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The intricacies of law can lead some companies to become specialists in their specific geographic areas, but it can also inspire businesses to look further afield for ways in which to operate and innovate. One of the firms that sees innovation as essential is Ferretti Firm, working across Italy with an American twist. Named as Acquisition International’s Best Cross-Border Transactions Law Firm 2020 – Italy in the 2020 Global Excellence Awards, we took a closer look to find out more.

A fast-growing, multi-award-winning company from Tuscany, Ferretti Firm has gone through a great deal of change since its inception. Only founded in 2017, this business has rapidly grown to deal with any number of different matters including corporate and commercial matters, litigation and dispute resolution, insolvency and restructuring, employment and global mobility.
As a boutique law firm, the Ferretti team can find solutions designed to suit the specifics of the situation. Because of its size, it is capable of attending to every client with the same degree of care as any other customer. With members of the team holding extensive experience in international and comparative law, this firm offers a distinctive approach drawn on leveraging competitive strategy, legal instrumentation and drafting techniques inspired by US practice. The team are intimately aware of how to get deals done across borders involving multiple jurisdictions, while also navigating the legal requirements and overlapping regulatory issues that can stall any process, ensuring that clients undergo a seamless transaction and effective result.

Ultimately, involving Ferretti Firm means businesses making steps to gain an edge on competitors. This is done through following several steps, starting with the identification of comparative rules of law that are designed to meet the needs of the client, then finding the options that best accomplish the clients’ mission. Once this has been settled, the scope of the strategic blueprint can be explored further with representation, including solutions to any potentially challenging problems.

Alongside the strategy building, there is the need to investigate exactly what a company wants from Ferretti, and what the firm can make for the company. The team at Ferretti bring a deep experience of every major industry to each case, but are also aware that each business requires a tailored approach that takes into account the goals, needs and challenges of a client. Ferretti Firm specializes in the handling of complicated deals, while providing high-end services across the full spectrum of disciplines required to execute multifarious transactions.

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, there are few firms better equipped not only to construct and execute effective acquisition and divestiture programs, but also to focus on understanding key value drivers that serve to enhance efficiency. These engagements range from fast turnaround contract reviews and advice to longer-term engagement in corporate acquisition and sales. When necessary, the takeover and defense practice brings a creative and multidisciplinary approach to what are in fact tremendously complex legal and business challenges. Of course, the team at Ferretti is committed to making these cross-border transactions work, from “tuck-in” acquisitions to bet-the-company mergers. It is this determination that makes Ferretti Firm the top choice for companies that are involved in cross-border M&A.

The success of Ferretti Firm has come from the fostering of a culture that is committed to providing reliable and trustworthy legal services in an intricate business environment. This means that staff are critical to continued success, with a need for them to be not only professional, but responsive, forward-thinking, pragmatic, multidisciplinary, cost-effective, independent and bespoke in their thinking. The creation of crafted solutions is incredibly dependant on this.

Working on these solutions means that the firm’s talented team must balance the elements of innovation and affordability. The practical results and benefits are achieved thanks to a combination of a clients’ personal and business considerations along with the firm’s creativity and flexibility, designed to anticipate the marketplace. This includes ensuring that any cross-border transactions are not overtly affected by the potential drawbacks. Protecting the legal and economic viability of these international projects generally requires a depth and understanding of comparative law that is hard to find, no matter how proficient the understanding of the business environment may be.

Depending on the specific needs of the clients, Ferretti Firm works with a number of trusted international partners, coordinating council in multiple jurisdictions to overcome the common obstacles that can come up in an international deal. Combining the team at Ferretti with an international network allows it to handle opportunities for clients that are particularly difficult, while also maintaining the boutique atmosphere that its clients appreciate.

The clients that Ferretti Firm take on have ranged from start-ups and individual entrepreneurs to larger businesses and major companies that have foreign subsidiaries. With cross-border transactions playing such an important part in the successful operation of the business, it is no surprise that this is incredibly appealing to these companies. Just a small part of the important role that Ferretti Firm plays in this process can be seen through the counsel it gives to foreign and domestic clients in transactions, business strategies, dispute avoidance and resolution process.

These transactional practices often focus on obtaining strong and diverse protection of assets in international projects through carefully planning, applying certain legal instruments of US law and, of course, reasoned comparative law analysis. Clients are always kept up to date with the way in which a case is progressing, with every phase of the contracting process. This goes all the way from negotiation and bidding, through to review and preparations of agreements, before ending on administration and performance.

This process is, by definition, one which relies on an excellent staff to ensure that clients receive the best possible service. The bespoke and individualized solutions encouraged by the firm is achieved through empowering its staff to listen and enact the way forward as they see fit. While the Ferretti team is made up of five attorneys and one office manager at present, it is set for major expansion. Under the steadfast leadership of its Principle, Daniele Ferretti, the team has undertaken several complex corporate and commercial transactions. Mr. Ferretti was admitted as an attorneyat-law in Italy in 2005 and was called to the bar in New York in 2009. In 2012, he was selected as officer of the Product Law and Advertising Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA), where he currently serves as Vice Chair.

Moving forward, Ferretti Firm plans to develop more initiatives to increase its value to businesses. This includes expanding its presence in Italy and abroad while also consolidating strategic ventures. While commercial, political and legislative developments are difficult to keep track of in a fast-moving world, Ferretti Firm intends to continue working on finding ways of exploiting the opportunities available internationally. The team are always looking for those trends which may impact its clients.

All over the world, businesses are trying to accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge over its rivals. What many do not realise is that the services that Ferretti Firm offers will not only ensure that they do not fall foul of legal uncertainties and exposure to litigation, but will also keep them from maximizing the value of what is on offer. This is why clients come to Ferretti Firm and it is what keeps them coming back.

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