Global Excellence Awards 2023

44 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 12 | Issue 1 2024 Award-Winning Fixed Fee Family Lawyers With offices in York, London, Manchester, and Birmingham, Paradigm Family Law is a multi-award-winning legal practice that specialises in providing fixed fee divorce and family law advice. The firm was established by Managing Partners James Thornton and Frank Arndt, two experts in matrimonial law with over 40 years of experience. Here, we explore Paradigm Family Law and its work in the wake of its success in winning Best Family Law & Mediation Firm, England, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Contact: James Thornton Company: Paradigm Family Law LLP Web Address: Since its inception in late 2014, Paradigm Family Law has proudly established itself as a leading boutique law firm in the field of family law, consistently delivering exceptional legal services to its clients and achieving positive outcomes on their behalf. Over the years, it has built a strong reputation for its expertise, innovation, and client-centric approach. Operating in a competitive field, Paradigm Family Law sets itself apart through its commitment to specialisation. Unlike full-service law firms, it specialises exclusively in divorce and financial remedy cases. This laser focus on a niche area has allowed Paradigm Family Law’s team of experienced, highly skilled lawyers to develop an in-depth understanding of the complexities of family law, ensuring that clients receive the best expert guidance throughout the process. Moreover, committed to innovation, Paradigm Family Law has worked to redefine the family law landscape by introducing a transparent and predictable fixed fee model for divorce and financial proceedings. For decades, it has been common for law firms to bill on an hourly basis, causing clients to grow anxious about how much time their lawyers are spending on their cases. The fixed fee model eliminates this, providing clients with certainty in what can be a financially stressful time. Alongside its adoption of a fixed fee billing model, Paradigm Family Law demonstrates its commitment to its clients in a number of ways. The firm understands that behind every case is an individual facing a difficult and emotionally charged situation. For this reason, it is dedicated to going the extra mile to support them. To this end, Paradigm Family Law’s compassionate and understanding team help clients to navigate the emotional and financial challenges involved in their case. They also maintain open communication with them, enabling them to rest assured that they are always informed and involved in any decision-making processes. As a result of its commitment to providing exceptional legal services, Paradigm Family Law has been able to maintain strong financial performance and therefore achieve remarkable growth in the last year. Because of this, it has been able to expand its team, open new offices in Manchester and Birmingham, and increase its client base. Paradigm Family Law owes this impressive growth and success to its talented and dedicated team, who have all become known for their compassion, empathy, and dedication to achieving positive outcomes for their clients. As part of its commitment to growth, the firm has invested in providing them with countless training and development programmes. On top of this, to foster their ability to reach their full potential, Paradigm Family Law aims to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace that celebrates diversity, ensuring that all team members feel valued and empowered to thrive. Over the last decade, Paradigm Family Law has received a number of positive reviews from its satisfied clients, resulting in its impressive fivestar rating on ReviewSolicitors. For example, one client shares, “I cannot recommend Frank and his team highly enough. Their professionalism and organisational skills are top-notch. They were available and responsive at every turn, truly just a click away. Frank made us feel confident and secure. Their dedication to client satisfaction was clear from day one, which makes them standout professionals in their field. Many thanks and highly recommended!” In light of this glowing praise, it is no surprise that Paradigm Family Law has been awarded Best Family Law & Mediation Firm, England, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Its achievement of this prestigious accolade is a testament to its exceptional performance, extensive development, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment to client care. The company is honoured to have been recognised in this awards programme and plans to continue delivering excellence in the field of family law in the years to come.