Global Excellence Awards 2023

Beyond the Borders of Legal Brilliance Action was returned to the CFI in the hopes of determining the damages. As an exceptionally high-profile case, one that has been publicly available since its resolution by the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal in 2020, this matter went on to define Anthony Siu & Co. as a firm. It was this very case that served to truly outline its cross-border capabilities, granting it a standing within Hong Kong that has yet to be contested. Though this instance was arguably one of Anthony Siu & Co.’s most defining cases, there is another that we would love to touch on. This being its involvement in a dispute between Barco Investments Limited and Wong Han and Others. Having taken place just this year, this case was one that would demonstrate the sheer extent of the firm’s international and cross-border capabilities. Involving a variety of offshore companies, each having participated in fraud schemes, Anthony Siu & Co. went above and beyond to procure foreign advice on the company’s international standing. Through this case, Anthony Siu & Co. managed to successfully obtain interim injunctions and summary judgment involving millions of USD against investment fraudsters. As such, its success was made abundantly clear to an international clientele – success that would actively contribute towards its global reputation. By now, it’s no secret that Anthony Siu & Co. has a comprehensive and detailed list of successful case outcomes. As expected, this demonstrates its excellence on a far greater scale than any of its