to improve production processes. Lastly, we believe in achieving full customer satisfaction, and this is reflected by the comprehensive after sales support we offer. From servicing and spare O Russel Finex: Customized Filtration Solutions for All Industries parts to collaboration with customers on new product development, our team is dedicated to ensuring industry needs are met. Can you tell us about any recent projects the company has been working on? With the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry rapidly growing, we identified the need for a reliable, sieving and handling system for AM powders. To ensure a new machine concept would address the key industry requirements, detailed research was undertaken. Major manufacturers were consulted, specifying the fundamental factors which were needed to guarantee powder quality as well as operator safety to help the industry move forward. The Russell AMPro® Sieve Station was developed which provides sophisticated powder handling specifically engineered to meet the needs of the AM industry. The system is designed to screen virgin powder as well as recover and requalify AM powders in one simple operation to guarantee the quality and reliability of final manufactured products. After the launch of the Russell AMPro® Sieve Station, our team collected customer feedback and improvements were implemented. An example of this is the newly developed AMPro® Lite and AMPro® Lab aimed to further meet the needs of the industry as it evolves, by offering alternative solutions to the original AMPro® machine. What does the future look like for the company? With the ‘Customer Trust, a Russell Must’ ethos at the heart of the company, we will continue to work with a strong and diverse customer base to ensure we are always one step ahead, leading the way in sieving and filtration equipment. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Ray. To finish, what does winning this award mean for Russell Finex? Being recognized in the Global Excellence program as the Best Global Sieving & Filtration Equipment Specialist 2023 is a great honor. It highlights the hardworking team behind the brand who enable the company to grow across the globe. This acknowledgment will add to the credibility of being the best in the world in our field. Contact: Ray Singh Company: Russell Finex Ltd. Web address: -