Global Excellence Awards 2023

18 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 22 | Acquisition International, Issue 12 2023 Selling a Business Has Never Been Easier As the winner of Acquisition International’s Sales Advisory Firm of the Year 2023 – USA award, Lion Business Advisors is a trusted merger and acquisition advisor who truly values the requirements of its clients above all else. By putting their needs before its own, it has quickly become a trusted name within the industry, and has long since defined itself as the definitive resource for providing business sale guidance. Below, we explore its services in more detail. Contact: Joshua Carnes Company: Lion Business Advisors Web Address: Promising to accompany each client from the beginning of their journey to the very end, Lion Business Advisors is a dependable firm that specialises in making informed decisions for the betterment of its customers. By providing all of the correct information, culminated from years of experience and intricate practices, it assists individuals and businesses alike in making informed decisions that will ultimately benefit them within their unique situations. Primarily, Lion Business Advisors focuses on SellSide Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Valuations, and Business Advisory, all whilst maintaining an unapologetically client-centric attitude throughout. Securing satisfaction for clients is simply paramount in Lion Business Advisors’ eyes; only then can it confidently claim that it’s doing a good job. As such, it prioritises the best possible outcome, with its excellent customer service, feedback mechanisms, and personalised experiences allowing it to form relationships that are built to last. Possessing such invaluable services, Lion Business Advisory has identified its worth within the market, which has ultimately spurred it on to develop an incredibly trustworthy nature upon which clients can depend. Partnered with its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility initiatives, Lion Business Advisors has made its invaluable standing abundantly clear. In short, it’s due to an unapologetic love for its clients that Lion Business Advisors has managed to garner such success. However, it’s also reached this goal through a few other key factors, such as strategic planning, innovation, operational excellence, cohesive teamwork, effective marketing, and many more. All of these individual elements have coalesced in a firm that’s fully equipped to manage any query, no matter how complex, without ever having to sacrifice quality to make the process as straightforward as possible. What was once a daunting process – selling a business of any size or status - has become a streamlined one spearheaded by Lion Business Advisors’ team. In response to this fact, Lion Business Advisors has gone the extra mile to continuously foster brilliance. After all, without a talented team of professionals behind it, how could it hope to exceed the expectations of its clients? Thankfully, Lion Business Advisors holds talent in abundance, and leverages the expertise of its diligent staff to help guide clients in the right direction. Committed to, not just hiring, but developing and retaining top talent, Lion Business Advisors has built a collective of exemplary individuals, each prepared to do whatever it takes to make the lives of their clients far easier. Before we close off this piece, we would like to share a testimony from one of Lion Business Advisors’ clients – one that perfectly captures every defining characteristic of this successful firm. The president and founder of DFW Machine Shop had this to say - “I hired Lion Business Advisors to sell my machine shop. I was sceptical when I first hired them because I had a bad experience with another business broker. That’s why it was important for me to find someone professional, with integrity and experience. I’m very happy to say that’s what I found with Joshua… I would absolutely recommend Lion Business Advisors to anyone considering selling their business.” We’re very excited to shine the spotlight on a firm such as Lion Business Advisors. Its dedication to its craft has earned it a favourable spot within the industry – one from which it has consistently managed to deliver excellence. As we transition into 2024, we’re sure that it’ll only continue to flourish as it lends its award-winning expertise to more and more clients.