Since their inception, SNAK has been dedicated to helping organizations solve their toughest challenges and realize their greatest ambitions. During the foundation of the company, the firm decided to build SNAK around three core values: engaging with customers throughout their life cycle, sustainability and people who demonstrate respect, integrity and teaming. Regardless of how much the firm expands, these core values will forever remain a focal point of the business.

In today’s era, many firm’s are operating in world of competency, where it is difficult to manage the customer’s requirement and to understand their challenging business areas. SNAK unlocks the potential by providing a dedicated team who work with customer to understand the problem and deliver the results as per customer requirement. However, their services do not just end there. SNAK is constantly in touch with their customers for their feedback on a regular basis, as well as communicating with them frequently to resolve any challenges they face.

In addition to this, through their various services lines, the team at SNAK are able to offer a number of solutions which include; enterprise resource planning (ERP) , document management system (DMS), customer relationship management (CRM), customer experience solution, mobility solution, e-Commerce solution and artificial intelligence solution to name but a few.

For many businesses, it is the underlying value of what an organization is able to deliver to their clients, that provides a meaning to both its stakeholders and employees. This undivided attention helps to create a path and offer guidance for the future, as well creates commitment, enthusiasm and inspiration from all parties involved. This approach to service is just one of the many ways in which SNAK has been able to accumulate not only years of success, but also a loyal and expanding client base.

Many of the clients the firm works with operate within multiple sectors such as Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing and Retail to name a few. At SNAK, the firm have a marketing and sales team who undertake thorough research into their customers, to ensure that they can find a solution that is perfectly tailored for their problems.

It is not just the marketing and sales team which go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction is delivered, SNAK also has a devoted team of individuals working in operations, delivery and HR doing everything in their power to exceed their clients’ expectations. Each member of the team is supported to help them achieve not only their clients’ goals, but also their own personal ones. SNAK has cultivated an open and transparent culture within the business, which has proven to help create a productive workforce.

With plans to expand their footprint globally, SNAK is searching for talented individuals and strong partners who can bring their soul in company and support in helping to achieve the milestones of the company.

A significant portion of the work that SNAK provides can be incredibly useful to countless business across the globe. Whilst their current base is in India, the firm already have helped a number of businesses in the Netherlands and the team hopes that they can further expand their reach in Europe in the years to come. It is an exciting time for SNAK as they put plans into motion to expand the business and we can not wait to see what one of the best IT software development companies operating in India achieves in the years to come.


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